Gridiron Kings: Stanford Names Top Five

GoBlueWolverine made its way down to the Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 event in Orlando, Florida and caught up with Cincinnati (OH) Taft WR, Dwayne Stanford. The four star wideout shared the latest in his recruitment including his visit plans, where Michigan stands with him currently, the schools he would not attend with good friend Adolphus Washington, his thoughts on UM commit Shane Morris, and more.

Sam Webb: I know there were some tough losses for the Midwest. Did they just need some more D-Stanford in their lives (laughter)?

Dwayne Stanford: "Yeah it sounds like that."

Sam Webb: You went out to The Opening and you're out here. Is the last time on the road for you?

Dwayne Stanford: "Yeah, probably until the officials come up. I'm staying down here (in Orlando) for an extra week. I got AAU Nationals and then after I get back to Cincinnati, I'll be home."

Sam Webb: When do you all start up with Taft?

Dwayne Stanford: "I believe the first. So I'll be here and I'll get back the second from AAU Nationals and then I'll roll right into it."

Sam Webb: So when Michigan has the BBQ in Ann Arbor, you'll still going to be down here?

Dwayne Stanford: "Yeah I'm going to still be down here. I won't be able to make it."

Sam Webb: That visit that has been scheduled and delayed… scheduled and delayed. Is it ever going to happen?

Dwayne Stanford: "I'm trying to get it done. I'll probably try to get up their on an official if I can't get up there in August. We go back to school on the 17th. If I can't get it before then, I'll probably try to get up there on an official."

Sam Webb: So what are your thoughts on the Ohio State news that they weren't guilty of the most serious charge, failure to monitor?

Dwayne Stanford: "How many years of probation?"

Sam Webb: That's not known yet. That hasn't been decided upon.

Dwayne Stanford: "I need to know that… how many years of probation… before I even think about signing (with Ohio State)."

Sam Webb: Because of Ohio State's issues, a few different schools have shot up with D (Adolphus Washington). I don't know if they have shot up with you or not. For instance, Michigan State has really shot up with D. Have they shot up with you?

Dwayne Stanford: "Naw, naw."

Sam Webb: So if he goes to Michigan State, you all are not going to go to school together?

Dwayne Stanford: "Naw we aren't going to school together."

Sam Webb: Every time I talk to him, he is adamant that you two are definitely going to the same school.

Dwayne Stanford: "Not if he goes to Michigan State or Kentucky. Anywhere else, and we're there together, but not Michigan State or Kentucky."

Sam Webb: Have you talked to him about the appeal of those two schools for him?

Dwayne Stanford: "I know at Kentucky he likes that he feels he can play early, they're in the SEC, and it is still close to Cincinnati. Then Michigan State is where they've got a lot of seniors and juniors at his position and the feels that he can go up there and get some early playing time as a freshman and sophomore."

Sam Webb: So what do you all have in common right now that you both like?

Dwayne Stanford: "We both like Ohio State. We both like Cincinnati. We both like Alabama. We both like Miami (Florida). Those are some of the schools that are both high on our list."

Sam Webb: Is he still looking at Michigan too, or is he not really looking at Michigan any more?

Dwayne Stanford: "Michigan as well, definitely. We're both still looking at Michigan as well."

Sam Webb: What about your timeline as far as making a decision?

Dwayne Stanford: "After I am done with all my officials. I try to get them all out of the way, my birthday is the 4th, so I'm not going to take any officials that weekend, but the weekend after that I'll try to make them back-to-back-to-back, so I can just get all this stuff out of the way and I can know where I'm going to school. Probably mid October or late October."

Sam Webb: You care to tell me who your favorite is right now (laugher)?

Dwayne Stanford: "I don't have a favorite. I got a top five or six or seven."

Sam Webb: Give me your top five?

Dwayne Stanford: "You could say Michigan, Miami (Florida), LSU, Alabama and O-State."

Sam Webb: Last thing… you finally got a chance to meet Shane Morris down here. Give me your thoughts on Shane.

Dwayne Stanford: "That guy Shane Morris, he real nice (laugher). He real nice, man. Me and him at Michigan... that would be so nice. It is on the money every time."

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