Irvin Explains Wolverine Choice

Hamilton Southeastern's (IN) Zak Irvin has spoken with Coach John Beilein and told him that he wants to play basketball for the University of Michigan. He also talks about the late run Michigan State made at him.

All along it has been a tough decision for Zak Irvin stay close to home and play for Butler or travel and play for the University of Michigan. Well there was one reason that he will come and play for the Wolverines and it was pretty big too him.

"The coaching staff is a big reason I chose to play at Michigan I am close to the staff and confident in what they can teach me to be a better player. Michigan's system fits my style of play using ball screens and coming off of them to score. I made my mind up and I just felt like it would be best to attend Michigan, I feel such a relief about choosing them."

During the NCAA tournament and after June 15 when schools begin to offer Zak at that point he knew the direction he would be going in with his recruiting.

"Watching them blow out Tennessee and then take Duke all the way down to the wire that is when I started to feel like Michigan could be a place for me. Then on June 15 after everyone could offer me it was just between Michigan and Butler those schools came at me hard and they are who I stayed with until my decision was made. Other schools like Cincinnati and Michigan State wanted to get in on my recruitment. I spoke with Tom Izzo and he said he liked how I was playing and he asked me if it was too late to get in on my recruitment and I said yes it is too late. I just knew what I wanted to do with those two schools in mind."

Zak has been up to Michigan numerous along with his family which includes father, mother, sister and grandparents all of them were a part of the decision.

"My family was a big part of helping to decide on a college to attend they are always supportive in helping me with my choices."

So was there a certain visit that sold you all on Michigan?

"Well my last visit to play with the guys in open gym made me feel even more comfortable and my family as well about Michigan. The players were great and we got along well with each other I feel really comfortable being able to talk with Zach Novak and Stu Douglass. Those guys are from my area and they told me how much they enjoyed it up there so coming from them that meant a lot."

Zak also leaned on a close friend's advice on what they thought about the school he should attend.

"I spoke with Gary Harris we talk a lot and I asked him what he thought and he told me I should go to Michigan because they fit my style more. So it was good to receive some feedback from someone that I really know well."

Zak tells us that he will turn his attention to another recruit he had a chance to play against at the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis.

"I will be calling Derrick Walton about coming to Michigan he is a really good point guard he has nice handles, he sees the floor really well, he can score at the rim and from deep. He is someone that I would like to play with at Michigan."

Irvin certainly likes a lot of the positive things going on at Michigan and around and in the basketball program.

"I would say that Michigan basketball is here to stay I am looking at the recruits they have and are getting up there. I am looking forward to playing with Austin Hatch after he gets well again I know him and I hope everything works out with Austin. I also like the fact that Glenn Robinson, Mark Donnal, Trey Burke and Carlton Brundidge or there now I played with them in open gym. I look forward to the new basketball facilities being done when I get there are good things happening at Michigan right now."

Zak Irvin is certainly one of those good things that are happening up in Ann Arbor.

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