Scout's Take: Chris Wormley to Michigan

Toledo Whitmer (Ohio) four-star Chris Wormley commits to Michigan. He is a player that there seems to be some mixed opinion on, but here is our scouting report on him.

Chris Wormley profile

Where We've Seen Him: Sophomore Year vs Fremont Ross (Live), Junior Year vs Lakewood St. Edward (Live), vs Toledo Central Catholic (Live), Tiffin Columbian (Live), 2010 NIKE Camp (Ohio State)

Allen Trieu: We've had a chance to see Wormley grow over the last few years, as he first caught our eyes while scouting Ohio State commit Ken Hayes. Wormley's always been a big kid. He now is up to over 250-lbs and is a legitimate 6'5. For a kid of that size, we've seen him run track, and it is impressive the athleticism and foot speed he possesses. He is a physically gifted kid.

He has gotten some knock for his effort, but in the three games we saw him in during his junior year, we felt he played with consistent motor. I think he can develop more of a mean streak. He's a nice kid, and I think he can learn to flip a switch a little bit more when he is out on the field. That should not be mistaken for lack of effort though.

His upside is tremendous. I think he'll be a strongside end. If the Wolverines show more of a 3-4 look, he's an ideal five-tech. He's only going to get bigger and may even end up on the interior. Once he's not running track in the off-season, he can easily carry a lot more weight.

Bill Greene: I've seen him three times in games and I saw him two days straight down at Ohio State's junior camp. What I like about him, first off, is his size. Great body. Uses it well. I think he's either a strongside D-End, or possibly a tackle at the next level. I think he has to watch that he doesn't get too big in his lower body. When he played in the state semis against Kyle Kalis and those two both played very well and they played each other to the draw. He really competed hard in that game and he had to. If he hadn't been on top of his game, Kalis would have buried him.

I saw him play against Toledo Central Catholic and I don't think he played as well as he can play in that game. I thought (2011 Illinois commit) Chris Boles got the best of him in that game, but I saw him against Tiffin Columbian and he absolutely dominated that game.

At the Ohio State camp, he was paired with Pittman, McMullen, Washington, LaTroy Lewis and they were all impressive. He definitely belongs in the top group of ends in Ohio. He's a big, quick athlete. I don't think he's as refined as he needs to be, and he has to make sure he doesn't get too bottom heavy, but talent wise and physically, he's a ten.

Bottom Line: Great upside. Great kid who is going to be a high character guy and a good locker room presence. He brings some versatility because he could go inside or outside and we all agree that his best football is still ahead of him, but we feel he gets a raw deal for what he has already accomplished in two varsity seasons. That a kid who had 12 sacks a year ago can be considered an underachiever shows what kind of physical talent he has.

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