Kevin Koger: Ohio State

The Toledo tight end talks about the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry in a way only a guy who is from Ohio and who was recruited by both school can do...

Question: Did you commit to Coach Carr?

Kevin Koger: "Yeah I committed with Coach Carr the summer before my senior year."

Question: It was Ohio State and Michigan?

Kevin Koger: "Yes sir."

Question: What kind of tipped the balance for you back then?

Kevin Koger: "I just talked to my parents a lot. They definitely had an influence on where I went. My dad is from Detroit, and he has been a Michigan fan all of his life. He really didn't tell me to go to Michigan or Ohio State. He said son, I'm leaving it up to you. I just made my decision just talking to them and it was a big influence."

Question: You have a neat perspective … there is a lot of talk at Ohio State because none of them know who their coach is going to be next year. The programs like Ohio State and Michigan recruitment themselves, it really doesn't matter who their coaches are, do you see that too?

Kevin Koger: "I definitely see that. Michigan and Ohio State are both programs where definitely, they recruit with the best talent. I feel like it doesn't matter who the coach is, who the assistant coaches are. They are definitely going to recruit the best talent, because like Coach Hoke said, it is Michigan. People are going to come to Michigan and Ohio State is definitely a great institution also."

Question: There is a perception that is maybe true or maybe wasn't and maybe you can help me out that Coach Rodriguez didn't have a real good grasp on the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry and how to handle that. Do you think that's true or is that kind of blown out of proportion?

Kevin Koger: "I cannot really comment on the past. I would rather just leave the past in the past. No disrespect, but I would rather just talk about Coach Hoke."

Question: I only was asking that so I could ask about Coach Hoke. Is Coach Hoke making a big deal about Ohio State?

Kevin Koger: "I wouldn't say him. I think any coach makes a big deal about Ohio State. No matter who the coach is. Like you said earlier, it is a big rivalry, I think everybody understands what it is and what it means for the institution."

Question: What would it mean to you to get a win in the series?

Kevin Koger: "It would mean a lot. I haven't beaten those guys in three years. We definitely want to turn that around. We have not beaten them in over 3000 days. It is definitely weighing on me."

Question: You know that from your Ohio friends, the 3000 thing day or is that from Michigan?

Kevin Koger: "That is from the coaching staff. They let us know all the time that we haven't beaten those guys in a long time. It is definitely getting to me. I would really love to beat those guys. It is not going to go down without a fight. So it is going to be a great game."

Question: Being from Ohio do you feel more of a pressure internally or from people that you know from back home?

Kevin Koger: "Pressure is what you make it. Being from Ohio, I think I understand the rivalry and what it means to the states. Ever since I was little I've always wanted to play in the rivalry and now this is going to be my fourth time playing in it. I'm excited to see what happens but first and foremost, we got to take care of business in the first game and the games leading up to that."

Question: You said you're not going to go down without a fight. Playing them up in your building, do you feel at all like they are at all vulnerable after the last couple of years….?

Kevin Koger: "I don't think they are vulnerable at all. They play in big venues just as us. They have a great stadium down in Ohio. Vulnerability, I do not think any of that gets to them. They are a great football team."

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