Coach Hoke: Full Transcript

The full transcript of Head Coach Brady Hoke's presser after the first practice Monday.

Brady Hoke: "Obviously it is good to get back out on the field. It has been a long time since we've been with these guys and been able to get out there and coach and watch them interact with each other and play football. See some improvement spots as far as when you look at them physically, some weight losses, some weight gains, all those things that you look for and what the summer is for and to see the leadership of our seniors and how they are interacting with their teammates and how they are involved. It is only one day and we have a ton of work to do, but it was good to get out there and get started."

Question: You're relying on some body transformations, anybody stand out; who impressed you?

Brady Hoke: "Will Campbell. I think he left spring I think 342 and came in at 316-319, right in that range. I know Taylor Lewan gained some weight that he needed to gain. I could go through the whole roster. There were guys who we thought needed to get a little bigger, a little more physical. I think strength is good and I think that is an important part and playing with endurance is an important part."

Question: Who did you look at punter today?

Brady Hoke: "There are a couple of guys. So we'll go from there."

Question: In general, did the offensive line get to the weights that you would like to see?

Brady Hoke: "I think for the most part yeah. I don't think there was anybody who didn't make where we needed them to be or thought they should be. That was the good part about it."

Question: Getting back to the punting, is Matt Wile someone that you could see doing both or do you just want him focusing on one thing?

Brady Hoke: "You could see him doing both."

Question: Any injuries holding guys out or limited or otherwise?

Brady Hoke: "No. We're pretty dang on healthy. Troy (Woolfolk) is full speed. (JT) Floyd is full speed. We're pretty dang on healthy."

Question: Did Will's weight loss up in the conditioning tests that you might have done that started camp?

Brady Hoke: "I think just watching him move around and do those things. You can see that. That is a commitment and a commitment is always important and shows his teammates that he has got a commitment."

Question: Is there anyone other than the three you released last night that is not active or not here on the roster that you were expecting?

Brady Hoke: "No."

Question: There all through clearinghouse and everything?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah. I'm trying to still get through the clearinghouse."

Question: Getting back to the statement that you released last night, what went into the decision if you could elaborate a little bit more on redshirting Daryl (Stonum) versus…?

Brady Hoke: "I'm not going to elaborate on it. It was a decision that we took a long time and Daryl has done a great job with what we've asked him to do and we'll leave it at that."

Question: Will he practice with the team?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah."

Question: You've been saying that you'll take 26 recruits in this upcoming class, does Daryl's redshirt change that?

Brady Hoke: "Nope."

Question: Talk about Denard (Robinson) first day of preseason practice.

Brady Hoke: "It was fun. He is a fun guy to be around. He loves to play, but they all have shown that. We had meetings last night and there meeting demeanor and coming in this building wanting to improve, to be better, was good. The practice, there was a lot of spirit and a lot of energy and that's what you want."

Question: What was the competition level at running back about where you expected it that first day?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah. We're out there in shorts right now. It is hard in my opinion to get a great evaluation beside if a guy misses an assignment, doesn't protect well or maybe the wrong steps or something like that, but when the physicalness of the game and playing in pads, it is hard to make the evaluations the way that you want to."

Question: How many two-a-days will you have?

Brady Hoke: "I think there are five days of two-a-days in the schedule."

Question: It seems like some schools are cutting back a little on that. Is that what you've done generally and just your philosophy?

Brady Hoke: "I think every team is different. I'll make some determinations as we go through. If we're practicing with great speed and great intensity and practicing discipline and structure and all those things, we may not go the full allotment of practices. We may spend a little more time in the classroom. That is all dictated on how we show up every day."

Question: Without Stonum does someone who is a slot guy move outside or do you switch a position?

Brady Hoke: "As Al (Borges) gets through it and we look through it, we'll make some decisions on exactly who that may be and what I've seen so far. I think it is a combination of a group when you look at if you're in three receivers or you are in two receivers. Obviously, Junior (Hemingway) and Roy (Roundtree) has great experience. (Martavious) Odoms has ability. I think Kelvin (Grady) has played enough football. We'll just wait and see. Jerald Robinson, he has got some talent to him. We'll just see how it all shakes out."

Question: You saw Greg Brown in the spring, but the rest of the freshman, what was your impression of their first day here?

Brady Hoke: "Like most freshmen, it used to be where you could go three days with just freshman and you could teach them an offense and teach them a defense and specifics about fundamentals and techniques. Not having that three days puts you back a little bit with those guys. Even though most of them were here all summer because of summer school and getting a head start that way, you can't coach them. They are all wide-eyed and trying to figuring it out and they are going to make mistakes. That's fine, as long as they make them aggressive, physical, tough mistakes, we'll get by it."

Question: There has obviously been a lot of excitement about your arrival and this team here, hype maybe, do you address that with your teams in terms of embrace that or don't believe it, there is work to do be done. How do you handle that?

Brady Hoke: "We really haven't talked about it. We've kind of ground ourselves I think every day when we meet because we know we have so many things that we need to get better at and so many things that we've got to be a little more physical at or whatever it might be. Taking care of the football, turnover margin is huge, doing a good job there. There are a ton of things that we need to do and every night we'll talk about Michigan and being Michigan and those expectations that we all have and what Michigan is. As far as us believing anything, we have to prove it every day."

Question: Are the kickers in a pressure situation pretty regularly in camp?

Brady Hoke: "They will be. Obviously, the first day and the other thin, we need them to kick up in the stadium a bunch. That is a little different animal. You can be a great kicker on State Street, but you kick up on Main Street. That is an important part and we've got to do a good job of getting them up there and putting pressure on them, which we'll do through the course of camp. The wind is a little different up there. I don't know if the two new scoreboards will change that affect. Those are things that you look at."

Question: How much installation do you have on offense and defense would you say yet?

Brady Hoke: "We're ahead obviously than we were in the spring, but I still think we're spoon feeding it a little bit. We need to get…I've always believed as a coach. You go to have three things that you can hang your hat on, three things on offense, one of them, we've got to be able to hang our hat on the power play. We got to be able to hang our hat on the play pass, the power pass off of that. Whatever it may be in a two-minute situation, from an offensive perspective. Defensively, you've got to have three calls that you think are calls that guys are going to execute and guys are going to execute at a fast level and playing fast and physical. There is no question in their mind what they are supposed to do. We've made some strides in what we have in, but we don't near have what we can have in."

Question: I know you haven't been around Big Will in the last couple of years, but since spring have you noticed a chance in his demeanor and desire to fulfill, because he had a lot of expectations coming in?

Brady Hoke: "Him and I have talked about that. Will, #1, he is a great kid. I tell you, he loves people and he is a tremendous kid. In his defense, you play defense, you play offense, you go back to offense and come back to defense. That's hard and you never get your feet really planted in the ground. I enjoy him. I remember working camp when he was being recruited and spending time with him. I think he is moving in the right direction."

Question: How much can you really determine in one day?

Brady Hoke: "You know what, we got in our warm up lines pretty good. You got to remember this is a new staff for these guys, a new way…I think as coaches, we all have our certain ways that we like to do things from a philosophical standpoint and that goes from how you warm up to how you start practice, when you do special teams. It was good for us to do 30 minutes of youth after practice, just with the young kids or guys that are going to be redshirt freshman to get them more reps and teaching. It was good. Was it the greatest practice I've been around? No. I've got about 15 things when we go to staff meeting first and then team meeting at 7:30 that I'm going to go over that I probably didn't like. I'm a hard guy to please because we want to be the best."

Question: How often do you plan on doing the 30 minutes of youth?

Brady Hoke: "We will for the first three days because that will get them a little bit more caught up. If we have to do it later, we'll have some youth periods sprinkled in."

Question: You obviously led the team in the spring, but did it feel any different today because it was preseason and a little closer to game time?

Brady Hoke: "Not really. If I'm leading the team, we're not going to be very good. Those seniors have to lead the team. That is the bottom line. We'll give them the tools and help direct them and do all that and have schedules and have a defense and have an offense and kicking game and all those things. It is 105 kids that we care about and we want to help them grow from a people standpoint and the football standpoint."

Question: When do pads start?

Brady Hoke: "We're Wednesday and Thursday shoulder pads and helmets and Friday is the full pads."

Question: Does it change the way you approach the practice?

Brady Hoke: "These guys have done a great job. Because if you would see us in no pads, you would think we were in pads with the way we practice and that's a compliment to them and a compliment to the seniors and the leadership. Because we're going to practice fast and we're going to get on each other. You want to stay off the ground. You don't want to yank a guy and obviously not tackling, but getting off blocks and doing all those things. I've been pleased and I've done this at three different schools now, I've been pleased how quickly they got into that mindset."

Question: How does your balance between wanting to keep guys healthy and wanting to be physical in practice?

Brady Hoke: "There is no question and that's always a fine line. I make a lost of instinct and judgment calls on where we're at. Let us say nine days from now and how we show up every day and how we finish every drill. We finish a practice and how we compete with each other. I'll ask the staff but ultimately, but I'm going to say we need to go full pads again or we'll take the pads off and let them go shoulder pads and helmets, it just really depends."

Question: It has been four months since you've had a chance to coach these guys, they've been on their own. So on the first day of back, did they retain a lot of what your coaching staff taught them or did they break into some bad habits?

Brady Hoke: "I think they retained a lot, I really do and the biggest thing and we talk about all the time as a staff is that we've got to communicate everything succinctly and we have to do it on a minute basis, daily basis, whatever you want to call it. We've got to be crystal clear in what our expectations are and how we want them with the fundamental, a defensive lineman on a long stick or whatever it might be. How we're teaching those things, we've got to communicate it. From a retention standpoint, I was pretty pleased with the things that we've retained from this point."

Question: Are the quarterbacks ever going to be live?

Brady Hoke: "No. I want to. I'm a defensive guy believe me, because it just frustrates the heck out of the defense when they are not, but especially those guys up front. No, I don't know if anybody in the country has enough of those guys where you're going to be live with them."

Question: Obviously, you weren't here last year, but it struggled, what kind of potential do you think is there in terms of playmakers and want to?

Brady Hoke: "I think there is a lot of want to. I think there is a lot of pride. I think we've got to let things settle in with how many playmakers we have. I would be remiss if I told you that I could say this guy is a playmaker that guy is a playmaker, I could not do that yet."

Question: Do you have a philosophy on disciplining players? I mean is it case-by-case?

Brady Hoke: "I think they are always case-by-case and there is always two sides to every story. I just know that we're going to deal with things as they come and probably have been known to deal with them in a little more strict manner than maybe others."

Question: Did you feel like you had to make a certain decision to set a certain tone to maybe say, this is the way that things are going to be here?

Brady Hoke: "We want a championship culture here, that's what we want. There is an accountability that we all have to have to each other for a championship culture."

Question: How big of a loss would you say losing (Will) Hagerup for those four games will be for you?

Brady Hoke: "I can't answer. I've really never seen him punt in a game. I think he's got a great leg, but we'll see."

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