Full Transcript: Troy Woolfolk

The full transcript of Troy Woolfolk's presser remarks after the first practice Monday. Lots of Q-n-A about coming back from his ankle injury.

Question: Do things kind of feel like your father's Michigan again? Can you kind of sense things going back to the way they used to be?

Troy Woolfolk: "It is interesting that you said that because I was thinking about that the other day. I feel like, I'm not going to say we kind of strayed away from Michigan, but I feel like it is coming back. Since my freshman year, I feel like I've experienced ‘The Michigan' whatever by winning a lot of games and just the tradition was there. I feel like it kind of veered away a little bit, but just like I said, I'm the last Lloyd Carr class so I feel like it is coming back and I'm excited to play this year."

Question: Coach Hoke said you're 100%. How did it feel to be out there running around today?

Troy Woolfolk: "I'm just excited. This is strangely one of the first times I've been excited to go to camp because you know what you got coming up in the next weeks. I'm excited to go back on the field. I can't wait to do some damage."

Question: Does it feel weird at all for you?

Troy Woolfolk: "In the aspect of?"

Question: Stepping back on the field?

Troy Woolfolk: "No it is not weird. I spent most of the spring and the summertime to get back, so I feel I can just hit the ground running."

Question: Any apprehension or lingering effect of the injuries?

Troy Woolfolk: "No. The only problem was the mental aspect of getting over it. Once you know, you have got to believe that you can make that cut in your ankle. Actually if anything were to happen, it would be to my other ankle but I've got reinforced steel in this. After getting over that, I just realize it is not a problem for me any more."

Question: Can you talk about what you've gone through in the last year to when you got hurt to get yourself to where you are today?

Troy Woolfolk: "It is just like I said, the worst problem when I got hurt was the mental aspect. To question it, will it be able to come back, will I be the same athlete that I was and just have the confidence to just try and make that step in your ankle and once it actually happened and I was able to break on the ball like I needed to that is what allowed me to come back to the shape I am in right now."

Question: Can you describe the hunger you have to go out the way you want Michigan to be able and so many people do after the last few years and how they have gone?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah especially after last year. I just want to get back to the Michigan tradition and the main thing about that Michigan tradition is winning. I just feel like we veered away from that a little bit. I'm just excited to win again. I really think we have a great chance to do that again."

Question: You got a chance to sit back and watch a defense that really struggled last year, how much better can this defense be and why will it get better?

Troy Woolfolk: "I think it would be better just because of one word – intensity. I feel like just out there, we have a drill, even if the ball hits the ground regardless if it is a drop pass, it does not have to be a fumble, everybody runs to the ball. I just feel that allows the defense to just swarm the ball and that's when you get results. I just think that will be main reason why we get back to the _______."

Question: I know you weren't out there last year but what gives you confidence that the secondary is going to be better?

Troy Woolfolk: "I say just more experience. We had a lot of young people out there and they had a year under their belts and they were just thrown into the pool and actually did pretty good, I think most of the freshman. I think they got that year under the belt and the veterans come back as well so that will help out coaching wise, so it is going to be good next year."

Question: Coach talked about how Will Campbell looks much better, can you give your perspective on how he looks and what you think his potential is for this season.

Troy Woolfolk: "I can tell he is dedicated to getting better. He had a weight goal to get and he made that goal and he is losing weight. I just see it on the field, he is moving faster and he is just becoming a better athlete."

Question: When you see what Coach Hoke has done disciplinary wise with his announcements yesterday. How to the players interpret that? Do you have a respect for him that he is not going to take any…he is going to do whatever he needs to do to make this team better and if that means suspending a kid for four game; what is that message he is sending?

Troy Woolfolk: "I don't really try to worry about that. Coach Hoke is our leader so whatever he says goes and we're not in any position to question him. That is just more of a distraction to us. We just try to focus on football and what is going on in camp. We got a lot on our plates right now with these new plays. That is what we try to focus on. I'm not really concerned with that."

Question: Different situations with you redshirted your senior year last year and now Daryl (Stonum) is going to do the same thing. Do you talk to him and tell him what it is going to be like and what he needs to do.

Troy Woolfolk: "I've been through it. The person who helped me out was my father, so I'm going to try to say the same things that my father told me to him. The hardest thing is going to be that when we leave to go to away game, you just going to feel disconnected with the team and you just got to stay strong and be able to get pass it and come back next year."

Question: Did what you went through in the last year, did that change you in any way?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah. I would say in my football aspect because I was more, I didn't really pay attention to the mental aspect of the game. I was just going out there and running trying to benefit off my athletic ability, which I do not think would have been able to take me to the next level. I don't want to say that I'm glad I broke my ankle but to look at the bright things, to be able to understand why I have to play cover-2, why I have to reroute the receiver outside. Just learning the mental aspect of the game versus just physical."

Question: Because all you could do was watch tape?

Troy Woolfolk: "Exactly."

Question: You said the hardest thing was when the team would leave. Were there guys who would text you or call you while they were on the road?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah. It was one of my close friends like Daryl Stonum and Brandon Herron and some of the offensive people as well and that just made me feel good that at home, they were still thinking about me even though I wasn't with them."

Question: Are you going to do that for Daryl now?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yes. I'll try to. I'll Tweet him."

Question: What was the exact injury? It was a broken ankle and ?

Troy Woolfolk: "Everything. It was a broken ankle, torn ligaments and dislocated ankle."

Question: Which one?

Troy Woolfolk: "The right one."

Question: Broken ankle and dislocated ankle or like?

Troy Woolfolk: "Broken leg, broken fibula or tibia, one of those things. I do not know."

Question: Do you feel like you are as fast as you were?

Troy Woolfolk: "Faster, no doubt."

Question: Why?

Troy Woolfolk: "I feel like I've paid more attention to the mechanics of running. In your start, you want to stay low and have more of a quicker choppy stride and then learn to extend it. I never really worried about that because I've always had the speed to catch up to people. So when I first came back, I didn't have my speed, so I just tried to pay attention to the mechanics of things and once my speed came back, I tied that in with the mechanics and I feel like my speed has just gotten better. I'm faster than I ever was before."

Question: So we're going to get that Denard (Robinson) race with you?

Troy Woolfolk: "Anytime. Call him up."

Question: When did you get back so you could do some running, how did that all go?

Troy Woolfolk: "That was towards the end of spring and I actually feel like I came back a little too early because I took a shot to my pride because I went out there and tried to do one-on-ones and it wasn't pretty. I felt like a freshman again. I was getting turned around, falling everywhere. I feel like it is a good progression. I feel like I'm back 100% now."

Question: You were in part of spring practice?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yes."

Question: How much did you do?

Troy Woolfolk: "All I did really was one-on-ones and warming up with the team. Nothing too much, no physical contact or anything like that."

Question: That was throughout spring?

Troy Woolfolk: "Towards the end of the spring."

Question: With Coach Hoke what impresses you the most or you respect the most now that you've been around him for several months and had a summer to marinate about your new leader?

Troy Woolfolk: "The most things I respect about him, which is also a reason why we're getting all these recruits is that that most coaches they use college as a stepping stone to go somewhere else. With Coach Hoke, you can tell him this is his final stone. He does not want to go anywhere else and the Michigan pride that we feed from him has a trickle down effect. I think like I said that is the reason why most of the incoming freshman decided to come here."

Question: How about scheme, are you excited about playing in the new deal?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah I'm very excited. I've been through like four different defenses every year. This seems to be my favorite one. I really think it is going to be beneficial for the defense."

Question: Is there any doubt in your mind that you'll be starting?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah there is always a doubt. Like I said, I wasn't expecting to have a starting spot when I came back. So I'll use this camp to try and get back or even better than how I used to be. Competing makes you better."

Question: Definitely at corner right?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yes."

Question: You said this was your favorite scheme, why do you feel that way?

Troy Woolfolk: "I just feel like it is not too much of thinking but it is because it is a new scheme. I feel like we can react and putting pressure on people, because in the past I feel like quarterbacks had too much time to throw the ball, which puts pressure on the DBs, which as you can say was one of the worst categories. I feel like the pressure is going to allow not only the DBs to have less time to cover but also more sacks to come."

Question: Hoke said less yelling when I asked him about the difference in practice from before. If you agree with that, does that mean there is more teaching, what is the ambience like?

Troy Woolfolk: "I don't have a problem with yelling as long as it is constructive. I just think that these people do a great job of telling you what you did wrong and I don't really care about feelings, you can hurt my feelings as long as you tell me what I did wrong, because then I'm able to get better and that's what these coaches do. I'm happy to be here."

Question: Was it constructive yelling in the past or what it not?

Troy Woolfolk: "I wasn't talking about any program, I was just saying period, like if you're going to yell don't just yell for fun (laughter). It is fun though try it."

Question: You said about the defense, one word intensity. Other than because it can't get much worse, why is this defense going to be better?

Troy Woolfolk: "Like I said, I feel like we putting more emphasis on the little things like tackling or wrapping up, hit your facemask and see what you hit. I think that is what was one of the problems was that we're trying to focus on the grand scheme of things and got away from the little intricate details of the defense. I think by implying that into everybody's mind and carrying that out onto the field I think we are going to be better."

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