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Veteran center Dave Molk talks about the team - especially the offensive and defensive lines ... and about Brady Hoke.

Question: What do you weigh these days and how much does it come up over the summer?

Dave Molk: "Weight really is not an issue for me. I know how to gain it and I know how to lose it. I'm old enough. I know my diet. It is something that I've struggled with. I've had to gain since I started playing football so it is really not hard for me. I was a little light going into the summer because of getting sick but that is no issue. I'm back up to 288, 290. That's what I play at."

Question: Coach talked a little bit Will Campbell, can you see a difference him just standing?

Dave Molk: "Yeah he looks good. He came in as a freshman heavy, slow, sluggish and he really had to develop over those couple of years and it took him not only physically but mentally, but once he got it, you saw a hunger in his eyes and it is something that is really prevalent this year. I'm excited to see what he does."

Question: How much does it help that you guys as a unit are pretty continuous that you guys have played together and you kind of know each other versus some of the other groups that are still figuring things out?

Dave Molk: "It is good. I know the guys on the line, we've been together for a long time. We know how each other play, we know how each other work. We know how to work together and it can be only positive."

Question: How do you feel this summer went for you guys?

Dave Molk: "It was good. We didn't only work hard, which we've always done. We've always been a hard working team, but we worked hard together. It was something that we all came together. We were one as a team and we made strides as a team."

Question: Was that something that maybe you didn't do the past three years?

Dave Molk: "In reality, of all the issues that we've gone through in the past, there were struggles that would hang out, there would be guys that wouldn't be all the way in. There are no outliers. We're just one."

Question: How did today go?

Dave Molk: "Today was good. First practice, it was good to heave cleats on. Good to put the helmet on. I wish we had shoulder pads and all the full pads on, because this really isn't practice yet. It is not fun yet. Just being on the field and being with coaches and being with teammates and playing football is already great."

Question: How does practice look and sound different than it did with this staff versus that staff?

Dave Molk: "I would say there is less yelling. Coach Rod was a big yeller. Nothing against him, he is a great guy, but he liked to yell."

Question: Jerel Worthy of Michigan State got a tattoo with a Spartan warrior standing on top of a Wolverine that has the block M helmet on, I was just wondering if you had a reaction to that.

Dave Molk: "I don't know who would get a tattoo. It is just get ink and stain your body like that. It is his issue."

Question: You talk about the strong team unity, what do you credit to that? What makes you say that now and what makes now different than before?

Dave Molk: "It is really hard to pinpoint what it is. It is kind of like we've been through strides of we've seen everything. It has come to a point in a pinnacle where we know where we want to be, we know how to get there and we have the tools to get there. It is kind of just everyone is the same and ready to go."

Question: Coach Hoke said the two most important position groups on the field are the guys up front, the defensive and offensive lines. From what you've seen in the changes, the physical changes and the experience are those two groups ready to kind of take on that role?

Dave Molk: "I'd say so. The defensive line has really picked up their game. They're an old group. The offensive and defensive lines are both old segments of the team. We have a lot of experience there. They are two areas that are kind of going to be anchors for our team. I have no issue with that. Put more pressure on us, put everything you want. If the offensive line was the only thing judged to win a game put it on me, we'll win."

Question: How much of a transition do you think it is for Denard (Robinson) going from the spread shotgun to maybe a more traditional style, more drop back; how do you think that will go for him?

Dave Molk: "I'm sure it is a transition for him. It is something new. It is not like we didn't have under center plays with Coach Rod. It is something that Denard has got to work at and he has. He's been really good at it and the offense is running pretty smoothly."

Question: Is it a transition for you guys on the line?

Dave Molk: "No. Offensive line is offensive line, block schemes are blocking schemes, plays are play, they are all pretty similar."

Question: Talk about how hungry this team is to kind of win again after you all came here with great expectations, college football winningest team and all that. Obviously, the last three years have not been that. How would you describe the hunger of this team yourself especially?

Dave Molk: "It might be hard to see from the outside but especially taken from my perspective. I'm coming on my fifth year. I came here under Lloyd. We had that first season, we went out and beat Florida in the Capital One Bowl, but still that was not a great hoorah season because we should have been better. Coach Rod came in and we had three of maybe the poorest seasons in the last decade or two decades, kind of looking through that, stepping through that, realizing it is time and everybody is kind of seeing that and especially for me, this is it. There is nothing more than I want to do this then to win every single game, beat every opponent by as many points as possible."

Question: How much can you convey that to your teammates as a fifth year guy that it is time?

Dave Molk: "It is hard to get a young guy to know what is going on. Their freshman year, their heads are spinning. When I was a freshman, I didn't know what was going on, none of them do. But as you talk to guys and as you get to know people, they get a feel of what you have, what you are, your passion. It is kind of how the senior group is together, if we have a passion together and we have a passion for something as in winning, they'll share that passion. It'll rub off easily."

Question: Coach Hoke talked about the unity of these senior. Do you notice that it is closer than other senior classes?

Dave Molk: "Yes. He gives us more power. He will ask us about stuff. It kind of puts the senior class, tight as a group because of that power the he gives us. The influence that we have on some of his select decisions. We're definitely a closer group than I have seen since I've been here."

Question: Who are the leaders on this team?

Dave Molk: "The seniors."

Question: The whole class?

Dave Molk: "The whole class."

Question: A lot of people believe that defenses are tougher practicing against power as opposed to spread, do you buy into that at all?

Dave Molk: "Sure (laughter). Sure you can maybe say that because they are more used to go against the power downhill run team. I guess that can make them tougher."

Question: Can you tell a difference between spring practice and fall practice?

Dave Molk: "Yeah. The season is close. We have three weeks after Saturday to play a game. So time is running out and we are ready to kick up the gear and get work done."

Question: You said there is not a big difference in the offense line in the two offensive systems, but doesn't downhill running approach require more physicality from the offensive line?

Dave Molk: "If you look at the stats from last year, the majority of our rushing yards were inside zone, iso. We ran power all day against Mississippi State, obviously that didn't work very well. We were a big time inside run team last year. We just had the outside zone stretch play. The outside zone was not a big yard gainer, but it kept the defensive line off balance, but we had a lot of yards off of inside run, inside zone and iso. We know how to block it."

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