Full Transcript: Coach Hoke (with Video)

Brady Hoke talks about Denard-of-course, the punting, the field goal kicking, the injured guys (Odoms, Woolfolk, Floyd), starting in pads today, scrimmaging, and more.

Brady Hoke: "Four days in, being in pads, half pads for two days, we got a lot of work to do physically. As far as some fundamentals, techniques, I think we need to be a lot more to some degree, aggressive at the line of scrimmage, point of attack on both sides of the football. It will be good to get in full pads tomorrow so we can maybe tackle a little bit and do some of those things that are important to play in the game. I think the kids have given a good effort. The one thing I can say and I told them this last night, you got to be able to hear football. When I say that, I'm talking offensive lineman coming off the ball, defensive lineman, that contact that secondary contact you get down the field. I told them last night, I didn't hear it yesterday. I heard it a little better today but hearing football is important. It kind of tells you what is going on. Luckily, it is not September 3rd and we got some days to get after it."

Question: What have you seen from Denard (Robinson) that is encourages you and what have you seen that shows you he needs some…?

Brady Hoke: "You know I've been really encouraged on the little things and that's really what we talk about constantly at every position but paying attention do detail. Because when you look at ball fakes and everything that you do off the run game. I think he has thrown the ball well. I think he has placed it well. I think his timing coming back from under center or out of the gun if it is a quick three or a quick five, I think have all been good. I think that part of it, I think he has had two throws that you wouldn't want to make late over the middle where he can make some things happen with his feet and buy a little time. You never want to throw the ball late over the middle. It is just standard rule. One of them got picked and the other one was incomplete. I think his growth is really good."

Question: Any first impressions of the punters?

Brady Hoke: "Seth (Broekhuizen) and Matt (Wile) both in the four days have kicked the ball pretty well. We had a pretty good win kicking into yesterday and it is always good to see how they handle that part of it and if they are going to say coach, let us kick the other way so the ball goes a little further. They're both doing a good job."

Question: Now that you've had a few more practices with the shells, what have you seen from the running back and has anyone started to stand out?

Brady Hoke: "I don't think so yet. They know that they are not going all the way to the ground. We do at times, it happens. I think it is hard to judge to some degree until we start really putting them down and seeing them protect with a big linebacker coming and how they're going to hold up there, but I think they're all working hard."

Question: How have your safeties looking, particularly Carvin Johnson and Marvin Robinson?

Brady Hoke: "Okay, okay. They're still young guys who playing in a new scheme and a new system a little bit, I think there is some catching up that they have to do be able to do as far as learning on the run a little more, but their both active and their both willing and that's a good thing."

Question: How much of Denard's success this year is going to be based off his ability to read progressions versus maybe just the timing of throwing the quick ball?

Brady Hoke: "I think it is all a combination of both to be honest with you. I think that is part of the offense. He'll be very successful if we can run the football and run the football from the tailback position or a one back set. When you can run the football it opens up a lot of things to you from an offensive standpoint. In the run game with his ability and Devin (Gardner) has the same ability when you look at being able to ball fake and come off on a boot or a short sprint or whatever it might be. All that mechanics, if we can run it well, we're going to have people who are going to bite on it and then you get some hull shots."

Question: How will he be coached in terms of how many progressions he goes through before the run option?

Brady Hoke: "It is always predicated on the play itself. There may be front side two reads for him and then a backside outlet and maybe three reads on the front side and then from there go ahead and take it."

Question: What about freshman, anybody stood out to you?

Brady Hoke: "I think it is too early. It really is. Some of them, they're finishing up classes, so their a little bit back and forth. It is really too early to talk about them. You know their all here."

Question: (Martavious) Odoms has got a cast on his left hand.

Brady Hoke: "He did that in the summer. He has got two weeks I think it comes off, but he has been practicing. He has been doing everything. In fact, he has caught the ball decently with it on."

Question: Are there any other injuries?

Brady Hoke: "No. My feet hurt."

Question: How hard is it to teach a quarterback who is used to running the ball patience in the pocket?

Brady Hoke: "I think that is hard for a lot of quarterbacks. I think part of that is on them. When I say that, it is recognizing what you have up front, recognizing what the defense is going to give you. The other part of it is that is a great weapon. If he can clear through the zone or the play action part of it, the football, the timing and the mechanics, the reads, if it is not there, him bringing it down from a drop back situation, he is a dangerous guy."

Question: You want him to be comfortable in the pocket?

Brady Hoke: "Oh there is no question, no question. That's what I've been really impressed with him because from the spring, he is even more patient. He is not as happy with his feet, let me put it that way."

Question: Besides the kicking and punting situation is there another position at this point where you really feel like you are going to need freshman to contribute?

Brady Hoke: "I'll answer it this way, if they are the best player they'll play. I do not know who all the best players are yet."

Question: Are you happy with how well Troy (Woolfolk) and JT (Floyd) have been able to do?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah. Both of them have taken a lot of snaps. We get a lot of snaps in the course of the day and they're both hanging in their well doing a good job. I think you have some soreness that is part of it. I think they both have handled it well. I think they're both doing a good job."

Question: You guys are going to go full pads tomorrow, will you scrimmage tomorrow?

Brady Hoke: "No. We'll do some sort of situation probably next week, Tuesday/Thursday, it just depends, see where everybody is at. We'll do our usual first and ten drills and third down drills and red zone drills. We'll start some two minute stuff to put pressure on them, but I think we've got three planned through the course of fall camp."

Question: When you scrimmage, do you scrimmage one versus one?

Brady Hoke: "One versus one."

Question: Will they be in the stadium, any of them?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah a couple of them."

Question: Will we?

Brady Hoke: "Nope."

Question: How far into padded practices do you have the backs down to where you're looking for that #1 guy?

Brady Hoke: "I hope in the next eight days a lot of things clean up because we'll start game planning and even though you do for your first couple of games anyways, now. What you try to see and what you try to do, ten days before we'll really start game planning."

Question: What have you seen from the cornerbacks as a whole?

Brady Hoke: "It is wide open. We're going to compete like heck everywhere. In eight days from now, we'll probably be a little more settled on where we want to be. I think Courtney Avery has done a nice job in there. I think he is very capable. He plays with a lot of energy. I think Greg Brown has shown spots in there that have been really good. I think we've got a good competitive situation."

Question: Are there things you do in fall practice since you've been a head coach to try to evaluate, especially when you went into the two jobs before to try to get your own evaluation of things quicker or do you think the spring is enough?

Brady Hoke: "The spring is never enough. I told Troy and JT before camp started, I haven't seen you play. I think I've mentioned before, I do not revert back to what they did in the past. #1, you don't know how guys were coached, what scheme was and all those things. That is not fair to the kids. We believe in the competition and evaluation on a daily basis. That's what has made us have good football teams and builds a heck of a foundation for you."

Question: Has there been a receiver outside the top two, Roy (Roundtree) and Junior (Hemingway) that has started to show himself a little bit?

Brady Hoke: "That's a good question."

Question: Al (Borges) said yesterday he liked those two specifically.

Brady Hoke: "I think those two because of a lot of snaps that they've played and a lot of experience, obviously there is some talent there. I would say, I don't know, no probably not. That's a good question."

Question: Is that a concern then?

Brady Hoke: "No, nothing is a concern yet."

Question: Not even in the field goal kicking?

Brady Hoke: "Not yet."

Question: Are you using the guys that we've talked about Seth and Brendan (Gibbons) and Wile, three key guys.

Brady Hoke: "Yeah."

Question: How much will you address or will you address the celebration penalty rule?

Brady Hoke: "We have officials coming in about a week, ten days and we'll go through it and believe me we'll be on top of it. That's a big penalty now and we'll do a good job of educating and really talking about the expectations of playing for Michigan."

Question: Do you think that is a rule as coaches there is a concern about because there is a big celebratory nature when you score a touchdown that things can be subjectively.

Brady Hoke: "They're always suggesting. PI is subjective, pass interference, they're all subjective. Every league calls things differently. It is just how it is. You try to get a feel for that. They put a lot of pressure on themselves but at the same time, this is the greatest team score ever. One man does not make your team or one man does not win you a game. We've got to remember that part of it."

Question: I imagine you got a good feel for who would be the leaders of this team and maybe not even from the senior class. Are you finding anybody in practice has really stepped up in that role?

Brady Hoke: "I think there are some guys who naturally have that with them. I wouldn't say that I've seen a lot of guys yet, but when the struggles start, it is easy right now. We've had great energy. They're wanting and learning and doing all that. I think right now we've only practiced four days and Saturday we get to go twice. That's fortunate. The middle of next week, you'll find out who those guys are who really have a passion to play and love to play."

Question: Is there a single that you might be happy right now?

Brady Hoke: "Boy that's a good question."

Question: Or surprised about.

Brady Hoke: "No. Not really. We got to keep working staff wise. We got to coach well every day and that's where the evaluation starts. We didn't hear enough practice out there, we didn't hear football, that starts with me. I've got to do a better job of making sure those kids understand what we want to do. I've got to do a better job of educating them and I've got to do a better job of making sure they all understand the expectations."

Question: When you say you want to hear football does that mean communication within the players or physicality?

Brady Hoke: "Both. It is both. I probably like the physicality as much as I like anything."

Question: Is that something that only you will know as soon as you hear it?

Brady Hoke: "Yeah."

Question: It is hard to explain exactly what hearing football is but you'll know it.

Brady Hoke: "Oh yeah. Believe me, you know it, but every team you go through that a little bit."

Question: Crunching of bones?

Brady Hoke: "Just guys coming off the football and looking to him with your eyes and getting after somebody."

Question: Sounding fast?

Brady Hoke: "I like that too (laughter). I may bring you out for a couple of days."

Question: Why do you think that is, do you think their tentative and they don't want to mess up?

Brady Hoke: "You're always tentative. There is a lot of stuff in there on both sides of the balls and that's where you again, coaches fault. If you have too much, then they are going to be tentative because they're going to be thinking and adjusting and the way we practice, Al and Greg (Mattison)…let me give you an example. One day, we worked all three by ones formations. Al wanted to work all his three by ones. Greg wanted to work three by ones, adjustments, checks whatever, personnel groups. Then the next day we worked all two by twos with one back sets. Today, we were with two tight ends, 22 personnel. You've got your calls and all that. There is some learning that is still going on. A year from now, they'll know those defenses like that (snap fingers). They're know every offense and the expectations of what they need to do on a movement or whatever as an offensive lineman, they'll play faster. Part of playing physical and hearing football is playing fast. When you're tentative, you are not going to play fast. You're not going to play as physical. So that goes back to us. We got to make sure that they we don't have too much of what they can't do at this time."

Question: Do you like what the NCAA is doing with strengthening academic requirements and streamlining the rules?

Brady Hoke: "To be honest with you, I haven't looked at much of it. I haven't talked to Dave (Brandon) about much of it yet. It is probably well above any kind of decisions that they would want me to make. I'm saying that from the NCAA purposes. I don't know. I really haven't thought about it enough and don't know enough about it."

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