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Denard, Full Transcript: his summer workouts; Coach Mattison and his blitzes; working on his footwork in the summer; the RB situation; on Devin, on the QBs he looks up to ... more.

Question: Coach Hoke said you've been great in practice, do you feel that? Do you feel that you're that much better than the spring?

Denard Robinson: "I think I'm doing better, but I've always got time for improvement, I'm not there yet."

Question: What are you doing better, what is working for you now?

Denard Robinson: "I'm used to the plays now. I know the plays a little bit better and it is about that time for me to just start working hard and being the leader that coach wants me to be."

Question: How much time did you actually spend studying?

Denard Robinson: "All summer. Every day."

Question: Average per day?

Denard Robinson: "I can't really tell you because every time I had a chance to get in there I got in here."

Question: Is it as different as you thought it would be or even more different?

Denard Robinson: "I really didn't think it was going to be that much different. I was ready for it."

Question: How many passes do you think you threw per day?

Denard Robinson: "We threw a lot. We came in, we called guys…me and Devin (Gardner) just called guys and told them let us get in here and try to get better for the season."

Question: Do you like this change, this adaptation?

Denard Robinson: "I can't say that. I don't know. We going out there and playing hard. I enjoy being around my teammates and my coach."

Question: When you hear 70% completion rate in practice, what is that.

Denard Robinson: "That's crazy, but I always got time to improve. You can always get better. That's how I look at it."

Question: What is the one thing (Greg) Mattison drilled to you more than anything?

Denard Robinson: "He just brings some crazy blitzes at us. Coach Mattison, he always coming at us with some crazy stuff. He's always crazy with us, he is always talking trash and making practice fun, worthwhile."

Question: Is it making you better in some ways now that he is blitzing as much as he is?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, he is making me a better quarterback and better at making reads. I got to be quick on my toes with him."

Question: Did it ever bother you when people said that you couldn't make this transition?

Denard Robinson: "It is not just me but my teammates helping me make this transition, it is not just me. All of us working hard and trying to be the best we can."

Question: Are you running less?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. I am running less and enjoying it. I love seeing Vince (Smith), (Mike) Shaw, (Mike) Cox and Stephen Hopkins and Fitz (Fitzgerald Toussaint) just make plays off the run. I enjoy it."

Question: Do you feel less worn out after a practice?

Denard Robinson: "It is the same because I go out there and play 100%. There is no way I'm not going to go out there and not play 100%. I would be cheating the team."

Question: Has it been a tougher adjustment for you having to sit in the pocket and having to kind of count off the progressions before you can take off?

Denard Robinson: "No. Because I know I got one of the best offensive lines in the country and I can sit back there for a while."

Question: Who are some of the receivers that you have developed a special rapport with so far?

Denard Robinson: "I'm telling you all our receivers are probably the dominant receiver, you're talking about Roy Roundtree, he can go get the ball. Jeremy Gallon, you have Junior Hemingway, JeRon Stokes, Terrence Robinson. You got guys that can go and get the ball. I enjoy throwing to them and I know Devin does too and our other quarterbacks do."

Question: You mention the offensive line, the protection has been really good?

Denard Robinson: "Yes sir. Coach Mattison throws some crazy blitzes at us but the guys up front always pick it up and we always trying to get better."

Question: I meant more just you mentally, to have to stay in the pocket versus last year at the first sign of anything you might run.

Denard Robinson: "That was some of the things we working on last year as a team. They was telling me, trust the line, trust the line. The guys up front were telling me, you got to trust us and that's what we trying to do right now. We're trying to get better at doing that."

Question: Do you trust them more now than a year ago?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. There is a chemistry and we've got that built now."

Question: Is there a quarterback that you now model yourself after?

Denard Robinson: "There are two of them. Michael Vick and Peyton Manning. You got to say those two. I love watching them guys and Tom Brady. I forgot about Tom Brady, I'm sorry guys (laughter). Tom Brady is one of them. Those are great guys and they can stand in the pocket and if they have to go, they will go."

Question: Vick and Manning seem totally different, that is a weird combo to pick.

Denard Robinson: "You can say that but both of them are great passers. Both of them if nothing there, they got the check down and if it not there they will run it."

Question: How different is this offense going to look once we actually see it in the real game?

Denard Robinson: "You'll see. I can't really tell you. It is going to be a surprise."

Question: Do you feel that you are going to be healthier this year?

Denard Robinson: "We'll see. I can't tell you or give you a prediction right now, just got to play it how it goes."

Question: Has Devin been different behind you?

Denard Robinson: "He always improving. We always battling. Every day we battle on the field. It is like a friendly battle, but we know we always competing. Devin is probably one of the best quarterbacks I've seen."

Question: What is the biggest difference in practice that this coaching staff emphasizes over the last one?

Denard Robinson: "I can't really tell you."

Question: Was there a particular drill that you worked on to help improve your accuracy?

Denard Robinson: "I was just working on throwing to my receivers, getting the timing down and stepping into the throws instead of falling off. That's the biggest thing. I'm not all the way there yet, so I still got some work to do."

Question: Is the footwork a lot different?

Denard Robinson: "That is one of the biggest things I had to work on. That's what we had to do the whole offseason, working on timing and footwork."

Question: How much did Al (Borges) really work with you on that and how much drilling did you do?

Denard Robinson: "All spring he was drilling it into me. I had pop step. I pop up instead of stepping forward into the throw. He drilled that into me all spring and I took it upon myself to do it in the summer."

Question: Was it to the point in the spring and maybe even the first couple of days of practice, where you were like, man am I ever go to throw a ball type of thing?

Denard Robinson: "He had me throwing it, but he was just telling me that you got to get that out of the game and we're going to keep working on it until you get it out, so he drilled me on that. He's a hands-on coach. That's what he does."

Question: Do you feel like it is out completely now or does it pop up every once in a while?

Denard Robinson: "I probably got it out of me a lot. I probably pop up once in a blue moon."

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