Kevin Koger, Roy Roundtree talk receivers

After practice Thursday several players talked to the media ... here's receiver Roy Roundtree and tight end Kevin Koger. Are the receivers ready?

Kevin Koger:

Question: Have you noticed Denard's improvement since the spring?

Kevin Koger: "Definitely -- being on the receiving end of those passes you can definitely tell he has made a great improvement. Coach Borges has done a great job with him and Devin Gardner and the rest of the quarterbacks. You can definitely tell improvement."

Question: Is that confidence, is it technique, where do you see the biggest difference?

Kevin Koger: "Probably more technique. Denard is always confident, always smiling, confidence is never faded in him. Probably just more technique wise."

Question: Can you sense a difference in the ball you're getting than maybe the one you were getting last year or in the spring?

Kevin Koger: "Probably just more timing wise, just the time it gets there when I'm out of my break. That's probably the main difference."

Question: You guys had a prolific offense last year, you guys put up points like crazy, do you feel that this offense can get to that level or be that successful?

Kevin Koger: "It is hard to compare last year to this year, two different philosophies. We're just going to try and manage the game and help the defense out as much as we can so we can win football games."

Question: How important is time management, time of possession?

Kevin Koger: "It is definitely a big part. Coach Hoke always says that the best defense we play is when the defense is on the side line and we're on the field managing the ball so they can get their rest."

Question: How about you in particular as a tight end, as a receiver have you been more involved in the way they execute things?

Kevin Koger: "I think it is fair to say that. I definitely got a lot of reps during camp and we have about two weeks to go, so I'm expecting to get a lot more. We'll see what happens."

Question: How many sets do you guys have with two tight ends?

Kevin Koger: "We just go by personnel groups. We have tons of formations so it is just by personnel groups."

Question: You guys are going over to the stadium for a scrimmage on Saturday and there are some young guys who haven't had a chance to go out there yet. What do you tell them as you try to give them that game day mentality for a scrimmage?

Kevin Koger: "Just be confident. You know what you're doing, we do it every day in practice. Don't let going over to the Big House intimidate you, and don't let that it is a big evaluation that we have on Saturday coming up intimidate you. Just be confident, you know what you're doing and just execute."

Question: Is it kind of hard to separate playing on State Street versus playing on Main Street and kind of seeing a difference?

Kevin Koger: "No because I'm a firm believer that you play how you practice. If you practice half speed, if you go through the motions, that's how you're going to play on Saturday. I just come out here every day and be ready to work and go full speed every time."

Question: Is that one of the hardest thing for a young kid when they come in to learn, that going in practice you got to go full boat the whole time because it is like you're trying to replicate for a game?

Kevin Koger: "Definitely. All the players that come in here, they the stars of their high school teams, so they are used to be being better than everybody else -- and they come here and everybody is just as good as you are. It takes more than just talent to succeed here. I think they're finding that out."

Question: What kind of things do you want to see on Saturday that will prove to you that you have had a successful scrimmage as a team?

Kevin Koger: "Just execution, probably execute plays. Everybody come off the ball well, hard and low. I guess we'll just watch the film afterwards and see how we did."


Roy Roundtree

Roy Roundtree: "We still got two more weeks. Just taking camp day by day and today I feel like we got better too."

Question: How do you feel about the depth at receiver right now, I know you guys are missing Daryl (Stonum)?

Roy Roundtree: "I love it. Nobody has a spot on the team and everybody is competing for the #1 spot. Coach Hoke always told us that he is going to play the best players and the best players are going to practice hard every day to get out there."

Question: Coach has talked about Denard Robinson's growth at camp; what is the biggest growth area from Denard?

Roy Roundtree: "His poise back in the pocket. Everybody wants to say he's a running quarterback, and he has really been sitting back and reading the defense and timing the routes off right. I think he is really being poised. I think he has been getting comfortable day by day."

Question: Coach Hoke said he has completed 70% of his passes in the fall camp, what percentage of that is going to Roy Roundtree?

Roy Roundtree: "He is spreading it out. I wish they all could go my way but they don't. As a wide receiver corps, as being a leader of the group and having Junior Hemingway and Kelvin Grady, we're all just sticking around and trying to get open and get the timing right and he is finding the receivers at the right time."

Question: I know Denard is always confident, but is he more confident as a passer than he was say even in the spring?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah I feel like in seven on sevens we've been doing all summer he has been getting all the wide receivers out there and getting the timing down. I feel he is very comfortable from when he first started. That's good on our heads because to see him poised that's our leader on the offense and basically the team -- to see him poised, all of us poised. We just stay calm and he's really working hard to be comfortable back there."

Question: Are there times that you come out of your break and the ball is there and you're just like the timing is dead on?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. Today, we got a pass off today and as soon as I came out of route, it was right there. It just shows that our timing is getting better and better day by day."

Question: Has anything surprised you by what you've seen from Denard in camp?

Roy Roundtree: "Not really because I'm around him every day, I get to see him every day and get to work out with him. He was my workout partner all summer, so we got extra work in. What I'm seeing now is the same thing that he did in the offseason. The coaches see it on film every day."

Question: Has Junior Hemingway had a great camp, because you talked a little bit about once Daryl was getting redshirted this year that it has to be you and Junior that really leads the way for this receiver corps.

Roy Roundtree: "I feel like Junior has been having a great camp. I could give encouragement to all the receivers because that's how we're going to get better, everybody is going to push somebody. That's the biggest task for us this year. We got over Stonum and are just trying to work better day by day."

Question: With this offense are there going to times that fans are going to say man that looks familiar and times it looks like old school Michigan?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. The offense is ridiculous. We got a lot of plays, different formations. It is a lot of everything. Every day we put in new plays and we're just trying to get the best one."

Question: Are there plays that look like…we haven't seen much but sometimes things are a little spread out and Denard is running, are there plays that are spread?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah there are some spread like plays, but Coach Borges is going to keep Denard safe. Just having him back there and Denard is going to read the defense and if it is for him to run, I'm pretty he'll take off."

Question: What have you seen from Jerald Robinson this fall?

Roy Roundtree: "He's really matured. I talked to him the other day, this camp, you got to stay focused. Don't get down because your legs sore that's what supposed to be happen, but Joe has been having a great camp also because he wants to learn and wants to get better."

Question: Do you feel like he is going to get time this fall?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah I feel like he is going to get time because of the work ethic that he has and he is really pushing himself. He is asking older guys for help for different type of route concepts. That's the best thing about it."

Question: The thing with Daryl -- over the offseason was that a distraction at all or did you just kind of have to assume that we just have to take care of ourselves rather than worried about who is going to be here and who is not going to be here?

Roy Roundtree: "I really wasn't sure. I wasn't really trying to get into the situation with him. I'm not sure."

Question: Do you think Denard is enjoying this transition in this offense?

Roy Roundtree: "I think so. He is the leader of the offense and he has got to come out with energy to get us pumped up because that's who we look at. I feel like he is really getting comfortable day by day, and we got two more weeks and ya'll will see for yourself."

Question: You still see the flashes obviously of what he can do with his feet that is not gone, but you have just seen more of other stuff too?

Roy Roundtree: "Oh yeah, I see it all now. The drop back quarterback that he was in high school, I see that, and sometimes he is in shotgun like he was last year -- and it is just the way he is back there. He is not getting frustrated that he can't do this and do that. He is an athlete and he can do it all. To see that that way he motivate himself and motivates us in practice, it is a good thing to see."

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