Additional Penalties to Come

The Michigan Basketball Program will suffer additional sanctions stemming from the involvement of the late Eddie L. Martin with various basketball players during the 90's.

GBW learned from well placed sources a few nights ago that the post-season ban would be extended by one season and that scholarship reductions would be implemented. At that time we had no info regarding the number of scholarships to be withdrawn, nor did we know the number of years over which that penalty would be assessed. Today the Ann Arbor News reported that the scholarship penalty would be 4 scholarships over 4 years (tantamount to one scholarship per season for four seasons). It also reported that there would be an extension of Michigan's self-imposed probationary period.

While the scholarship reduction may have been expected by many, the extra year of post-season ban comes as somewhat of a surprise. That's clearly the most harmful of the additional sanctions. On a positive note, GBW also learned that a team meeting was held in which the players, while disappointed with the decision, were upbeat about the future of the program and committed to restoring Michigan to the esteem to which it has become accustomed.

The NCAA will be releasing the official decision at 1 PM EST. Following that, UM will be having a press conference at 1:45 PM EST that can be viewed using Real One Player. Links to view/listen to the presser and/or download Real One Player can be found at

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