Full Transcript: Omameh talks DL and OL

Full Transcript: Offensive guard Patrick Omameh talks about the progress of both the O-line and D-line units.

Patrick Omameh: "The offensive line has I would say improved their play. It is more so against guys that have a better grasp of their responsibilities as far as what their position entails and more guys stepping up so that we can have I guess great depth at different positions."

Question: Can this offense be as prolific as last year?

Patrick Omameh: "I think we can be."

Question: Even though you're more ball controlled?

Patrick Omameh: "We're more ball controlled in different ways, but I feel like we can move the ball as well as we did last year — and there is a majority of our offensive production is still here so we can still do a lot of things that we were capable of last year.'

Question: Who are you blocking in practice?

Patrick Omameh: "Everybody."

Question: Who has stood out to you on the defensive line?

Patrick Omameh: "Honestly, I think every single member of the D-line that I have gone up against have improved like two folds since spring ball and I'm just really excited to see what they are going to do come the season."

Question: What does Nathan Brink do that all of a sudden put him out there?

Patrick Omameh: "He is a guy that likes to work hard, and plays hard, and every day he comes out trying to prove himself — and he comes out and he hits."

Question: How much did you have to change your body to play in this new system?

Patrick Omameh: "Not a whole lot yet. They just wanted me to work on certain things as far as footwork and stuff like that more so than anything physical with my body."

Question: Do you guys have a big advantage over the defensive line because you are so cohesive and you guys have played together for so long as an offensive line?

Patrick Omameh: "We have played together for a long time as an offensive line, but the members of the defensive line are members of the team too, and I guess they can play pretty well together and they are all very well coached. I don't feel like it gives us to much of an edge over them."

Question: What have you seen out of Mike Schofield and where does he figure in on the competition of the right side of the line?

Patrick Omameh: "Mike Schofield has proven himself every practice, and there are still nine practices left. There is a chance that he could work his way into the starting lineup. Nothing is set in stone right now. He has come to play and he has proven himself every day to the coaches."

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