Daniel Horton Comments on the Penalties

U-M's floor leader gives his thoughts on the NCAA's decision. Also included are links to other player comments and a Q&A with General Counsel Marvin Krislov.

On if he thinks the punishment is fair:

"I believe it is not fair to us because we work so hard on and off the court to bring prestige back to this university. For one of our goals to be taken away I believe it's not fair, but at the same time that's life."

On if knowing about the possibility of sanctions before hand makes it less unfair:

"I think you misunderstood me. I did not know that we would be banned, or that was even a possibility. I just knew there were some things in the past that could affect the basketball program. I had no idea what those things could mean. Now that they have come to pass I can see what has happened. I am still not bitter about my decision to come here."

On his thoughts about the University's decision to appeal:

"I hope we win the appeal, after I heard what actually could happen. I don't really know anything about what the University is doing. I am definitely happy to hear they are pursuing that, not only for myself, but also for the team because something that we really want to experience and something that we really want to achieve is playing in the NCAA Tournament."

On if he feels relieved that the saga is coming to an end:

"I think we feel a lot of relief that it is finally over and we can finally put it behind us and start playing and practicing. It still wouldn't affect the way we play and practice, but now that it is behind us I think that we still have things to look forward to and goals to achieve without this hanging over our heads."

On if players are staying around in the summer to work out:

"I think there are 6 of the 14 guys on the team around right now. "

More on if he thinks it's unfair to punish the current group for sins of the past:

"I think it's unfair. I think they could probably find other ways to punish the university without punishing us. But it's not really my place to say stuff about it or comment to you guys or comment to other people. My job to play basketball and get better as a player and help this team and program get better.

More comments from Daniel (and other players) can be found here. Marvin Krislov's comments can be found here.

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