Full Transcript: Coach Hoke Post-Scrimmage

Coach Hoke runs through the status of the team unit by unit after the scrimmage, talking about injuries and detailing most of the Two-Deep.

Brady Hoke Opening Statement: "A couple of things. It was really good to get up into the stadium, get up there and kind of go through our process on game day so guys get an idea of what our expectations for mentality preparing for a game -- how you come out, where you go, your group to warm up. All those things that we all take advantage of, don't think about, but they are all organizational things that you have to go through. We got to go through that, be in that locker room, go down the tunnel and get a sense for playing in that great stadium. This was practice 23. We have six opportunities left, that we need to keep grinding and keep improving as a team. There was some good things that you saw on both sides of the ball, but at the same time we're a long way from where we need to be as a football team. And that is just going to be a continual us working hard together and us pushing each other and us understanding the mentality that we want to play football in."

Question: What is the one thing that sticks out to you still that says I need to get better?

Brady Hoke: "We had a couple of penalties today. Two of them were composure and poise penalties. We had a full Big Ten crew working the scrimmage and it was a much lighter scrimmage than it was a week ago, but our composure and our poise, I think we had a couple procedure penalties that obviously don't help you when instead of first and ten, you're first and 15 or you're second and 12 or whatever it might be. Those things bother you. We took care of the ball pretty well when you look at the ball security issues that you want to have, and that is huge for us. We've been -32 in turnover margin the last three years and you can't play football that way."

Question: How close are you to figuring out exactly who you want on two deep and where they are; are they set at this point?

Brady Hoke: "I think there are some things that are set and I think we'll do a good job of diving into this tape tonight and furthering some evaluations on guys. I think the corner position is hotly contested. I like how J.T. Floyd and Troy Woolfolk have come back. I think Courtney Avery and Terry Talbott are doing a good job. I just went blank, but I'm good with numbers. #18 Blake Countness is playing well. Greg Brown is playing well. So there is good competition there."

Question: How are you health wise?

Brady Hoke: "We're pretty good health wise."

Question: Nothing major?

Brady Hoke: "No. Everybody is a little beat up."

Question: Tay Odoms?

Brady Hoke: "He scrimmaged today. In fact, he has gone the last three days and he seems fine."

Question: What about the return game and who are maybe the top guys?

Brady Hoke: "There is group of them. Jeremy Gallon both kickoff and punt has done a good job. I think Vince Smith on kickoff returns, either be the off returner, because he's not afraid to go hit somebody in the face or return the ball. Drew Dileo -- punt, and when you look at punt, you always want to make sure that guy first and foremost is going to be able to field the ball and isn't scared. I think between those two right now, we'll probably start that way."

Question: How many plays did you go and you said was lighter, can you kind of expand on that?

Brady Hoke: "We went 126 plays last week and if my count is right, we probably got 73, 74 today."

Question: How many fourth and ones?

Brady Hoke: "We had one fourth and one."

Question: It wasn't situational as much…?

Brady Hoke: "We did black zone, coming out trying to get a first down so you have room to punt and field position. We didn't put it on the one yard line. I think we have a bunch of shots last week at it and that was a pretty physical deal, and then you're starting to get to the point where you want to get into game week."

Question: You had three kids transfer this week, are you surprised by any of them?

Brady Hoke: "I think you're always surprised, but a guy has to do what they feel is right for them. This is not for everybody here and it never will be. They're great kids and we wish them the best."

Question: The fact that two of them were kids you did recruit though.

Brady Hoke: "That happens."

Question: You talk about resolution at some spots. Can you share what some of those are?

Brady Hoke: "Mike Martin is probably going to be the nose tackle. Denard Robinson is going to be the quarterback. Kevin Koger is going to be the tight end, David Molk will be the center. Lewan Taylor will be the left tackle, Mark Huyge will be the right tackle. Patrick Omameh will be the right guard and Ricky Barnum will be the left guard. Running back wise, I think we will look into this tape a little bit more, but Mike Shaw has had a pretty camp and Fitz (Fitzgerald Toussaint) has had a good camp. Safety wise, Jordan Kovacs will be one of those safeties in our base, and I would think Thomas Gordon will be. I think Thomas really had a tremendous camp. He's had a tremendous summer and that is why his camp was so good."

Question: He is the one, maybe, who, at least to us, to maybe stand out from not having previous playing experience ... is there something more that you can talk about that he did.

Brady Hoke: "I just think his whole attitude. How he approached the game of football, working out, all those things. He has really taken a consciousness effort and he is playing a lot of…he'll play some stuff in our nickel. Him and Troy will, depending on what unit we have out, they're both playing some nickel; and Thomas is playing basically a dime and another defense. There is a lot of learning going on, and he has done a really good job with it. I'm proud of where he is at right now."

Question: What about your two outside backers, the SAM and WILL?

Brady Hoke: "SAM, Cam Gordon I think would be the SAM. I think Jake Ryan is obviously pushing in there, and a young guy Brendan Beyer has done a nice job for us. At the WILL, I don't know yet. I really don't know. At the MIKE, I think Kenny Demens has done a good job. But at the WILL, Brandin Hawthorne has missed a couple of days because of an ankle and he is fighting has way back. Mike Jones is playing a little bit of both them, the MIKE and the WILL. Freshman Desmond Morgan is a good football player. He has got a little slight ham, so we held him out today. I don't know if we have a definite guy that I could tell you."

Question: What about kicking and punting?

Brady Hoke: "There is no doubt Matt Wile will kick off. I think Brendon Gibbons has done a nice job. He's been accurate. We did a lot of kicking again today. He's had a good camp. I think Wile has had a pretty good camp. I think Wile will probably punt but Seth Broekhuizen is a real good possibility there, and I think that will be a decision probably made up Wednesday or Thursday to be honest with you."

Question: There aren't many decisions that can go that late?

Brady Hoke: "No you can do that one thing late I think. I think with that one with the mindset -- and they all have a real great mindset about their craft and I like that about them. I don't know if I would have said that in the spring as much, but I think they all have worked really hard at it, every night they are evaluating their kicks, because we film them a lot from all angles and you get a write up from them. Some of them are a page, page and a half about each kick and plant foot or whatever it might be. I'm pleased that they're into football."

Question: You're a big tradition guy, what does mean to you to be in the stadium now given you know you have this opener?

Brady Hoke: "It is always special to be in the stadium and we talk about that a lot when we go up there. The expectation of how you play. This was a scrimmage today. And we had one other date that we were going to be there, but we had the bad rain and the storm so we had to stay indoors, so we were at Lucas Oil Stadium indoors for that day. Because all those scrimmages are game days and the championship is played at Lucas Oil, so when we had to go indoors, we just thought it was Lucas Oil."

Question: Minus the blitz, how have you been as a pass rushing defense?

Brady Hoke: "I think Mike gets some good push. I think he is a guy that is aggressive enough, strong enough, pretty good technician in there to push the pocket. I think Jibreel Black has shown some life as far as a pass rusher. Ryan Van Bergen is kind of a meats and potatoes guy, he works hard at it and because of that he'll have some good things happen."

Question: The schedule the next two days?

Brady Hoke: "We're going to have a very good mental practice tomorrow up at the stadium, probably an hour and 15 minutes, a lot of kicking, a lot of situational stuff, but a lot of mental stuff. We'll do a two minute at the end. Sunday, we'll practice and we've started Western Michigan. We started about two days ago on some of the switch personnel things, looking at them on both sides of the ball, and we'll have a couple of those periods on Sunday. And Monday they'll be off. We'll meet, but they'll be no practice for them. We're kind of getting into our school time schedule where Monday will be off as far as practices go."

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