Full Transcript: Safety Thomas Gordon

Safety Thomas Gordon on the toughness of fall camp, his position switch from last year to this, the game slowing down for him, the safeties unit, and more.

Question: On the ice wrap on his knee…

Thomas Gordon: "Naw, it is just a little tender. Had a long tough camp, but it has got some ice on it just as a precaution just to take care of it. It is not serious."

Question: Talk about the camp compared to other camps and how physical it was.

Thomas Gordon: "It is something that I've never been in before. It was pretty tough and I know we got through it and I think it is going to make us better as a team. We came together this camp and I'm really proud of what we did."

Question: How about what you did. You came in looking at nickel back spot and right now it looks like you're ready to start at safety.

Thomas Gordon: "Yeah. They've got me in a couple of places and I'm just doing what the coaches have asked me to do over the summer and in camp and I lived up to my expectations and I'm ready to make some plays this year."

Question: What sort of plays do you think you've been doing well that got their attention?

Thomas Gordon: "I think it is more outside of football, it is just being more dedicated to football and being a team player. Just coming along as an individual off the field has really helped me on the field."

Question: They talked about what you did this summer too, talk about that a little bit and the time that you put in there.

Thomas Gordon: "This summer with the new weight staff and Coach Wellman, real dedicated staff and they put their work in with me and all the other players and it has helped me tremendously on the field as far as size and speed. It is transitioning to the field and I'm waiting to see what the affect is going to be during the season."

Question: What kind of gains did you make strength and speed wise do you know?

Thomas Gordon: "As far as (lifting) 225, when the old staff left, I was at 13, but when the new staff came in I moved it up to 17 and that is a good thing. As far as being more explosive as a DB, it is real key and that's what they helped me do."

Question: Playing under Coach Mattison different looks, different schemes, how complex is this defense?

Thomas Gordon: "There is a lot of stuff to get a hold of, but you just take it one play at a time and just focus and key on what you got to do. It is not that hard. It is simple. It is the same techniques and we've been on top of it as a group and in the film room every day as a group and that's been helping us."

Question: You guys as a group, you have a grasp on it and you're confident going into the game?

Thomas Gordon: "Yeah we real confident that all the guys back there, Jordan Kovacs, Troy Woolfolk, Carvin Johnson, Courtney Avery, all of us. We real confident with the game plan and the plays they got for us and we feel real comfortable."

Question: Did you not feel that confidence last year?

Thomas Gordon: "Yeah, I was still comfortable last year. I think last year was just more of me getting my feet wet, more of a transition this year. I know what it feels like to be in a game and I'm ready to step in."

Question: Did you kind of feel the game slowing down for you, can you read it?

Thomas Gordon: "Yeah it is way slower now. Last year it was kind of like a blur out there and now I see what's going on and I really got a grasp and understanding of it. So I'm really understanding the game now."

Question: In what ways do you think this year's defense will be better than last year's defense?

Thomas Gordon: "Effort to the football. That's been a key our whole camp is effort to the football. You mess up a play or what not it is always effort to the football and getting to the football. I think that is a big key."

Question: With how creative Coach Mattison is getting, are you guys having funs playing under him, the different looks you are giving. You are doing a lot of different stuff, right?

Thomas Gordon: "It is a whole lot of fun. He gives us a lot of stuff to play with and we go out there and execute it and it and it is a lot of fun."

Question: Have you had a chance to look at Western Michigan's quarterback and do you think he is going to be able to challenge you guys?

Thomas Gordon: "Oh yeah most definitely. I think it is Alex Carder. That's a key that can put the ball in tight windows and he's a real good quarterback and we've got to be on our Ps and Qs when we go against them on Saturday."

Question: How much are you guys moving around presnap. You're talking about how many different looks you're going to give them. How much movement is there going to be?

Thomas Gordon: "It is a lot of movement because he is a real poised quarterback and he has experience. We will can disguise our looks and kind of get him confused and I think that will play to our advantage."

Question: What do you like about the free safety spot?

Thomas Gordon: "I just like being back and seeing everything. It makes me feel like I'm a ball hawk and I haven't really played that since high school. When I came in with Coach Rod I was a SPUR, but now that I'm back there and I feel natural back there. That's a good thing."

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