Junior Hemingway after practice

Junior Hemingway on the Receiver Corps, on his health, on DC Stonum, more…

Question: Do you feel like you have to get through the season healthy to prove that I can play a full year and do what I can do?

Junior Hemingway: "That is one of the goals is for this season. The past seasons I haven't been really healthy. I haven't been able to finish a season or begin it and I look forward to being able to do that this year."

Question: Do you have an interesting experiences being the leader of the receiving corps versus being one of the younger guys and just letting somebody else kind of lead it?

Junior Hemingway: "It is not just me. It is me, Tay Odoms and Kelvin Grady, we the oldest in the group. We three probably have the most experience, but all three of us putting in the same effort and the rest of the receivers know and understand that and then we're the type of seniors if we do something wrong, or they see something bad with what we're doing, they'll correct us. We will correct them. It is a win-win."

Question: Is this offensive as potentially as explosive as it has been in the last couple of years?

Junior Hemingway: "Right now we've been working day in and day out. We have got a lot of guys making plays and right now, we're just growing and molding, but we out there playing, you're like, I think we've got the potential to be real explosive this year."

Question: Is this type of offense that you envisioned in playing in when you came here?

Junior Hemingway: "(Pause) Yes (laughter). With Coach Carr, he had more of a pro style. Then Coach Rod came and he had a spread. I just felt that I needed to be adaptable to whatever it was."

Question: Is this kind of a combination of both; we've heard Coach Borges talk about there are going to aspects of the spread to stick around, is it kind of a hybrid mix a little bit?

Junior Hemingway: "Where you're coming from, you have Denard Robinson. You know he had a real big last year with that spread offense and keeping some of those things…basically something that sticks, why not use it. With the rest of the offense though, it just fits in perfect."

Question: How about Western Michigan's secondary in scouting them, what do you see?

Junior Hemingway: "They have a real good defense, they got a real good secondary. They one have corner, #24, Lewis Toler. They got him as one of the best DBs on the team, All-MAC. Defensive wise, they have a real good team."

Question: You mentioned Tay, Grady, yourself as a seniors. Tay is third on the depth chart; what has been holding him back, taking more advantage of this opportunity?

Junior Hemingway: "Everybody has been taking a lot of reps. Just because he is third on the depth chart, it is not like he is not taking reps. Everybody is getting the same amount of reps. So it doesn't really affect anything."

Question: Do you keep in touch with Daryl Stonum, keep him motivated, talk to him every day?

Junior Hemingway: "Yeah. He's my roommate."

Question: So I guess you see him all the time?

Junior Hemingway: "Yeah. I just basically have to be like a brother to him. Just keep his head on straight and let him know it will be alright. We've got his back regardless. It is good thing that he is still here with us on the team. That's a good thing."

Question: Is it hard for him to see you guys going through a game week and he knows he is not going to play, he's not going to be involved in all that stuff?

Junior Hemingway: "I would imagine that it would be hard. I had it like that three years ago when I had mono. Just be sitting out and watching the rest of the team knowing that you should be there helping and you can't. I imagine that it is hard, but you just got to take it in stride and keep going."

Question: You didn't force yourself to have mono. It is totally different for him, right?

Junior Hemingway: "Regardless of the situation, he is still sitting out. I missed the rest of the season. I only played three games. It is just being able to accept it and go with it."

Question: How much better do you think your offense will be in terms of ball security this year?

Junior Hemingway: "I think we'll be better. Coach is harping on that a lot. The last couple of years we've been -32 and that is not good. He is harping on and we believe and the team itself believes in ourselves that we can take care of the ball and get the ball back. I think it will be better this year."

Question: You had mono and you battled through pretty small injuries your whole career, what does a healthy Junior Hemingway look like; how good can you be?

Junior Hemingway: "I don't even know that (laughter). Just come out every day, work hard, do whatever the coaches and teams ask me to do and do it to the best of my ability."

Question: Do you feel good right now?

Junior Hemingway: "I feel great right now."

Question: How excited are you to have that opportunity to maybe have your first healthy year?

Junior Hemingway: "I'm excited. I just got to keep it going."

Question: Did you think the tridents was cool that Coach Hoke gave you guys?

Junior Hemingway: "Oh yeah. I think every day when we come into the meeting room, it is the first thing you see basically. Everybody's name on each one. You hang up there for a reason. You don't have it up for nothing. Everybody who comes in knows they have something to work for. I think that is a good thing that Coach Hoke did that."

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