Hoke Era Lightning Start, 34-10. Drives/Stats

In a Lightning-shortened game, called with 1:37 left in the 3rd quarter, U-M blew by WMU for two 3rd quarter scores, and wins, 34-10. Here are second half Drives, Stats.


U-M Possession #1

Grady returned the kickoff to the U-M 26, a personal foul took it to the U-M 41.

(rain begins) Denard ran 4, then Denard threw an incompletion, then another.

WMU #1

Wile punted it 47 to the WMU 8, returned to the WMU 13 at the 13:59 mark.

(lightning delay)

WMU ran it 3, then passed 3, then passed to the WMU 27.

WMU ran it -2 (timeout), then passed 2, then passed it 15 to the WMU 41.

WMU had a 5 yard flag, then ran 2, then Jordan Kovacs hit Carder on the blitz, he fumbled -- Brandon Herron picked up a fumble and ran it 30 for the TD at the 9:27 mark.

U-M 27, WMU 10


WMU Possession #2

WMU returned the kickoff from the 5 to the WMU 37.

WMU had an end around for 11 to the WMU 38.

(flag took it back 5) Blitz - Jordon Kovacs hit Carder for -12, then (another flag, delay), then ran it to the 40, then on 3rd and 8 WMU incomplete at the 6:41 mark.

U-M Possession #2

Gallon took the ball at the U-M 13 - fair catch.

Toussaint ran it 42 yards to the WMU 44.

Denard threw an incompletion, then Michael Shaw took it to the house, 44 yards at the 6:01 mark.

U-M 34, WMU 10


WMU Possession #2

WMU took the kickoff to the WMU 37.

WMU threw an incompletion, then (flag, motion) ran for 4, then passed to the WMU 47.

WMU ran 14 to the U-M 39.

WMU ran it 14 to the U-M 25.

On the next play WMU fumbled - RVB recovered at the U-M 25.

U-M Possession #3

On first down Denard threw deep to Junior Hemingway at the WMU 38.

Toussaint ran 3, then ran to the WMU 26.

Denard ran 3, then game delayed again for 30 minutes ... at the 1:27 mark of the 3rd quarter.



U-M gained 287 yards, 98 passing and 189 rushing.
WMU gained 279 yards, 183 passing, 96 rushing.
Denard was 9-13 passing for 98 yards, and ran it 8 times for 46 yards.
Fitz Toussaint had 80 yards and 2 TDs on 11 carries.
Alex Carder was 22-31 passing for 183 yards and an int.

3rd Quarter Only Stats
U-M gained 142 yards, 37 passing and 105 rushing.
WMU gained 80 yards, 48 passing, 32 rushing ... and lost 2 fumbles.

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