Full Transcript: Denard, Toussaint Post-Game

Denard talks about Fitz and the running backs ... and will be compare this year to last? And Fitzgerald Toussaint on his first Michigan start.

Denard Robinson

Question: Ever been through a game like that?

Denard Robinson: "No."

Question: It looked like you wanted to stay out there before the second break, what is the feeling of trying to get everybody going…?

Denard Robinson: "We were ready to go. We were ready to keep playing, I mean, we get to play against somebody else. So we were ready to play."

Question: There was a quarter left to be played. Does this feel like another win?

Denard Robinson: "When coach Hoke told us we won the game, everybody got quiet. It was like, seriously?

Everybody wanted to play still."

Question: How you assess how you did today?

Denard Robinson: "I still got some learning to do. I got to do better. I thought I did all right."

Question: There looks like there were a lot of assigned runs for you in that first drive, was that done just to make you feel maybe more comfortable?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. Coach Al (Borges) called all the plays, and I was ready. That's all."

Question: Can you talk about what type of running back Fitz (Toussaint) is?

Denard Robinson: "Oh man, I don't want to juice his head up too much. Fitz is probably one of the best running backs I've played with. When he gets the ball, he runs hard and he makes guys miss. He's fast. He's a good back."

Question: What does it mean to you to get two touchdowns out of your defense, which hasn't happened in a while?

Denard Robinson: "That felt good. It was kind of bored on the sideline, but I enjoyed it (laughter). I enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure he felt the same way, we were ready to get back on the field, and when we saw Brandon Herron take it to the house we were rooting on the sidelines, but then it was like, man I want to get back on the field. But we enjoyed it. We enjoyed it."

Question: Does this feel a little incomplete in not playing a four quarter game, you guys always talk about finishing, 60 minutes, did it feel a little strange?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah it feels different. Everybody wanted to go back out and play and finish the game. It is what it is."

Question: How did you guys spend your time during that first delay? Was it kind of like a half time?

Denard Robinson: "We treated it like a halftime, and everybody was just getting focused and getting ready for the game."

Question: It looked like you did a lot of stuff that you did before, some spread and shotgun and stuff and then was it more than you thought it would be?

Denard Robinson: "I thought it was 50/50. We did both, and I enjoyed it."

Question: Is that what you were expecting?

Denard Robinson: "I didn't know what to expect. We were just out there ready to play, and we've been working all the plays, so whatever they threw at us, we had to be ready."

Question: Obviously the postgame handshake didn't happen on the field, did you guys get a chance to talk to the Western guys and how disappointed were they?

Denard Robinson: "We actually didn't get to talk to them at all so we don't know how they felt about it. Hats off to them because they played hard today."

Question: Can you say a couple of words about the performance of Western's quarterback, Alex Carder?

Denard Robinson: "He's a great quarterback. He is probably one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. He is going to compete every Saturday. I enjoy watching him play."

Question: You were your teams third leading rusher today, does that allow you to do some different things with your arm?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I enjoy seeing him running the ball, and Mike Shaw get the ball, and Vince (Smith). I love seeing those guys getting out in space and making people miss."

Question: How quickly do your thoughts turn to Notre Dame?

Denard Robinson: "After tomorrow, we'll watch film on the game, and get ready for Notre Dame."

Question: You guys have had some pretty good opening wins the last couple of years, but the season hasn't turned out like you wanted to; why do you think this year might be a little bit different?

Denard Robinson: "I don't want to compare last year to this year. This is a new era, and we just want to keep going and play for Michigan, win for Michigan."


Fitzgerald Toussaint

Question: When did you find out you were going to start and what was that like for you after the competition with Mike Shaw?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I think it all started at the beginning of the week, when we were still all competing. We still all needed work. We had to work on a couple things and make sure everything was good with timing. We were just competing. I actually found out when I started taking more reps with the ones."

Question: Can you describe the run where you broke out and any disappointment that you didn't shake that last guy?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I was just running to daylight."

Question: Have any former Michigan halfbacks reached out to you and just talked about the tradition of what it means that you're in this position now?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "No sir."

Question: You've had a pretty injury-plagued career so far. It seems like you could never stay healthy, did that cross your mind at all when you were actually out there getting a carry, getting to run and playing the whole game?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I would have to say it is all still new for me, a new experience for me. I just want to stay healthy and continue to keeping pushing along with my teammates, be a teammate and keep the unity."

Question: Did they tell you on Friday that you were going to be the starter?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I kind of had a clue, but it was announced (Friday)."

Question: For the Michigan fans who haven't seen you play a full game, even know, talk about your skill set as a runner.

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I would say I was blessed with great speed. The guys around me pushed me to reach my full potential and I just have to stay focused and stay in my zone and visualize what I have to do and actually do it."

Question: Is it frustrating running that power play over and over again or do you just chip away until you get the long run?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "We just chip away until we get a long one. Credit the offensive line, who keep doing their job, and eventually it'll come."

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