Denard on WMU, Notre Dame, Racing Herron

Denard talks about Notre Dame, his memories of last year … about his performance versus WMU Saturday … about Hoke on the sidelines … and about who'd win a 96 yard race between him Brandon Herron.

Question: Did you learn a lot from the film that maybe you didn't realize right after the game in terms of your performance?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. I think there was a couple passes I shouldn't have made. I should have thrown to somebody else. That was probably the biggest thing."

Question: It was just reads your were making in terms of which receiver to go to?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. I tried to force one of them. One of them I should have went to the next read. That was the biggest thing."

Question: What do you expect Saturday night to be like, first game here against Notre Dame under the lights?

Denard Robinson: "It is going to be crazy. I know it is going to be crazy because Notre Dame is a great team and even though they took a lost against South Florida, it is going to be a good game still."

Question: As a player, is it hard to ignore everything that is going around you, you're wearing different uniforms, first game under the lights, crazy crowd?

Denard Robinson: "We still going to be playing football and we're still going to try and go out there for a University of Michigan win. That's what is going to happen."

Question: There is so much talk about your footwork and things like that, how did you think your footwork was?

Denard Robinson: "I think I did pretty good, and still got stuff to work out, but there's always time for improvement."

Question: Were most of those runs designed?

Denard Robinson: "I think I scrambled twice. The other one was probably design."

Question: You played a night game at Penn State last year; what was that day like leading up to the game?

Denard Robinson: "It was crazy because you get to watch everybody else play and everything. It is like man, I'm ready to play too. That's all it is."

Question: Do you have a preference of playing during the day or at night?

Denard Robinson: "I would rather get it out of the way. I'm just ready to play football and ready to go out there and have fun."

Question: Do the nerves build up more, are you more nervous at an eight o'clock start?

Denard Robinson: "Your nerves are always going to be working you up before the game. It is a longer day you got to wait until eight o'clock to get the kickoff going. So it is always going to be there."

Question: What do you remember about your freshman year night game against Iowa?

Denard Robinson: "That was crazy. I came at the end of the game, and we were down. It was kind of crazy. It was a night game. It was cold, and me being from Florida, it was hard to adjust to the cold. We were trying to have some fun, trying to do what we had to do, but we ended up falling short."

Question: For Michigan that is about as hot and uncomfortable as it gets, coming from Florida was that comfortable for you or normal?

Denard Robinson: "It wasn't normal but now that I'm up here in Michigan and this is my third year coming now, I think I should be used to the winter now."

Question: On film did you see other opportunities where you were able to scramble or where you pretty pleased with how you read that?

Denard Robinson: "I was pretty pleased. I did what coach taught me."

Question: You guys didn't get to play a full game, do you feel like you had enough plays to be a good first game test?

Denard Robinson: "It was enough plays but of course we want to still go out and play. Everybody on our offense was like, let us keep going because we didn't get as many plays as the defense did. We still got the win in. That was the biggest thing, we got the win."

Question: Is there a moment from the Notre Dame game that stands out to you?

Denard Robinson: "The whole game was crazy. Throwing the ball to Roy Roundtree and him going to score, me running the long run, it was crazy. I enjoyed the whole thing."

Question: Do you feel like because of what you did last year that they kind of cater to you defensively or do you think because of the change in scheme that they can't really do that?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know how they're going to play us. We'll see how they play us, and we just got to prepare, and watch their film defense-wise…because they're a great school and a great team. You have Manti Te'O, you have the Smith guy, the safety, I mean both of those guys are great players. We got to respect them. They somebody we have to watch film on constantly and try to get better to beat them."

Question: Last year they didn't know you as well as everybody. Were they keying on Mike Shaw a whole lot in that game do you remember?

Denard Robinson: "I really can't remember all that who they were keying on or what they were keying on."

Question: Last week, you told us that we would see on Saturday if you were faster, did you feel that way?

Denard Robinson: "I mean, I feel fast. I feel pretty good, but I just didn't break the long run. It's alright. I like seeing Shaw and Fitz (Toussaint) get out and just watching other people make plays like Brandon Herron. It was fun to watch everybody else have fun. It was great and I had fun with them."

Question: Is there something about a night primetime game that brings the best out of a football player?

Denard Robinson: "Oh man, football is football. It's Saturday, and everybody wants to play. It's a big, big game and everybody should be ready to play. This is the University of Michigan and that's what we came here for, is to play in the big games like this."

Question: How would you grade your performance on Saturday?

Denard Robinson: "I still got room for improvement. I didn't play the best I can but I think I did alright."

Question: Were you used the way you were expecting to be used?

Denard Robinson: "I guess yeah, yeah. That's what we worked on in practice."

Question: Coach likes how physical Fitz plays from a running back spot, can you just talk about how he likes to get after it?

Denard Robinson: "Fitz is a physical running back. I mean, if he has to run a guy over, he'll run a guy over. If he got a miss him, he'll miss. He's got tremendous speed. He's one of the faster guys on the team. Fitz is probably one of the outstanding running backs that we have on our team."

Question: Now that you've seen him in a game, what is Hoke like on the sidelines?

Denard Robinson: "He really don't get mad. He is calm on the sideline. He's just talking to us on the sideline, getting us right. You never see him panic."

Question: He's not a real loud fire and feisty?

Denard Robinson: "If he has to yell at you, he'll yell at you. I didn't hear him yell too much on Saturday."

Question: Would you take you or Herron in a 94-yard dash?

Denard Robinson: "All right, ask B. Herron what happens. He was talking a little trash before camp was over. He said he was going to catch me in practice. But it didn't happen, but B. Herron is one of the faster guys on the team. He runs a 4.48, I mean, you see him on Saturday, he couldn't get caught. I knew once he got the ball it was ‘All right, that's a touchdown.' That's it. I knew he could run and nobody was going to catch him."

Question: What kind of atmosphere do you expect for the first night game at the Big House?

Denard Robinson: "I know it is going to be crazy. We got to focus in on the game and not worry about the atmosphere. We got to be worried about what we got to do, our job is to do on Saturday. That's the main thing."

Question: Do you expect it to be crazy?

Denard Robinson: "I know it is going to crazy. This is the University of Michigan and we have the best fans in the country."

Question: How is the noise at the stadium now and now that you got the bigger boards?

Denard Robinson: "Oh man, when it started raining, I saw the fans just get crazy and I was like, man let us go. That was one of the exciting things on that Saturday that happened. We got some real good fans, the best fans ever. I appreciate it."

Question: Do you think Notre Dame's defense will be more ready for you this year than they were last year?

Denard Robinson: "I know they will. They going to be ready. They probably one of the best teams in the country and they going to be ready I know that."

Question: You were at the hockey game last winter and were in that atmosphere. Do you think that is kind of what you expect on Saturday?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. It might be crazy, I don't know, but I know we got some fans that is going to be wild and it is going to be crazy."

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