NM DL Alan Branch's Roots

When we talked to Albuquerque DE <B>Alan Branch</B> in San Antonio last January he didn't tell us he had a secret! He let us in on it last night, and had more news for us as well.

I talked last night to Alan Branch (planned 2003 U-M Camper, US Army Combine stats: 6-6, 305 lbs., 5.2 in the 40, 4.65 in the shuttle, 2.5 GPA/17 ACT) from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Cibola.

Was Michigan at your school last week?

"Yes. Coach English came in. He watched me playing basketball during my first period phys. ed. class (Branch is the center on the Cibola varsity basketball team)."

So ... did Michigan offer you?

"Yes they did. My coach gave me Michigan's number. I called and spoke with Coach Carr, and he offered me a scholarship. Did I commit right on the spot? No. But it was great."

Are you still planning to go to the Michigan Summer Camp this summer?

"Yeah, I'm going up there."

Hey, Alan, do you have a Michigan connection? You kept it a secret at the US Army Combine!

"Yes I do. Both of my parents are from Detroit. And my mom went to the University of Michigan for a year."

Who are you favorites?

"Besides Michigan, New Mexico, ASU, and Texas A&M. New Mexico, ASU and Michigan have offered me."

Alan, I looked for you at Texas A&M Nike Camp.

"I was planinng to come, but I hurt my leg a few weeks before, and the doctors said I had to stay off it 3-6 weeks. It was a stress fracture in my shin."

Do you have a favorite?

"Yes. It's Michigan."

Note: too bad Branch missed the Texas A&M Nike Camp -- but maybe fortunate for Michigan. He would've been a sensation.

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