Omameh on the O, and "Talking Florida"

Full Transcript: OG Patrick Omameh on the offensive line and the offense -- including Denard's "talking Florida."

Patrick Omameh: "I feel like we did okay. As an offensive line, there are definitely things that we can improve on. We got the ball moving on the ground a little bit, but things did not go as well as we make things go and we hope to improve on that this weekend."

Question: How hard do you think it was to get into a flow giving the delays and the weather and just 39 plays in general?

Patrick Omameh: "There were different things that could have been a distraction as far as where our focus was and things like that. We were pretty good at refocusing ourselves and getting back to the task at hand."

Question: Speaking of distractions, how do you avoid getting caught up in the hype of the first night game and the legacy uniforms and Desmond Howard getting honored; how do you block that out or put that in a place where it doesn't get in the way of your job?

Patrick Omameh: "We know we still got to play a game this weekend. We know who the opponent is and that's what we have got to focus on as a team and that's what we do and we doing everything we can to keep our mind on what the task is that we have to accomplish this weekend."

Question: You were in the huddle with Denard Robinson on that last drive last year against Notre Dame; how much has he changed since that drive?

Patrick Omameh: "With the additional time, he has become more comfortable. That was only his second start last year and he has a firmer grasp on his role even though it has changed a little bit as far as the offense goes, but he knows what his position entails and I guess he has got a better grasp on that."

Question: How did he change in the huddle just in terms of his demeanor and calling plays and kind of thing?

Patrick Omameh: "I feel like it is still Denard. We still get the plays from him, try to get everything straight between everybody before we get out there and run a play. I feel like we're just trying to get out there and play football."

Question: Wasn't it early on, didn't people have to tell him slow down or speak up?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah. He likes to do everything fast. It's cool. We've kind of adapted to his method of speaking. We say that he be speaking Florida (laughter). It's all good. We know what we doing every snap and we just get out there and try to play."

Question: How is your idea of him change? Do you look at him differently, you talked about how he changed.

Patrick Omameh: "He has just grown as far as being the leader, as being somebody on the football field and off the football field you can look at somebody who I guess could be in a representative of our program and what we're trying to do."

Question: On Saturday, you guys ran a lot of plays from the shotgun, so in a way that was a lot like last year's offense. Can you talk about as an O-line, did you run as many zone blocking plays?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah I guess we ran some zone blocking plays. As far as we're doing things up front, I guess it doesn't change too much for us whether or not we're in the shotgun except for the center who is snapping. The play calling I don't think was something that we were worrying about too much."

Question: Are you guys comfortable with transitioning to more man blocking on the power play?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah we comfortable. We try to do our best to be coachable, whatever. Whatever our coaches are trying to get us to do that's what we do our best to accomplish."

Question: When did you guys find out you were going to be without Ricky Barnum?

Patrick Omameh: "I wasn't sure about that. I didn't hear about that until a couple of days before the game. I'm not sure exactly when. It is just something…it was the coach's decision and something that we were able to play through and something that we'll have to be flexible about."

Question: You five have been practicing together since the spring, how difficult is it to throw a new guy into the mix just a couple of days before a game, did you feel Michael Schofield was able to gel there?

Patrick Omameh: "One thing the coaches always stress is they always tell the guys who are backups, even though you're not starting right now, you've got to practice like you're a starter. Schofield, he stepped right in there and he did his job. I feel like we didn't skip a beat really."

Question: Why do you think this offense is going to be different this weekend? The last two years, you guys have relied so heavily on a major performance from your quarterback, why is this offense different and you might not need that?

Patrick Omameh: "I feel like we coming in and we got a balanced approach and we trying to do our best to evaluate this defense and come at them with everything that will put us at the greatest advantage."

Question: How have you observed that competition between Schofield and Ricky at that guard spot now, it seems like it is pretty open going into this week?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah it is really the coach's decision. Both of them are playing hard. Mike Schofield is a guy who has been trying to get in there for a long time. It'll be interesting to see how that happens but either way we're all going to come into the game with Notre Dame on our mind."

Question: Does the week feel different? Does it feel different than getting ready for Western Michigan last week?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah. Everybody is trying…the hype with the night game and the jersey's and everything. We're just trying to keep ourselves focused on what we got to do and try not to get too much of that into our heads."

Question: What kind of teammate is David Molk? What is he like on the field?

Patrick Omameh: "David Molk, he is a funny guy to be around."

Question: He's really funny?

Patrick Omameh: "I think he is funny. I think his sense of humor is not your average sense of humor, but he knows when it is time to be serious and he knows how to get the most out of his teammates."

Question: When you not an average sense of humor, more sarcastic, more blunt, more just making fun of you?

Patrick Omameh: "You could say a little bit of all that probably. Depends on his mood."

Question: Does he get on you at all?

Patrick Omameh: "No he is not really like some guy who attacks people or anything with his sense of humor. If you just spend time around him, you end up laughing that's the kind of guy he is."

Question: What have you laughed at recently?

Patrick Omameh: "Nothing comes to mind. I haven't seen him yet today. Hopefully I'll see him later today and get a couple of laughs out."

Question: What do you know about Desmond Howard?

Patrick Omameh: "His picture is all over this place. He is up on the wall. He is a huge name in Michigan tradition, football history. It is great to have him here this weekend."

Question: So far a season of Denard running the offense are you all fluent in Florida?

Patrick Omameh: "I consider myself pretty bilingual. I wouldn't add it to my resume or anything, but I'm acquiring a skill set. I'm proud of myself."

Question: What are the major differences between English and Florida?

Patrick Omameh: "I don't know it is just real fast. Everything is just super sped up and I'm like you can slow down a little bit if you want us to run the play right (laughter), you do not have to."

Question: You're just glad he runs fast too I bet?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah. That's part of his everything super, everything sped up mindset."

Question: Does he eat fast, does he do other things fast?

Patrick Omameh: "Does he eat fast? I'm not sure. But yeah, I feel like speed is his thing I guess, talking fast, running fast, I guess he has just grown fond of that."

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