O'Brien Calls U-M Experience "Electric"

Flint (MI) Powers DT Danny O'Brien was part of the record crowd that witnessed Michigan's thrilling 35-31 comeback victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Saturday. The four-star prospect reflects on the time in Ann Arbor with GoBlueWolverine, shedding light on his current thoughts on the Maize & Blue, his upcoming visit plans, and more. Is a decision on the horizon?

Seemingly synonymous with any sporting event in which there is a miraculous comeback are the scores of observers that swear they knew the unexpected was going to happen.  Few and far between are the honest souls that share their real foreboding.  Flint (MI) Powers Catholic Star, Danny O’Brien is one of those honest souls.  Reflecting upon his thoughts when Michigan was down three on its own 20 with 30 seconds to go, he didn’t mince words

“No I didn’t (think they were going to win),” O’Brien admitted.  “I thought at best they were going to kick a field goal and go to overtime.”

The eventual outcome shocked both Notre Dame and the capacity crowd watching the stands.  There was an inescapable feeling of awe from which O’Brien was not immune.

“It was crazy,” he said.  “That was the best game day experience I’ve had anywhere.  That was amazing!  They really stuck it to (Notre Dame).  (The Wolverines) didn’t play the best game, but they really fought to the end.  That was a big impression on me.  “It is a great atmosphere (at Michigan).  It’s electric. It’s electric.  It does a lot.”

After the game the Michigan coaching staff and the host of Wolverine commitments in attendance were was anxious to see just how much.

 “They wanted to see my reaction more than anything,” O’Brien stated.  “They were just like, ‘What did you think, what did you think?’  So it was kind of like that.”

“(The committed guys) were crazy,” he added laughingly.  “They didn’t really have to do any (recruiting), though.  (The overall experience) kind of did (the recruiting) itself.”

And when asked if he could see himself fitting into a future Maize & Blue defense, the game’s strong impression instantly became more evident.

“Oh yeah,” replied O’Brien with an obvious grin.  “Who wouldn’t want to play in the biggest stadium with most people who ever saw a college football game?  Who wouldn’t want to do that?”

While it’s clear that the 6-2, 280-pounder is still sky high from yesterday’s game, he isn’t yesterday to proclaim a leader. He has, however, settled on the time at which he will.

“It is still that same four,” O’Brien said regarding his list of favorites. “I’m going to try and get to as many as I can, but I’m focused on my season more than anything. My official is set at Tennessee.  They play LSU on October 15.  I’ll probably commit before that, though.  I’m going to commit homecoming week (i.e. the first week in October).”

That leaves three more weekends for Michigan State, Tennessee, and Alabama to get visits scheduled before decision time comes.  Because he has been to all three campuses already, he insists that his prior familiarity with each will keep all of them in the running even if he can’t schedule a triumvirate of return trips.  He is currently much more concerned with building on the momentum his team has picked up from its first victory of the season.

“(The season) is going great,” said O’Brien.  “We’ve really improved.  Our first two games weren’t the best, but (Friday) night we pulled out a big rivalry game against Davison (32-27).  Our school hadn’t beaten them in ten years.  It was huge.  It was crazy, awesome.    Individually, I’ve been tearing it up.  They ran a veer, so I had to key on fullback.  I had about 12 tackles, I ran in a touchdown, and caused two fumbles.”

“It was great to see that all this hard work we’ve done in the offseason has paid off.”

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