Full Transcript: Roundtree, Gallon Postgame

Roy Roundtree and Jeremy Gallon each talk about their big catches, and about staying together and keeping their spirits up when things get tough.

Roy Roundtree

Question: When they were reviewing it did you already know it was good?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. I went to the sideline because I already knew I had it. I had possession of it. When I hit the ground and came up, but I wouldn't mind looking at the replay again with my teammates."

Question: What was the atmosphere in the huddle that last drive?

Roy Roundtree: "Oh man, we was composed. We go through that every day in practice. Coach always said the game is not over until it is :00 on the clock and we just went out there and played hard and finish strong."

Question: What do you think of your teammates resolve today, it didn't seem like you gave up?

Roy Roundtree: "Coaches say always stay together, always try to encourage each other. We just never gave up. We just stuck it out and played 60 minutes and that's what he told us. Just go out there and play 60 minutes strong. We didn't play our best football. We didn't play Michigan football, but that's what we had to practice and get ready for practice and get ready for Eastern Michigan."

Question: Did anyone say anything to you guys in the second half or just the receivers because it seemed like you guys were struggling up until those last three drives?

Roy Roundtree: "The seniors that's who we playing for each game. The seniors just spoke up to us and told us to go out there and play for 60 minutes and give it your all and that's what we did. We didn't stop until the clock was :00."

Question: I know you are a guy that likes to have the ball in your hands a lot. I believe that was your only catch in the game. Can you just talk about staying in the game?

Roy Roundtree: "I'm a team player. I'll go out there and put my hand in the dirt and block. I'm not really concerned about the ball as long as we win. That's what I'm here for. I'm a team player and I'm not just stingy with the football. Now look got the game winner."

Question: How did the experience the last couple of years against Notre Dame, you guys have had last minute touchdown drives, how did that help you guys get through this one knowing there was only 30 seconds left?

Roy Roundtree: "Playing through it last year, seeing the same results and we came out with the W. Just being down the whole game and just staying composed, just trying to make sure that we get the right plays and execute the right way. I feel like we did that in the second half, even though the defense played great and having turnovers. The offense just had to go out there execute the right way."

Question: What was it like in the huddle before that last play and what exactly where you supposed to do?

Roy Roundtree: "The play that coached call before when Gallon caught the wheel route, I was like man he has got to score, he cut across the field. I'm like here we go. When Denard came back into the huddle he was composed and just told us and called the play. I felt like the defender was far inside so I just got up on his toes. Coach Heck always says, big players make big time plays. That's what I did today."

Question: How down was the team with 30 seconds left having come back and then Notre Dame comes right back down the field and scores?

Roy Roundtree: "We always have these situations and tempo stuff in practice. It is something that we're used to. Offense be up and defense has got to stop us or offense up and defense has got to stop us. What we did was just stayed together. That's the thing adversity, that's the thing we're always going to face in football and that's what we did today, we just overcame it."

Question: You were getting interfered with on the catch, just go through the physical part of making the catch and how much were you bothered by the contact?

Roy Roundtree: "Once I saw the ball came off, it was high. Denard put it up high so I could adjust to it. Once I came back towards it, he was still up on me. So I just jumped up into the air and focused on it. When I came down, I made sure my one foot was in and once I hit the ground, I was like man I just scored a touchdown."

Question: Was there more pressure going into tonight's game being under the lights for the first time even though it is Notre Dame, more pressure tonight?

Roy Roundtree: "This is Michigan, there is always pressure. We knew what was at stake and we just want to win for each other and win for the seniors. Every day in practice that's what we go out there and do and get better to prepare ourselves for Saturday."

Question: Before the last throw to you was there any debate there your head coach about kicking a field goal or going for the touchdown?

Roy Roundtree: "Naw. Once we ran down to the ten or 20 yard line, we just got back in the huddle and we thought we had time left and the coaches took a shot at it and came up with it."

Question: Can you talk about the play of Denard and did you have any talks to him or his teammates with ups and downs, big plays, bad plays?

Roy Roundtree: "Once Denard had those interceptions, we just came back to the sideline. He really wasn't frustrated or anything like that, because he is a team player and he knows we got his back. It's all about trusting. That's what we try to put that straight."

Question: Did you say anything to him?

Roy Roundtree: "Me? Yeah. I said it's okay, the next play is your best play."

Question: The play before you caught that touchdown pass, Jeremy's play, how did you get so wide open and what did you think when the ball was in the air?

Roy Roundtree: "To tell you the truth, once I turned around, I saw Gallon by himself, I was like, whoa, how did this happen (laughter). I knew he was going to catch it because Gallon has put in a lot of work. I saw him cut across the field, I was like, aw man, he's about to come over, so I had to put a block for him. It was a great play and Gallon went out there and played his best."


Jeremy Gallon

Question: What was the play call and did you realize that you were that wide open?

Jeremy Gallon: "It was a slow wheel. I knew when the defender followed Roy (Roundtree) into his territory and Junior Hemingwa—I knew they would follow them two—and when they left me open, I was just waiting for Denard to throw me the ball, and I tried to do my best to get as much closer to the end zone as I can."

Question: Did your eyes get wide, did you see how wide open you were?

Jeremy Gallon: "I just try to focus on the ball and get close."

Question: How would you assess how the receivers play because it was kind of up and down?

Jeremy Gallon: "The first half, we didn't play Michigan football as Roy said before. We had tighten it up and come out and play better than we did in the first half. Play for the seniors and play for each other and we didn't want to let the seniors down, so try our best to come out and do what we do."

Question: What was the mentality the last few minutes? After they came down and scored did you guys get down, oh man this is over, or was there always believing as long as there was a second on the clock, we have a chance?

Jeremy Gallon: "Yeah we had to keep fighting until the clock stops ticking. We believe in each other. We fought all through the game. We had big plays by everybody and just didn't want to let the seniors down."

Question: On the touchdown grab, obviously you're not the biggest guy out there, throwing the fade to you, was the first option did you think the ball was coming to you?

Jeremy Gallon: "When I saw Denard give me the little signal, I didn't know that the ball was coming to me but there might have been a chance. When he threw it up, my coach always said the toughest guy wins. I had to be tougher than them."

Question: Can you speak of the atmosphere tonight, under the lights under Notre Dame, the way that game ended, two game winning touchdowns in the final minute. Do you think you'll ever be apart of something like that again?

Jeremy Gallon: "I don't know. It was an amazing atmosphere. The crowd was very into it. Everybody on the sideline was into the game. We just came out to play. We did our best. Win one for the seniors."

Question: When you are on the sidelines are you paying at all to what the defense is doing especially in the fourth quarter when it is really relying on them as to whether you are going to get the ball again?

Jeremy Gallon: "Yes. When the defense is on the field, the offense is on the field too. We learn from the defense. What they do affects us. If they go down and get three and out, we're happy and we're ready to get back on the field. We don't want to keep the defense on, we want to stay on as long as we can and push the ball downfield for them."

Question: When your coming down the sideline there, are you looking at the clock thinking I got to get out of bounds or are you thinking get to the end zone?

Jeremy Gallon: "When I caught the ball and I crossed the field I was looking at the clock and I saw we had 12 seconds left, so I tried to get out of bounds."

Question: For how slow of a start the offense got out to, do you feel fortunate that you guys had a chance at the end?

Jeremy Gallon: "Yes I do. We came out and we had a job to do and we didn't play our best in the first half. We had to come out stronger than we did in the first half."

Question: I think it was the play before when you and Denard kind of missed a connection, did you feel like you missed your opportunity?

Jeremy Gallon: "No. Roy said it best, the next play is your best play. No can't worry about that have to move on to the next one."

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