'14 hoopster Bates-Diop enjoys his time in A2

Keita Bates-Diop, 2014 small forward out of Illinois, came up to Ann Arbor last weekend for the Western Michigan game and had a great time. GBW talked with him and his father about what impressed them about Michigan.

For a basketball player who is being recruited to the University of Michigan many things will impress them when they visit: having the opportunity to meet the coach, seeing the campus, and checking out the basketball facilities. Keita Bates-Diop was impressed by something else other then what was related to basketball.

"The Big House was huge! I didn't expect it to be that big -- that was pretty nice to see over 100,000 in that stadium."

Keita had already been up to Michigan earlier this summer for Michigan's basketball camp, so he was already somewhat familiar with the basketball side of things.

"I met all the coaches already when I came up before -- we talked about school and how far my game has come. They made a good first impression on me. I like their style of play. Michigan likes to get up and down the floor -- it's an offense I really like."

Bates-Diop had a chance to hang out and chat with some of the players while on campus.

"Jordan Morgan and I had a conversation about school. He is studying engineering and that is what I am interested in. He is a great guy -- we rode around on the golf cart. I also spoke briefly with Tim Hardaway Jr. Overall it was a great experience for me."

Mr. Bates was visiting with his son and enjoyed the day as well. HE appreciated all that Michigan and John Beilein had to offer.

"It was a terrific experience," he said. "The whole coaching staff extended their hospitality and were gracious hosts while we were there. I met Coach John Beilein -- he is very direct and has a nice personality. He is really excited about the program. The family atmosphere was good. It was the largest venue I have attended. This was our first unofficial visit so it was nice".

As with most parents, they look at college somewhat differently than their kids. So Mr. Bates looked a little more at what Michigan had in terms of educational opportunities for his son.

"Academically they met my expectations. Uou cannot go wrong with a degree from the University of Michigan. I spoke with Jordan Morgan concerning the engineering program that he is majoring in at this time. We talked about how competitive the classes were, and he seemed excited about that."

Keita is just trying to continue to work hard on his game, to get better for the upcoming season. Standing at 6'6 now, he wants to be the best he can be.

"I want to get stronger and have a more consistent jumpshot, and have my game overall be more consistent."

He has a few more visits he is trying to make it on before his season starts.

"I am going to try and visit Tennessee, Illinois and Purdue."

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