Michigan Exceeds Bosch's Expectations

Wheaton (IL) St. Francis OT, Kyle Bosch was on hand for Michigan's thrilling come-back victory over Notre Dame last Saturday. Needless to say, the c/o 2013 standout left town extremely impressed. Has Maize & Blue improved its standing on his list?

Sam Webb:  Saturday’s trip to Ann Arbor was your first Michigan game right?

Kyle Bosch:  “Yeah that was my very first Michigan game and it was impressive.  They struggled early, but they fought back and got the win.  The fans were really into it.  It was a great experience.”

Sam Webb:  Give me an idea of how it stacked up to your expectations?

Kyle Bosch:  “It was more than I expected.  I didn’t expect it to be as big as atmosphere as it was.  Everybody was really upbeat and all the fans were really into it and the team played great too.  They just kept going at Notre Dame and they came out on top.”

Sam Webb:  Did you get an opportunity to talk to or interact with the coaches very much?

Kyle Bosch:  “I got to talk to the recruiting coordinator.  I’ve talked to Coach Funk before, the O-line coach, but I didn’t get to talk to him very much this time because he had already went to the game when we got up there.  He was actually already in warm ups and going through plays with guys.  So I only got to talk to the recruiting coordinator and Coach Singletary.”

Sam Webb:  So give me an idea of what you thought of the offense.  Could you see yourself fitting in there?

Kyle Bosch:  “Absolutely.  I really like how they ran the ball a lot.  I like how they got the quarterback running a lot, how they put their trust into him to run sweeps.  I like the ground and pound game that they like to run, but I also like that they drop a pass every now and then.  It seems like a really good offense plan.”

Sam Webb:  Now that you’ve been to Michigan, do you have an idea of how they stand with you right now?

Kyle Bosch:  “I don’t really know where anyone stands with me right now since it is so early in the process, but they are definitely one of the programs that stick out where I could be playing in two years.  I really like what I’ve seen so far of the new coaching staff.  I need to see more out of them and kind of get to know the coaching staff more and see how they progress throughout the season.  Their facilities are great.  Their strength and conditioning coach is great.  I’ll definitely consider them.”

Sam Webb:  Have you picked up any new offers since we talked last in July?

Kyle Bosch:  “No I have not yet.  My last offer was Purdue and hopefully as the season goes on I’ll get a couple more.”

Sam Webb:  How is the season going for you so far?

Kyle Bosch:  “It’s going great.  We had a tough loss last week, but we’re going to bounce back for sure.”

Sam Webb:  How are you doing individually? 

Kyle Bosch:  “I feel that I’m performing very well.  They have me playing both ways.  I have about eight tackles, two sacks and a lot of pancakes.  It’s going real well this season.”

Sam Webb:  What’s next for you recruiting wise?  Do you have any other visits lined up or planned?

Kyle Bosch:  “Probably next game I’m going to go to a Michigan State game and Iowa game.” 

Sam Webb:  Are any of the schools that have offered you talking to you about maybe committing?

Kyle Bosch:  “Yeah some, but they are not very persistent when they ask.  They always add, hey what do you think about committing now.  I just say I got to weight out my opportunities, which I do.  I have to see what offers I get and what everyone has to offer before I make a commitment.  I really need to learn a lot about each program so I have an educated guess on where I want to go.”

Sam Webb:  In the grand scheme of things, are the early offers going to be a huge advantage to the schools that have already extended scholarships?

Kyle Bosch:  “I don’t want to say that.  The schools that have offered me thus far, it kind just makes me look more in depth into their program.  I don’t want to say they have an advantage, but they definitely put their name out there so you look into it.”

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to sit down and make that choice, what are going to be the things that really weigh the heaviest in that decision making process?

Kyle Bosch:  “The biggest factor is just fitting in a place that I could see myself giving back to the team the most and helping out the team the most in my four to five years I’m playing there.  Also the type of kids that they recruit and the type of kids they have playing for them.  Are they good kids or kind of shaky kids?  Of course, the coaching staff… the position coach and head coach, you’ve got to be able to get along with them because those are the people you’re going to be with the most in your college experience.  Those are going to be the biggest factors and also academics too.  You got to make sure that you get a degree.”

Sam Webb:  I know you said that you want to weigh your options and see who else comes along, have you gotten any closer to sort of putting a timeline on when you are going to make that decision?

Kyle Bosch:  “I think before my senior season starts. I’ll probably have a decision by then.  I think at the end of this season, probably December/January I’m going to start really looking into where I want to go.”

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