Cameron Burrows talks UM/ND Game, Roundtree

High regarded 2013 CB Cameron Burrows from Trotwood-Madison Ohio grew up an OSU fan but made it up to A2 Saturday – what did he think? And has be covered Roy Roundtree?

Sam Webb: So tell me what you thought of the night game atmosphere in Ann Arbor Saturday night?

Cameron Burrows: "I thought the atmosphere was great. It was high intensity. Fans were into the game. It was just great for my boy Roy to get the game-winning catch. He did his thing."

Sam Webb: How did this experience compare to some of the others you've had?

Cameron Burrows: "The only other games I've been to are Ohio State games, and to watch Michigan fans into the game and all the passion that goes into it… it was 115,000 people here. It was great!"

Sam Webb: On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate it?

Cameron Burrows: "It had to be like a 9."

Sam Webb: Lets start by talking about your relationship with Roy Roundtree. How tight are you with Tree?

Cameron Burrows: "Me and him pretty cool. Him and my brother graduated in the same class. I was cool with him because my brother was cool him."

Sam Webb: Does Roy come back in the summer and work out with you guys or anything like that?

Cameron Burrows: "Yes."

Sam Webb: Have you ever covered him?

Cameron Burrows: "Naw. I think he's scared. (laughter)"

Sam Webb: In a race who wins that 40 between you all?

Cameron Burrows: "I'd definitely beat him in a foot race. (laughter)."

Sam Webb: When you talk to him about the recruiting process. What has he told you about recruiting in general and what has he told you about Michigan?

Cameron Burrows: "He really hasn't talked much about recruiting. He told me about Michigan and it is a good place to go to. I can trust them and they will take care of you."

Sam Webb: It was clear to me when I came to your school back in the spring that you grew up a Buckeye fan and that Ohio State was the team to beat. Would you say that going on these trips to other schools has kind of opened you up to other schools, or are you still pretty set on Ohio State as your favorite?

Cameron Burrows: "Going to other schools has opened up a lot. O-State was my favorite, but I'm starting to look at other schools now too."

Sam Webb: When you grow up a Buckeye fan, you hate Michigan. Has that started to go for you a little bit yet?

Cameron Burrows: "Yeah that has gone away. (Laughter)"

Sam Webb: What are going to be the factors when you get ready to sit down and make a decision?

Cameron Burrows: "If I'm going to get playing time. If I'm going to see (playing time) not in my senior year or junior year, but my freshman year and sophomore year. Education is a factor. Distant doesn't matter to me. I'll go anywhere."

Sam Webb: What offers do you have on the table right now?

Cameron Burrows: "University of Cincinnati, Missouri, Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State, Tennessee and Notre Dame."

Sam Webb: Did Michigan say anything to you at all about an offer?

Cameron Burrows: "Not yet. They said just keep in contact."

Sam Webb: How is the season going for you so far?

Cameron Burrows: "It's going pretty good. Not much action coming my way. We got a big game coming up this week against Wayne that throws the ball 40 times a game."

Sam Webb: What is your record right now?

Cameron Burrows: "3-0."

Sam Webb: What is next for you after this visit? I know you are more focused on the season more than anything. Are you going to be taking any more college visits to see any more games or stuff like that?

Cameron Burrows: "This weekend I am going to Notre Dame versus Michigan State at Notre Dame."

Sam Webb: Do you have any interest in Michigan State at all?

Cameron Burrows: "I have an interest in Michigan State."

Sam Webb: Do you think you might want to visit up there?

Cameron Burrows: "I don't know. I haven't decided yet."

Sam Webb: Timeline, do you have a timeline for when you want to make a decision, do you want to get it done before your senior, during or signing day, when are you going to get that done?

Cameron Burrows: "I don't really have a timeline. At first, I was thinking before my senior year and then I started thinking I might just do it during my senior year."

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