Demens and Troy: injuries, chemistry, English

Kenny Demens talks about the ever-changing linebacker corps and unit chemistry … Troy Woolfolk jokes about his injuries and Jordan Kovacs' speed, and talks about about Ron English.

Kenny Demens

Question: Has it been a little bit different, here it has only been two weeks and you've had Brandon Herron next to you, Desmond Morgan next to you, Brandin Hawthorne next to you, Jake Ryan next to you, Brendan Beyer next to…there has been a lot of guys they've been trying at those two spots ...?

Kenny Demens: "I feel like it is for the betterment of the team. Whoever the coaches feel is the best guy out there that guy deserves the job. Me personally, it doesn't affect how I play with who is next to me or what not. I'm confident the WILL linebacker, SAM linebacker, whoever is in there deserves to be in there and they will do the best job."

Question: Coaches talk about on the offensive line, chemistry, you want to have chemistry with guys and know where people are going to be. Is it important for linebackers to start building chemistry and know where your WILL is going to be, your SAM is going to be?

Kenny Demens: "I feel like it is. We haven't gotten to that part yet, so a lot of guys have been moving around, jumping around, but eventually we will get there and the chemistry will be key and help our defense out."

Question: What did Notre Dame do? Obviously first week you guys blitzed a lot, you came up the middle a lot against Western Michigan. I think you had five quarterback hurries yourself, what did they do against your blitz packages because you guys had a much harder time getting to their quarterback?

Kenny Demens: "They're a great team and a lot of credit goes out to their offensive lines. We didn't call as many blitzes as we did against Western Michigan. We schemed differently against Notre Dame. We felt like that scheme would be better for that team, but when we did blitz, they did a great job of blocking us. They have great tailbacks, Cierre Woods and Jonas Gray, they did a good job of cut blocking. They did a good job of block, credit goes to Notre Dame."

Question: Ron Simpkins said I loved blitzing as a linebacker but I love coming up the middle as opposed to coming off the edge, do you have a preference of where you would rather come from?

Kenny Demens: "I'm not sure. Where is the easiest way to get to the quarterback or running back, I want to go that route."

Question: He said coming up the middle is the fastest route to the quarterback.

Kenny Demens: "Actually from Western game I liked the middle. The outside was okay, but I wanted the middle in the Western Michigan game."

Question: In that game you had a couple of hits but you also ran by the quarterback once, is there a point where you are coming in and where you have to break down and say I got to touch this guy, I can't run right past him?

Kenny Demens: "The whole thing is I did not expect that from that quarterback. He has proven to just be a quarterback, obviously he can run, but his shakes I haven't seen it. It was a good move by him, credit goes out to him."


Troy Woolfolk Troy Woolfolk: "They are going to be a great opponent I just hope we bring our A game because like coach says, the upset is in the mind of the beholder. We got to go out there and give 100%."

Question: Coach Hoke said he can sense Coach English imprint; what does a Ron English coached defense look?

Troy Woolfolk: "I think his imprint…even though he is a defensive coach, I can also see him in the offense. He is a very physical coach. I remember back when he was here and we used to have a drill and we would be 20 yards apart and just have to smash heads together and that was the cornerbacks doing that. I can only what they're doing over there. Like I said, I can see the defensive imprint on him in the offense aspect, because they are a very run savvy team. They try to pound it down your throat and you have to be a physical team to do that. I can see just see physicality on the offensive and defensive aspect of the ball."

Question: Obviously, you guys have respect for him but the media and the fans seem be gaining respect for Jordan Kovacs; what do you think of the fact that we're finally starting to jump onboard with maybe what you guys already knew?

Troy Woolfolk: "You have to respect him. He's earned the respect. He's a very technical player and by that it makes him be able to play faster than he really is. He may not be the fastest person on the field but you can't tell that because he reads the defense, he reads the coverages. So he looks like he is a 4.3, when he is actually a 4.8 – I'm just joking."

Question: Does someone else make that interception or is it just a guy like that understands where he needs to drop and disguise the coverage?

Troy Woolfolk: "I'm not taking any credit for Kovacs because that was a great interception and great play, he would have done it regardless but it was a team effort. The defense, we just all work in unison to make one thing happen. It was actually a disguise coverage that made the corner bail to make him think that he could get that quick route but it really wasn't and Kovacs came and robbed it. If that corner didn't bail to open that up for Kovacs then he wouldn't have gotten it. It is a team effort on that but it was a great play by Kovacs nevertheless."

Question: You've got a nice scrape there too, what happened?

Troy Woolfolk: "This is just…I think he did an out route, and I just had a one arm tackle, but the bad part was that I fell on this arm and I slide on it like five yards. Just added to my bad luck."

Question: The ankle is okay?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah the ankle is okay."

Question: Has it gotten to the point where you can almost laugh about some of this stuff?

Troy Woolfolk: "Exactly. I just tell people when they look at me and ask me what I just tell them I got in a car accident, because it is just comical now. I just expect to get hurt. Therefore when it happens, it is not that big of a deal."

Question: How do you avoid the human letdown from going from night game hype, national TV, Desmond Howard, God Bless America, Notre Dame … to noon Eastern Michigan, how do you avoid that?

Troy Woolfolk: "That's why I say you just got to take it day by day. I'm not even worried about the Notre Dame game any more because that is only a distraction. One of the famous quotes and you got to think about this to get this. My daddy told me was, ‘People wrap yesterday's newspaper with fish'. To explain that, it doesn't matter what happened yesterday, it is insignificant, they're wrapping it with their fish. You just got to worry about the next day and try to move on from that."

Question: Did anybody tell you that it is up to you whether or not you want to play or not?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah."

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