Full Transcript: Denard and Smith Postgame

Denard Robinson and Vincent Smith run through the game's big offensive plays.

Question: You guys went to almost to what looked like an exclusive running game in the second half, how much of that was by design and how much of that was your reads?

Denard Robinson: "Reads. Most of the time it was just reads and that' what happened."

Question: Why did that happen? Obviously, you went into the game wanting to be a little more balanced, how did this game turn into a we need to run the ball a lot to win this game?

Denard Robinson: "We just went with the flow of the game and what happens is what happens that's what happened." Vincent Smith: "The big guys up front, they did an excellent job of blocking and we just took what the defense gave us and Eastern Michigan came out and they played a good game of football."

Question: How many carries do you think you can handle in a game?

Vincent Smith: "Whatever the team needs to win I'm there. However many carries I need for my team to win that's how many carries I can handle."

Question: Vince you had over a hundred yards, which usually for a running back is a big game, is at all intimating that you can get 118 yards and your quarterback can have almost 100 yards more rushing than you guys? What is it like for the running backs to know that there is a quarterback that can also exceed their numbers every week?

Vincent Smith: "Not at all. We don't even look at it that way. It's whatever for the team. If we need the quarterback to score touchdowns or the running back, we both compliment each other on the game."

Question: A little bit of a slower offensive start again, can you comment on that and how big that 97 or whatever drive was to kind of get you guys going?

Denard Robinson: "I guess we came out a little flat but on that 97 yard drive we picked up some momentum and that just made us keep going the whole game."

Question: Does it bother you, the slow starts?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. We want to come out fast and that's what we've been focusing on every day, talking about coming out fast and trying to get off to a good start."

Question: Is there a reason you think the slow starts are happening?

Denard Robinson: "No there is no reason, no reason for it."

Question: Can either of you guys comment on the one handed interception Thomas Gordon had?

Vincent Smith: "I saw it from the big screen. It was a great coach." Denard Robinson: "He's athletic. When we first came in my freshman year, I saw him doing crazy stuff like that so I knew he could do it."

Question: Can you break down that touchdown pass to Drew Dileo and what you were looking for and how that maybe contrasts to some of the other throws that you had today because it looked like maybe you were a little bit off on some of them especially early?

Denard Robinson: "The pass to Drew Dileo is a read basically and I just read it out and he came open I gave it to him."

Question: Do you feel like you have a little bit to prove in terms of a point of being an every down back in this offense?

Vincent Smith: "Just like I said, it is all about the team. Whenever, like we needed a jump for the running backs to step up when Denard is not going well, I guess we feel like whatever for the team. Somebody has to step up and get the job done."

Question: How did you feel about your performance in the passing game?

Denard Robinson: "I always got room for improvement. That's the biggest room."

Question: Coach really wanted to get the tailbacks going this week. To get a game like you did out of Vincent how big was that for the team?

Denard Robinson: "It was big. Because when he started running well and they start crashing down on him, I can get the ball and I can read it out and get the ball and run. When things like that starts happening, it is kind of hard for the defense to stop."

Question: What do you think you have to do in the passing game to improve?

Denard Robinson: "Just got to come back Sunday and come to work, just do everything that coach tells me to do."

Question: Is there anything specifically that you want to address?

Denard Robinson: "We'll see on film. I haven't seen the film. I got to see the film first."

Question: Do you feel like your seeing the receivers okay and seeing the lanes alright when you're making throws?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. We've been practicing these all week. I can see pretty good."

Question: You look like you were throwing behind guys a lot, did you feel like that during the course of the game that you were throwing behind guys at all?

Denard Robinson: "Naw."

Question: You're numbers were like some of those games we saw last year where you broke off long runs, did you feel that same way as last year or did it feel a little different today than those games?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. I get caught up in the game so it is just like whatever is going on is going on."

Question: You had that one run where you came around and then you cut back across the middle of the field, what did you see on that run? It was your longest run I believe, a 53 yarder or something like that?

Denard Robinson: "I was kind of being patient. I thought Tree (Roy Roundtree) was going to probably push the guy down or something and I should have just sped up and just got on him and took a side."

Question: After last week and that Notre Dame game, the lights and all the rest of it, was it a little bit tough to get going today in a noon game in the middle of the game, the stands where no where near as full, can you just compare the atmosphere when you guys started this game versus where you left off the last time you were on this field?

Denard Robinson: "Everybody was just like getting ready for the game. We've got Kevin Koger in the locker room just talking to us. He calls himself ‘Hype Man 86' and we was just ready to go. We got another chance to play football. That's what we've been working on all summer, so we got another chance."

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