Full Transcript: Jordan Kovacs, Thomas Gordon

Gordan and Jordan talk together about the big plays each made yesterday, about Brandin Hawthorne, about Ray Taylor

Thomas Gordon and Jordan Kovacs

Question: Talk about the fumble recovery and the interception, just kind of what you saw and how it developed in front of you.

Thomas Gordon: "Kenny Demens made a big play, forced a fumble and I was just fortunate enough to be in the right position to pick it up. On the interception, they gave us a little funky formation and backup quarterback was in the back and we kind of keyed that so we knew something tricky was up. A guy released and I just ran with him and made a good play."

Question: Can you talk about the atmosphere of the beginning of that versus the end of last game?

Jordan Kovacs: "Obviously, it was much different than last game, but I think we came out a little flat. I think we came out a little flat, got off to a rough start again. So there is definitely some things that we need to do. We need to come out and just put the intensity in every game and that's of things that we need to work on."

Question: Talking about how you guys started a little flat, but you guys were still able to make some key stops on big plays, what does that do for your defense as a whole?

Jordan Kovacs: "I think today we did a good job of causing turnovers and even on the turnover on downs. Any time you can cause turnovers, you're likely to win the game and that's a stat that we're always trying to win, the turnover battle. So I thought we did a good job today of causing turnovers and that came up big for us."

Question: Brady just thinks his coaches do a very good job of adjusting in game and showing you things early that you can do better. Can you just comment on how much you feel that and what they show you?

Thomas Gordon: "I just think that's like every game. Like Jordan said, we came out a little flat and they were running the football. I think the first quarter they had over a 100 yards rushing and they came to the sideline and Coach Mattison just talks to us and gets us in the right places and we just adjust and go out there." Jordan Kovacs: "Just to piggyback on that, the coaches did do a great job of making adjustments. They gave us some funky formations. They kind of came out and threw the kitchen sink at us in the first half and some formations we had never seen. We stayed calm knew that eventually they were going to have to play some football and we just relaxed and we were ready for them."

Question: Western Michigan scored on their first drive, Notre Dame scored on their first drive, Eastern had a 100 yards rushing in the first quarter. What is the key to having a strong start to the game?

Jordan Kovacs: "I think you just have to come out with some energy. They're a good football team. I think we've got to give them a lot of credit, but we can't be getting behind at the beginning of the game. If we want to be a great defense, we have got to stop them in their tracks at the beginning of the game, so that is one area that we've got to improve on no doubt."

Question: Can you just talk about how you defended (Alex) Gillett today. He is a versatile guy. He can pass, he can run, he has got multiple facets to his game.

Thomas Gordon: "He's a real versatile guy. We knew coming into the game from watching film that we were going to have our hands full with him. He lived up to it and like we said, we made adjustments on trying to stop him and that's what we did."

Question: Talk about your progression, fall practice, things you did over the summer. Brady talked about how that has gotten you to the point where you're at now, just mentality, physically how have you gotten to where you need to be right now.

Jordan Kovacs: "We did a good job of making some adjustments to some of the funky things that they were throwing at us."

Question: Can you guys talk about Ramon Taylor did, maybe this last week or the last two weeks to get out there. He played a ton today and also what you've seen out of Frank Clark, because he seemed to play more than he had before.

Jordan Kovacs: "I think Ray has been improving every week and he's one of the younger guys that has shown some flashes throughout fall camp. Frank is the same way. They're both some good football players and I think the coaches are excited about the future and trying to get them some experience right now."

Question: Can you talk about Brandin Hawthorne. He's kind of emerged the last two weeks, are you guys surprised by that at all?

Jordan Kovacs: "No doubt. He had a great summer and a great spring. He's kind of continuing that. He's playing hard. He's a fast linebacker and he's smart too. He knows his responsibilities and he does a good job of making plays out there."

Question: Was that interception something that you guys got a look at? You said they gave you some funky looks in practice. Did you sniff that out or was that a read and react on that?

Thomas Gordon: "We kind of sniffed it out. Their back up quarterback (Tyler) Benz…they had a little quad formation and he was in the back, so we knew that he was going to do something tricky. They threw it to him and a double pass all the way. A guy just released and I just stayed with him."

Question: Did you think you had a shot at the ball when it was in the air?

Thomas Gordon: "Not at first. I thought it was going to be an overthrow, but I just stuck my hand out and it just came down in my glove."

Question: Can you talk about the fourth and one stop and what that does do for a defense.

Jordan Kovacs: "I think every defense player wants to be in a fourth and one position and we had them right on the goal line what more could you ask for. I was blitzing, I think the D-line did a great job of stopping them up front and I just read a down block and the ball was going away and just came coming hard and just made a play on the edge."

Question: It seemed like there were several plays where you broke contain and you they got some space on the edge to work with in the run game. What did you do to kind of fix that up and what was the problem to begin with?

Jordan Kovacs: "Kind of like we've been talking about the whole time. We made some good adjustments at halftime. I don't know if it was just guys not understanding their responsibility. We were getting a lot of different things than what we were expecting out there. So that jet sweep was giving us troubles at first, but we made some good adjustments off of that and I think it was just the adjustments at halftime and guys kind of honed in on their responsibilities and knew what to expect."

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