Full Transcript: V-Smith and Denard Postgame

Denard and Vincent Smith talk about their big running plays, and Denard talks about the struggles with his passing today.

Question: Can you talk about the turnovers today?

Denard Robinson: "I made some throws that I shouldn't have forced the action. I should have taken my time and do what the coach taught me. That's all it was."

Question: Can you talk about the positive side of getting off to a faster start today on offense?

Denard Robinson: "That's one thing that coaches have been preaching all week and all the seniors is just like, hey we've got to start taking off fast. So Tuesday's practice everybody came out amped and ready to go."

Question: That option play that you and Vince ran is that something that you guys like?

Denard Robinson: "We've been working on it a lot. I wanted to get the ball to Vince but I saw the opening so I was just like, alright let us go."

Question: Can you talk about the chemistry that you guys have in the running game right now?

Vincent Smith: "It's like the two backs, it is a good relief off Denard and we pride ourselves in just taking the load off him and having the offense move down the field."

Question: Coach Hoke said something interesting, he said that one the things that maybe surprised him coming in is how much you guys like each other as a team. Is there a different feel on this team and is it more fun or is it just Coach Hoke getting to know you guys?

Denard Robinson: "We all love each other. We enjoy being with each other. It is like a family so that's what we pride on."

Question: Do you guys trust that when you talk to each other?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah that's my brother and we going to take you in. So when the freshman come in, they know they got a family here."

Question: Did either of you guys get a chance to see the defensive signal cards that San Diego State has a picture of Borges and Brady; what was your reaction to that?

Denard Robinson: "We was laughing. Everybody was in the huddle laughing. They got pictures of our coaches. That was just crazy."

Vincent Smith: "Yeah I was laughing as well."

Question: The difference between nonconference and the Big Ten on offense what is one of the things that you guys feel like you have to take it up another level to play and compete well in the Big Ten?

Vincent Smith: "We know that we just got to sustain drives and keep the ball and get in a rhythm."

Question: Fred Jackson has a reputation for putting a running back on the bench if he fumbles the ball, what does it mean to you that he showed the confidence in you and put you back out there the very next series? I think you actually had the first carry right after that.

Vincent Smith: "It puts a lot of confidence in me and I knew that I had to make up for what I did and obviously I did and he knows that I'm capable of doing that."

Question: Can you talk us through that run, the long run you kind of squirted through the gaggle of players?

Denard Robinson: "He's talking about the one you broke, you kind of looked like you were stopped and then (laughter)…I was like what!"

Vincent Smith: "It was a zone read and I just pressed my gut in, that's how. It wasn't there at first and then I just was patient on the read and just spread out. It was small, I don't know how I scrapped through it. I just kept my feet going and something good happened."

Question: Where would you like to see improvement in this team and individually going into the conference opener, Minnesota opener next week?

Denard Robinson: "We got things to improve on. We've actually can improve and keep fighting. That's the biggest thing is just improving and fighting and never give up, play all four quarters."

Question: What is your frustration level with when you were talking about forcing throws and rushing yourself, what is your frustration level?

Denard Robinson: "I'm not too mad at myself because my teammates keep telling me that I'm going to be alright, just keep fighting. They've got my back and I know they do."

Question: After your Tweet on Thursday (laughter drowns out the rest) did anyone pay any attention to it?

Denard Robinson: "It was a good crowd out. We went out bowling and had a little fun. It was great."

Question: How many people do you think showed up?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know."

Question: What do you bowl?

Denard Robinson: "I bowled a 200 the first round and the second time I went 160 and next round 170. I did alright."

Question: Why did you bang your head on the table there?

Denard Robinson: "Because of Twitter, I don't know if I want to keep Tweeting (laughter). I don't want the questions coming up about (laughter drowns it out)."

Question: Did you switch helmet manufacturer this year and was there a reason behind it?

Denard Robinson: "Big Jonny (Falk) told us that we had to wear different helmets, and I wore a different helmet."

Question: It wasn't something that you talked about?

Denard Robinson: "I came in one day and he was like, yeah you got to change your helmet and I was like aw come on. It was a helmet that I had to get so I didn't say nothing."

Question: Why do you think you couldn't get in a rhythm passing today, was it you or was it something that San Diego State was doing with a couple of schemes?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah they a great team. They go out and they fly around everywhere. You can say that but still we worked on it all weekend. We've got to execute that's all. We've got to get better as a team."

Question: After the time out to go for it on fourth and two and then go down to score. How big was that for the momentum of just getting another school and especially on fourth down?

Denard Robinson: "Roy (Roundtree) and the receivers was just like, man look, we got to go get this. We can't slack. I was like alright. We got on the field and I'm like let us go get it then. Coach called a time out and said let us go get the ball, let us go get a first down and that's what we did. That was the key to the game."

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