Full Transcript: Roh and Huyge Postgame

Craig Roh on the stepped-up play of the defensive front ... and Mark Huyge answers questions about the running game.

Question: What did they do on defense and how complicated was it and did it give you any problems?

Mark Huyge: "It basically stunted on every play. They were taking the defensive end and putting him inside, wrapping the nose around, bringing linebackers off the edge and they were twisting and stunting. It helps because we ran the zone a lot, the inside zone and that is where everybody pushes to one side and when you can do that it kind of negates it a little bit, but they got us on a few. I know for sure they did."

Question: Can you take us through the play where you got the sack and caused the fumble. How did that feel?

Craig Roh: "With the sack, they were running hurry up and I had just subbed in for Jibreel Black and just bull rushed and then ripped outside and got the ball. It was a good feeling. It was a good feeling. It is always a good feeling when you get a sack."

Question: We've talked a lot and heard about the defensive fronts -- with how you guys have played so far … did you guys take that personal at all this week and did anybody say anything today differently?

Craig Roh: "We take it personal it every week, but we're improving every week. I think today was a pretty good performance defensively especially with the run, but we need to keep improving every week and we're not where we need to be yet."

Question: Obviously, you guys have been winning the turnover battle the first three weeks, how disappointing was it that you coughed up as many as you did today and what was kind of attitude on the sideline to get past that and not let that slow you guys down?

Mark Huyge: "We know that we've got to keep pushing past that. It has been nice not turning the ball over, trying to sustain consistent drives, but when it happens it is an obstacle, it is football and we know that. We just keep pushing on. That's what we keep telling ourselves and that's what we try to do."

Question: When there are that many turnovers as there was today, does that benefit the offense from a motivational factor or the defense?

Craig Roh: "When the defense gets a turnover, it is fun for the defense. When the offense gives a turnovers, it sucks a little bit, but it is a change and you're looking to go through adversity and just come out victorious."

Question: Notre Dame and Western Michigan both scored on their first drive, Eastern Michigan started fast, how important was it for you guys to get off to a quick start, three and out right away?

Craig Roh: "That was actually an emphasis that we had this week that we really wanted to start fast because in the past games, the other teams have started fast. It was just nice to get that three and out, especially the way we did. It was a third and short there and we got the tackle for a loss and it was just a real great way to start out and put a physical demeanor to the game."

Question: Do you think it set a tone for the crowd as well?

Craig Roh: "Yeah. You always want to get the crowd into it. Especially when you start them on a third and short like we did. It gets the crowd into it and that's always fun and exciting."

Question: The Ryan Lindley you saw on tape and the Ryan Lindley that you saw today, what was the difference? did you guys really get inside his head by getting to him?

Craig Roh: "Yeah. We were getting real good pressure up the middle with Mike Martin and Ryan Van Bergen and then I think that rattled him a little and he didn't perform as well we had expected. He's a real good quarterback and we just got pressure on him and got him rattled a little bit."

Question: I know you're playing a different position and you can't really see them a lot but what is the defense's confidence level in Blake Countess at this point?

Craig Roh: "We have confidence in each one of our players and we're improving all the time and Countess is no different, he's improving. I don't really have much more to say than that."

Question: How important was it early in the game to establish Denard as a runner and give him some confidence because obviously he had a ton of success running the football?

Mark Huyge: "Like Craig said, the emphasis this week was to get started fast. The past couple of games, we started slow and then we eventually picked it up and getting Denard established early, I think that gives the defense problems and they have to adjust and once they adjust he had them on their heels and that's always a good thing."

Question: For the third straight game you've had either a turnover or turnover in downs in the red zone, what about inside the 20 makes you guys play up and what is it like when you can get off the field without any points?

Craig Roh: "Give us a place to stand and we'll play. Coach Mattison is always saying that and I think all of us have taken it to heart."

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