Al Horford Speaks

Al clues GBW in on his plans for the summer.

As Grand Ledge Coach Tony Sweet indicated in yesterday's interview, Al Horford is receiving a lot of attention from colleges throughout the Midwest. However, he won't be making a decision anytime soon.

Have you heard from Michigan lately?

Yes I have. They talked to my coach and they said that they wanted me and my dad to make an official visit to their campus.

Have you set up a date for that?

Well, the problem is that I haven't taken my SAT yet and I'll be doing that this summer. Because of that, my visits are going to be next fall.

Have they indicated that they're ready to offer you?

That official visit date is probably when they'll offer me.

Do you have a favorite at this point?

Not really. I'll probably be letting the summer go by to see if there are other schools that I get interested in.

Who would you say is recruiting you the hardest at this point?

I'd say Xavier and Ohio State are recruiting me the hardest.

What are your summer camping plans?

I'm going to be going to the Nike Camp and I'm going to the NBA camp.

If and when Michigan offers, do you see them moving up in your eyes?

I would really like to be close to home at a good program. But everything is really open for me.

What will be the most significant factors in your decision?

Well, I've got to like the staff and the overall program. Academics will play a big part as well.

I'll have more or Al in the coming days.

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