Full Transcript: Denard stands up to the heat

Denard stood and took the repeated questions about the passing game – and, Denard being Denard, he took all the blame onto himself. Even going 13-13 in the Red Zone was turned into badgering questions.

Question: Can you talk Florida?

Denard Robinson: "Talk Florida? I don't know when I'm talking Florida. I don't know, I just got a southern slur I guess."

Question: Your passing game is drawing a lot of attention, how do you feel like you're doing in the passing game and what surprises you. It seems like last year you were more comfortable with the offense and your accuracy was better and this year we're just trying to figure out what is up with your passing?

Denard Robinson: "I guess we got to just get on the same page and work on our timing more and more. I mean every day in practice, we got to just get better."

Question: Are you looking for guys at certain depths and they are not there? Kevin Koger was talking about how guys are not running routes exactly the way they should be, as crisp. Denard Robinson: "I can't blame it on them. I got to do what I got to do. In the game, it is the feel of the game. It is not going to be how it is going to be to depth (of the routes)."

Question: Do you feel like you are reading progressions correctly, are you locking on to receivers?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. I think one on my part is locking on the receiver and that's where I made a mistake."

Question: How was your accuracy do you think?

Denard Robinson: "I think it is going to be alright. I'm good. I've been practicing well and I just got to put it on the field."

Question: How do you think it has been so far?

Denard Robinson: "I got things to work on."

Question: Is it frustrating to answer questions about passing when you run for 200 yards and score two touchdowns?

Denard Robinson: "It comes with the territory and I just got to do what I got to do to get better and just keep asking Coach Borges what I got to do to get better and that's what is going to happen."

Question: They've tried to make a lot of changes with your fundamentals and all that. Is that something that is still in your head and is that difficult to make that transition to game day when you got all those things that you're trying to change?

Denard Robinson: "We've been working on it all summer. We just got to keep working on it and try to get better at it and come easy to you."

Question: You guys are 13 for 13 in the red zone. What has kind of clicked once you kind of get into the end zone?

Denard Robinson: "You got a big offensive line and they working hard. You've got running backs running behind them and they just give us a hole to get in there."

Question: How much do you think the play call has changed when you guys get in the red zone versus when you are not, may be the reason why you are being successful?

Denard Robinson: "We going in there and we trust in our offensive lineman. When it comes to the red zone, you've got to trust your offensive line and they get the job done that's what happens."

Question: With your improvement that you've said that you need to make in the passing game, do you think it is mental, physical, both?

Denard Robinson: "Both. I got to keep working. I got to get better and watch film and see what I'm doing wrong."

Question: Some of your teammates have said that you're as hard on yourself as anybody or maybe harder, have you been beating yourself up on some missed throws?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah I beat myself up about it, but I'm glad I got teammates that take pressure off me and tell me look, you got to get it right. Kev, he's a joker and he's already trying to get me back on track."

Question: Coaches have said that you have to stay healthy through this Big Ten season to be successful, do you find yourself after you maybe don't avoid a hit, say oh shoot I should have slid or stepped out?

Denard Robinson: "No I have never have regrets in the game. It is a long season and it is physical in the Big Ten and we've got to be ready for it."

Question: Can you talk about your passion for maybe having a dramatically different result from what has been in recent years in the Big Ten?

Denard Robinson: "We've got to come out and play physical football and do what we have to do to win."

Question: Do you feel like your more of a weapon in the red zone?

Denard Robinson: "The running backs are really the weapon like Fitz (Toussaint), Vincent (Smith), (Michael) Shaw and Stephen (Hopkins)."

Question: You're the guy who is running for more yards than all of them combined.

Denard Robinson: "Them guys are taking the load off and they doing their job. Whatever it takes to win, that's what we're doing."

Question: What did you learn from the second half of last year in terms of running, obviously you were hampered by nicks and bruises and whatever it was. What did you learn from that that you are going to do differently going into this Big Ten season?

Denard Robinson: "Just got to make smart plays. If I'm there to go out of bounds and get down sometimes."

Question: It is more on the field stuff than either conditioning off the field?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah we still got to get conditioning and get treatment and get in the cold tub after every game."

Question: How healthy do you feel right now compared to a year ago at this time when you had already been knocked out of three or four games?

Denard Robinson: "Sometimes you can play through the soreness if you got soreness. You get used to it and now you going into a treatment and you get into a cold tub and you know what to do now to take care of itself."

Question: Were you not doing that last year?

Denard Robinson: "I wasn't used to it, so I had to get used to it. Smitty and them, they all told me what to do so I've got to listen to them."

Question: Can you give an example of something that Koger has done or said to make you laugh?

Denard Robinson: "It is kind of inside jokes. I can't tell you some of the jokes he says because he say some funny stuff."

Question: You ran the option a couple of time how much do you like that and how different is that from a regular zone read option?

Denard Robinson: "We worked on last year and this year so it is like second nature now."

Question: You talked about going through your progressions at what point is the next progression?

Denard Robinson: "Once you get to the fourth one or you get to your third hitch, it is time to go."

Question: You said there were times this year where you maybe could have pulled it down and run, are you still working on finding that fine line?

Denard Robinson: "The main thing is coach said don't miss the open man. If he is not open that's when you run, but he's open don't miss him. You always keep your eyes down the field even though you making your move in the pocket."

Question: When you're watching films on Sunday, are there times when you just shake your head and just say man I missed that guy?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah."

Question: How often does that happen do you think?

Denard Robinson: "This whole season I've been kind of pounding myself about missing guys and I know that I got to do stuff to get better."

Question: Al said last week that you might be seeing different looks than you see on film because you are such a unique talent, when you get out there on the first couple of drives is it something that you haven't seen?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. Most of the time they do that because of the things I can do and we got to start getting used to that because that is a what a lot guys are going to do to us."

Question: You guys have had success with jump balls, your receivers. You haven't thrown many of them in the past two weeks, are you trying to put more of those plays in there?

Denard Robinson: "Those are checks that we made some time and we'll check it and I'll tell the guy go fade. The receivers are just amazing and so they get open and I just get them the ball."

Question: After watching the film, what happened on the interceptions on this last game?

Denard Robinson: "I took my eye off one of the guys when I threw the interception. The cornerback fell off into it. So that was one of them. With Kev Koger I should have went to my next read instead of staying on him."

Question: What did Coach Borges say to you after the watching the film on Sunday? What did he want you to improve on?

Denard Robinson: "He just told me little things that we need to work on. It's all fixable. We have to keep hammering on it. We got to beating it and just try and get it out."

Question: What did he say about your footwork?

Denard Robinson: "He said we just got to keep working on it. That's it. It's going to be a work in progress."

Question: Are you surprised that it took you four games to start running the option?

Denard Robinson: "No I'm not surprised because we've been working on it. It was the right time to do it."

Question: Do you think you were a better passer last year or is that where numbers can lie?

Denard Robinson: "I think numbers can lie. I think I grew this year and I'm better than I was last year."

Question: Why do you think that?

Denard Robinson: "Because I feel like I could do."

Question: Do you have anything specific that stands out that you were like last year I may have been completing 70% of my balls but I wasn't doing this?

Denard Robinson: "The thing is that I wasn't pushing the pocket like I wanting to and now I'm pushing the pocket and doing what I have to do to go through my reads."

Question: You displayed quite a bit of arm strength on the overthrows to Roy Roundtree?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah he said that the ball got lost in the lights and that's why he missed the ball. It's all good."

Question: The lights that was a couple of weeks ago.

Denard Robinson: "The sun (laughter). He said the sun kind of messed him up a little bit on that one."

Question: Little Brown Jug, this is your first experience are you excited to play for that?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah that's the first trophy game in college history. That's something that I'm going to be a part of and I'm excited about it."

Question: Yesterday was the first chance you got to see it in person, what did you think?

Denard Robinson: "I want to be holding it one day. That's what I thought."

Question: What do you think about playing all these home games in a row is that kind of odd that you are going to get into October without leaving Ann Arbor?

Denard Robinson: "We got to take it one game at a time. That's the only thing we're doing is taking it one game at a time."

Question: Do you get a certificate for Big Ten Player of the Week (laughter)?

Denard Robinson: "I think they do give us a certificate."

Question: How many do you have right now in your career?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know."

Question: Where are they?

Denard Robinson: "My mom always takes them from me (laughter). My mom has got them."

Question: Do you have a room in your house where they all go?

Denard Robinson: "She put them all my brother and my stuff up in a trophy case and all of us have trophies from Little League and high school and stuff like that."

Question: Is your shelf pretty crowded at this point?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. Because my brother they've played football longer than I have. It is crowded."

Question: You talked about the history of the Little Brown Jug and stuff, have you learned more about the history; Coach Hoke has made that an emphasis in general about Michigan's history.

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. Yesterday we were reading more about it and we got into how it first started. One of the ADs was like you've got to come get it and win it. That was something that I needed to learn about."

Question: Any bowling trophies in the trophy room?

Denard Robinson: "(Laughter) I do not think so, no I don't think so."

Question: How many people showed up, like random people?

Denard Robinson: "I really don't know."

Question: After you sent that out did you think like what am I doing?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah I was disappointed in myself (laughter)."

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