Jake Ryan talks about chasing quarterbacks

Jake Ryan on his long locks, on the adjustment to Mattison-n-Hoke, on The Jug, on facing (possibly) a running quarterback besides Denard, on running to the ball.

Question: The locks?

Jake Ryan: "…it's a new look. I've had a buzz my whole life and this is the longest its ever been."

Question: Do you like it, does it feel comfortable, does it get annoying?

Jake Ryan: "It's really annoying. I definitely do like it."

Question: You're not going for the Clay Matthews or A.J. Hawk?

Jake Ryan: "I want to get it to that long, but it is definitely going to take some time."

Question: Can you put it in a ponytail?

Jake Ryan: "Yeah I do that a lot."

Question: Do you put things in it?

Jake Ryan: "I don't put things in it. I just put in ponytails and stuff like that."

Question: What is your favorite Coach Hoke saying?

Jake Ryan: "Be aggressive I think that's one of our biggest things just because of the defensive thing, just knock them back and be aggressive with who you're playing."

Question: The trophy game, this one being the Little Brown Jug, is there anyone that you circle and you are really looking forward to, maybe the Paul Bunyan?

Jake Ryan: "Just starting out in the Big Ten, I think there is a big game for us just starting out in the Big Ten and it is the Brown Jug game. It is definitely huge starting out with that one."

Question: Have you looked at any of the other ones?

Jake Ryan: "I'm trying to focus on Minnesota right now."

Question: How different is it playing against a mobile quarterback?

Jake Ryan: "You mean Denard (Robinson)."

Question: You're going to play MarQueis Gray.

Jake Ryan: "It's tough. They're good runners and stuff like that but it is definitely fun. It is definitely fun getting out there and playing against them."

Question: What has been your biggest adjustment from high school to college?

Jake Ryan: "I want to say my technique and stuff. How I'm getting around the ball, how I'm ripping and doing pass rush moves and stuff like that. I never knew that in high school. I had a little bit of it, like the swim moves and stuff, but not everything right now and I think that is a big jump from me from high school."

Question: What could you get away with then that you can't get away with now?

Jake Ryan: "I think just running to the ball. I don't know. Just going to the ball, it is kind of like a grade school thing, do whatever you want kind of routine, but that is definitely not the case in college. It is a team thing."

Question: Craig Roh and Mike Martin and some of the guys have talked about how difficult fall camp was and the season and playing for Coach Mattison and how demanding it was. Was there a moment for you, dang this is tough?

Jake Ryan: "Yeah. It is always going to be tough. They're good coaches and they know what they're doing and we're going to keep on pushing through and come out hopefully victorious."

Question: Was there a moment that sticks out to you, man I don't want to get out of bed today or I don't want to go to practice or this is really tough?

Jake Ryan: "No. We're going to go through it and do the best we can."

Question: I noticed the bracelet.

Jake Ryan: "I'm Catholic. It's the Virgin Mary, so I just wear it all the time. My aunt actually made it."

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