Full Transcript: Denard and Smith Postgame

Denard gets asked over and over about his imaginary renewed confidence in the passing game (lol) and his booboo ... and Smith talks about his trifecta ... both talk about going on the road now.

Question: Why did the passing game work better today?

Denard Robinson: "We just clicked. We worked on it in practice, and we just had to put it forward in games, and so that's what we did today."

Question: When the last time you had a rushing, receiving, and passing TD in the same game? In a more serious note, can you just talk about the game plan that utilized you in a very unique way?

Vincent Smith: "Once again, I was just put in the right place at the right time. The coaches know what I'm capable of. Whatever I have to do for the team to help them out."

Question: Was it fun?

Vincent Smith: "Real fun. And the last time I threw a pass was in high school, but not like three (touchdowns) in one game."

Question: The formation that you ran with you at running back and Devin Gardner at quarterback, when did that materialize and when did you know that might happen?

Denard Robinson: "We've been doing that in practice. We've been working on it. Coach said he'd throw it at us, and just be ready. And he called it, so we were ready."

Question: Were you expecting it that early?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah."

Question: Talking that unorthodox offense, is it fun for you to kind of mix up for you under Al Borges?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, I just love doing stuff and going out and having fun with my teammates."

Question: How comfortable did you feel in the passing game, you looked a lot more comfortable?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. I mean, we've been practicing on it. I've been getting it down with the receivers, and we were just on the same page."

Question: As much as you guys like to play here how much are you looking to going on the road and seeing how this team responds?

Denard Robinson: "Both of us are looking forward to that."

Vincent Smith: "I mean it's just another football game, and that's what we love to do. We just love to come out to compete, and it's another night game."

Question: You guys are putting up a lot of points so far, where are you guys at confidence wise with that?

Denard Robinson: "We're confident. I mean, we've been playing good and we trust Coach Al to give us the right play and make things happen, because we have some playmakers."

Question: I know you won't get into any specifics but are there other things that we have not seen other than crazy formations that maybe coming out in the next couple of weeks?

Denard Robinson: "We can't tell them that (laughter)."

Vincent Smith: "Not that I know of."

Question: Can you talk about selling the run on the one where you rolled out and threw it?

Vincent Smith: "Coach was just stressing that every time I come in a trick play, because I definitely have to set up the run. That's the first thing the defenders are looking at, and just look up field."

Question: What was it like to get the ball as a handout from Devin, what was that like, is it foreign to you?

Denard Robinson: "I did it my first year of football. I played running back my first year of playing football. It was easy. It wasn't hard."

Question: We kind of joke about all the different things that we did today but just talk about your role in general on this team right now?

Vincent Smith: "Just stay positive. Whatever the coaches want me to do and the type of situations I'm in, just step up and contribute to the team."

Question: Can you talk about Devin's play?

Denard Robinson: "Devin would probably be one of the best quarterbacks in the Big Ten once he gets a start. He's a great, great quarterback. He's got a strong arm and he's going to compete every year."

Question: Al said this week that he wanted to put you in better positions to throw and improve your accuracy and can you talk about the thing on your arm?

Denard Robinson: "Oh, I had took a shot, I guess, last week, and they just put... (Vincent Smith: "He got a boo-boo.") I got a little boo-boo laughter). "

Question: Did you talk with Borges?

Denard Robinson: "He just told me just make the throws I have to make and that's it."

Question: Is it hard to keep playing when you have that big of an advantage, is it hard to keep your focus?

Denard Robinson: "Oh no. Coach told me, he said, nah, we're not losing no focus. We're going to keep going."

Question: Denard you're usually the one stealing the headlines through the ground and through the air, what do you make of your teammate racking up all those touchdowns today?

Denard Robinson: "That's my teammate, so I'm happy, probably happier than he is. That's what I like to see."

Question: The defense has had some issues in the past few years, but now 10 points in the last three weeks and a shutout; what do you see about them that makes them so dominant?

Denard Robinson: "Oh man. Playing against them in practice, I mean, they throw some stuff at me and I be like, ‘Oh my God!' I know that once the quarterback they play against sees that, it's going to be just the same way. They play great, hard defense."

Question: What is the name of the package where you're at running back?

Denard Robinson: "I can't. You tell them."

Vincent Smith: "We call it, ‘Two' (laughter)"

Question: Can you expand on your overall confidence in passing after the bashing from the media about your accuracy?

Denard Robinson: "I don't read the newspaper anyhow. I just went to practice, and I knew we had to work on just getting our timing right, and getting in rhythm. That's the biggest thing. We got in rhythm today and that's what happened."

Question: Can you talk about the running backs, their running?

Denard Robinson: "I guess they do that, and my running backs, they're going to run the ball. That's what they do and the offensive line is going to block."

Question: What'd you see out of Fitz (Toussaint) and Vince today running the ball?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah, they hit the holes hard. They're going to compete every time they're out on the field."

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