Full Transcript: Devin, Toussaint Postgame

Devin Gardner talks about the 2-QB formation, and about Denard ... Fitzgerald Toussaint talks about the running game and about Vincent Smith ... both talk about going on the road.

Question: How did it feel to finally get out there and play some football for Michigan?

Devin Gardner: "It felt great. I just have been waiting for my turn to get a chance, and I felt like I did the most I could with it."

Question: When did they come to you with the two quarterback package and when did you know it was going to be used?

Devin Gardner: "They make me aware that I was going to get in early with the package. I think they brought it to me because they felt like they could get their best athletes on the field, it's going to be very effective."

Question: Talk about the different dangers that presents to a defense when you have Denard behind you.

Devin Gardner: "I think it's really, really dangerous because we've got Fitzgerald Toussaint back there as well and Vincent Smith. You guys are just going to have to wait and see, because it's going to be pretty dangerous."

Question: Can you talk about the run game today, obviously over 300 yards and most of it was not Denard running. Just how important it is to establish the running backs and you got your first career 100 yard game?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I just have to say that's more about the offensive line and about how we prepared on Tuesday and throughout the week."

Question: Can you talk about the play of Vincent Smith what you saw out of him today?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "That's exactly what we expect out of him. He works hard, and he's a hard worker. He's capable of doing those type of things."

Devin Gardner: "I would just like to say and he can paaassss (laughter)."

Question: Speaking of passing, the double pass on the third play out of that, was the ball just low or what did you see there?

Devin Gardner: "By the time I got the ball, they were kind of closing in, so I felt like it was a smarter decision to just run with it."

Question: Denard seems to be a confident guy but certainly in the last couple of weeks, he hasn't been as successful in the passing game. How big was it for this offense to get him going?

Devin Gardner: "Denard's fine. He's a really good competitor. He just loves to play football just like the rest of us. It's really about the team, so he's going to do whatever it takes for us to win."

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I agree (laughter)."

Question: It looks like you've won the starting tailback job and has become the most effective runner maybe, you had a lot of guys share the ball today, do you feel like it's your job and your job to lose right now?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I feel like my main job is to go out there Tuesday's practice and just show up to play."

Question: How hard is it to maintain your focus when you're essentially blowing out the other team?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "It's not hard. You just want to go out there and encourage the other guys, the young guys that are going out there and playing."

Devin Gardner: "I think it's pretty easy because it's a lot more fun. You can kind of let it loose and play. You're not thinking too hard about your assignments and things like that. So I kind of think it's easier to stay focused."

Question: When you hear all these creative things and Coach Borges is putting them in, are you guys lobbying the first couple of weeks saying we want to get this one or run this one?

Devin Gardner: "Even if we wanted to do that, I don't think he would care much. He said it's a dictatorship, so whether we want to or not, it's going to be whatever he wants to do. I trust that he's smart enough and he knows a lot of good things that we don't really have to say anything. I mean, we try, but it really doesn't work."

Question: Can you comment about going on the road after starting five in a row at home. Are you looking forward to going into a hostile environment?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Yes I'm looking forward to it. As long as we have a great week of practice we'll be prepared."

Question: We've heard about another transition, these guys will be good down the road, Coach Hoke doesn't obviously talk about that, does a game like this send a little message to the Big Ten, don't forget about us sort of thing?

Devin Gardner: "I hope so, but if they do forget about us, they'll have to play us eventually. We can't really say what they think. We just know we have to play our game and do what we do."

Question: What does it do for team morale to have a ton of guys, all the guys that work so hard in practice to be able to get in there and see the field in the third and fourth quarter?

Devin Gardner: "It's really fun because we see each other in practice. Everybody plays well, but everybody can't play on Saturday. So it's just really great for everybody to get a chance to see every other player play."

Question: During the first four games, a lot of people (fans) wanted to know why you weren't playing more or waiting to come in, were you ever frustrated about your lack of playing time?

Devin Gardner: "We were winning, so you can't really get mad at that. I just wanted to be a part of the team and contribute."

Question: There's been a lot of fuss in the media about Denard's passing. Can you talk about the confidence you guys have in him?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Him as a runner and a passer, I'm pretty confident that he can go out there and play well. Doing whatever he has to do, and going out there and having a great week of practice in order to prepare himself well for the game on Saturday."

Question: So were you guys ever worried about it at all?

Devin Gardner: "No. He's really fast."

Question: Devin you said that you can't wait to see what you guys can do out of that package, how much more is there in that also just in general that maybe you guys haven't shown yet?

Devin Gardner: "I don't know. It's Big Ten play now, so I guess we just have to wait and see."

Question: Hoke talked about putting numbers on helmets. Was it the players going to the coaches and saying you'd like to do this or did coach just decide to it?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Just to represent those before us."

Devin Gardner: "I'm pretty sure it was a senior thing. We have a great group of seniors. I'm sure they lobbied to get it done, and what the seniors want, the seniors get."

Question: You guys are 5-0 and you guys were 5-0 last year and that didn't end up too well, does this year feel different for you guys?

Devin Gardner: "Definitely, because we all believe and we've all bought into the new system and the new things that Coach Hoke is trying to implement. So I feel like it's just a big belief on the team and it's something we haven't had in the past years."

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "I agree (laughter)."

Devin: Would you say if you disagree?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Yes."

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