Michigan Courting Another Zeigler

The Michigan Wolverines vigorously recruited Trey Zeigler a few years ago before losing him to his father's team. Recently they dipped their toes back in the Zeigler waters and began showing interest in Trey's cousin, c/o 2013 Detroit Community wing, Bo Zeigler.

Sam Webb:  I’ve heard that things are starting to really heat up for you on the recruiting trail.  Let us start back off first going back to last season.  How did things go for you?

Bo Zeigler:  “We did good.  We had a good record.  We lost in the regional final to Divine Child.  I averaged 14 points and nine rebounds. We looking real good this year so we trying to go all the way and win a state championship.”

Sam Webb:  For folks who haven’t seen you play, kind of break down your game.  What do people see when they watch Bo Zeigler?

Bo Zeigler:  “They see me all over the floor. I’m 6-6 and 191, and I’m not just always standing around.  I’m always going to get rebounds, always checking, always running the floor, trying to get steals, making all the garbage plays.  I’m pretty much a matchup nightmare.”

Sam Webb:  Is there a guy in college or the pros that you compare yourself too?

Bo Zeigler:  “Yeah a little Kevin Durant.”

Sam Webb:  Was there a specific match-up or game over the past few years that made you realize that you’re one of the top guys out there?
Bo Zeigler:  “Yeah.  We were playing in North Carolina at the Bob Gibbons tournament and we were playing against one of the top players in the country.  I forgot his name but he played for the Southern Phenoms.  He was like #5 in the country.  (EDT note: the player in question was Devonta Pollard).  I was going at him and it kind of flashed to me, ‘man, I’m one of the top players in the country playing against one of the top players in the 2012 class.’”

Sam Webb:  At this point what schools do you have offers from?

Bo Zeigler:  “I have offers from Michigan State, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Xavier, Providence, Detroit and Central Michigan.”

Sam Webb:   When did Michigan State offer you a scholarship?

Bo Zeigler:  “They offered me a scholarship last year when I went to a football game and the other recruits went to the football game.  They just told me that they was really interested in me and I’ve been talking to Coach Izzo since the summer shootout and I was just building a relationship with him and they told me they would love to have me down there.”

Sam Webb:  Out of those schools that have offered you scholarships, are any of them sticking out for you right now?

Bo Zeigler:  “No it is still pretty wide open right now.”

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of any of those schools?

Bo Zeigler:  “No not really.  I really was a Michigan fan.  I liked Georgetown too.  I’ve got a  lot of interest in Georgetown and Florida, but they haven’t really offered me yet.”

Sam Webb:  Speaking of Michigan, I heard that they made it to one of your workouts the other day.  How did you do with the Maize & Blue in the stands?

Bo Zeigler:  “I was really pretty much shooting from deep.  They couldn’t stop me, my teammates couldn’t stop me and my teammates around me I was just making it so easy for them, it was like a show, like Magic Johnson or something like that.”

Sam Webb:  What kind of interest has Michigan shown you?

Bo Zeigler:  “(Things have) opened back up for one of their 2013 recruits, so they just wanted to reach out to me and let me know that they had a lot of interest in me.”

Sam Webb:  You were at the Michigan camp this summer.  What was that experience like?

Bo Zeigler:  “It was good.  I’ve seen all the top players and it was just really fun, playing a lot of older good players, a lot of good players in Detroit in our class.”

Sam Webb: When you get ready to sit down and make your decision whenever that is, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Bo Zeigler:  “I want to go in and play right away and I just like the fans to be behind their basketball.”

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to get Michigan much on the hoop court last year.  If so, what do you think of their system, their style and their players?

Bo Zeigler:  “I see they run a lot of 1-3-1 and they like to attack a little bit.  That’s pretty much my game, drive and peak game, I like that.  I be watching Michigan pretty good.”

Sam Webb:  Have you given any thought to a timeline for when you’d like to make a decision?

Bo Zeigler:  “I think I’ll probably make it my senior year…  early in my senior year.”

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Bo Zeigler:  “It doesn’t really matter to me as long as it is not really hot all the time I’ll go anywhere.”

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