Manson Makes Splash At Washed Out Nike

It stormed at Sunday's Auburn Nike Camp, forcing curtailment right after the 'testing phase'. However, we there knew that there'd been perhaps the top 'testing performance' yet at a Nike Camp this year -- and this top performer told me he hopes to be a U-M recruit!<br><br> Another Nike Camp photo is included as well.

I traipsed Sunday morning all the way to Auburn in eastern Alabama -- and arrived just in front of the thunderstorm. Just as soon as I hit town so did the thunder, lightning and torrential rain.

The 'performance testing' managed to get completed however, and the top testing performance came from Tuscaloosa, Ala., Hillcrest running back running back Markus Manson, who as far as physical appearance, reminded me of a young Chris Perry. Luckily, being pretty fast myself (ha!), I managed to catch-from-behond red-bedecked Markus and have an interesting chat with him.

Post-camp photo -- of course the sky cleared as soon as the camp was cancelled! (altho there were still 2+ inches of rain on the ground)

Markus, what were your measurements and times today?

"I measured 6-0, and 189 lbs. I ran a 4.3 in the 40, and did a 39.2 inch vertical jump."

You're too humble! Your best 40 heat was better than that, wasn't it?

"Yeah, it was a 4.27."

Markus, your parents live in Detroit?

"Yessir. They live in Saginaw actually."

[Note: Manson lives with his grandmother.]

Do you have any interest in going up there to school?

"Yessir, I do. Michigan State has called me and has been down here, but not Michigan yet. Coach Jackson wrote and asked for my tape, but my coach is just getting it finished to send out. I think Coach Jackson is coming this month yet."

Who are you favorties?

"Michigan, Auburn, Notre Dame, Colorado, and South Carolina. That's my first five."

Have you decided on any summer camps?

"No sir, not really. I'll probably just go to camps down here, maybe Alabama and Auburn."

As a junior Manson rushed for over 1,900 yards. A couple weeks ago his coach told us he has offers from Alabama, Auburn, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. He is Tom Lemming's #12 running back.

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