2013 Intro: OH DT, Billy Price

Austintown (OH) Fitch DT Billy Price is one of the top juniors in the Buckeye State and is already being courted by top programs from coast to coast. Michigan is among the latest to ramp up its recruitment of the talented youngster, and the interest is definitely mutual.

Sam Webb:  Let’s start off first talking about your game.  What do we see when we watch Billy Price on the football field?

Billy Price:  “A big body, can move, decent footwork, knows how to use his hands.  He can move.  He is not one of those big guys who is just stuck in the middle and can’t do anything.  He’s smart, watching down blocks.  He can react to stuff like that.  He’s one of those players were his motor doesn’t stop.  He goes and chases plays.  He doesn’t take plays off and stuff like that.  He has got the hard work, determination, work ethic.  Everything, a lot of things that scouts like you and other guys are looking for.”

Sam Webb:  What is your current height, weight and 40 time?

Billy Price:  “6’4”, about 292, 293; 40 time, my fastest one was 5.01 but that was when I was only 263 so that’s not really an accurate one.  When I was 285, 286, I was like a 5.22.”

Sam Webb:  Obviously you’ve already had a lot of success on the football field.  Was there a particular game or a particular matchup where you sort knew that you belonged in the same conversation with some of the top prospects in Ohio.

Billy Price:  “Last year, my sophomore year, fourth game of the year, Canton McKinley.  They came here and I was playing Steve Miller who is at Ohio State and Se’Von Pittman Michigan State, he verballed to them.   Those two being dominant defensive ends… that was kind of a gut check.  That is where I found out it I belong here or not.  I kind of rose to the occasion and took care of my business.  I found out a lot about myself that night.”

Sam Webb:  I’ve seen your defensive film especially and certainly wreaking a lot of havoc there.  I’ve heard that is where Michigan is looking at you.  Is that the case right now?

Billy Price:  “Yeah.  I just talked to them (recently).  They told me they like me at three technique defensive tackle or a five technique defensive end depending on how I mature and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb:  When did you first start hearing from Michigan?

Billy Price:  “I’ve been talking to Singletary for no more than a few weeks now.”

Sam Webb:  Has Michigan said anything to you about a scholarship yet?

Billy Price:  “No, but they told me that they were very interested in me.  That’s kind of a tip off, that later in the future if I continue to develop myself and continue to work hard that might be an indication that I might one day have a Michigan scholarship.”

Sam Webb:  Aside from the conversations that you’ve had with Michigan, what do you know about Michigan?  Have you ever visited, do you have any experience, what do you know about the Wolverines?

Billy Price:  “All I know is Denard Robinson is a monster!  Other than that I don’t know a lot about them.  I don’t know a lot about a lot of colleges to be honest with you.  I haven’t done any research.  I’m not looking for anything at the moment.  I’m just focusing each week on my team.  I haven’t visited (Michigan), but I’ve heard the stadium is huge and crazy ridiculous.  I was at the Ohio State-Michigan game last year when Ohio State beat them and that was game and seeing the program.  Even though they lost, it is still a developing program, which is good.”

Sam Webb:  What schools have offered you scholarships so far?

Billy Price:  “I have about eight I want to say.  Ohio State, Notre Dame, SMU, UCLA, Tennessee, Pitt, West Virginia, and Miami of Ohio.”

Sam Webb:  Are you one of those Ohio kids that grew up an Ohio State fan?

Billy Price:  “Actually I was born Nebraska.  I’m a fan of college football period.  It doesn’t matter if it is Ohio State, Oregon, Michigan, Michigan State... I watched the Michigan-Notre Dame game.  I watched Michigan State beat the snot out of (Central Michigan).  I’m just a college football fan period.”

Sam Webb:  I don’t recall if you have heard anything from Nebraska?

Billy Price:  “I’ve actually got a few pieces of mail in front of me from them, from yesterday and today.”

Sam Webb:  Do you still have family out that way?

Billy Price:  “No.  All my family lives here.  My family moved out there for work before I was born.  I was born there and then moved back here when I was three.”

Sam Webb:  Have you visited any other schools aside from Ohio State?

Billy Price:  “Not really.  Not in the manner that I’ve visited Ohio State in.  I went to the football camp at Kent State, but just saw the football field and indoor facility.”

Sam Webb:  Let us speak in recruiting in general… what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Billy Price:  “Those things change every other day for me.  I want to play in some kind of decent weather.  I don’t want it to be 30 below every Saturday evening wherever it might be.  I’ll go far from home.  I don’t plan on staying around the Youngstown area.  I guess it is wherever I feel comfortable at.  That’s what I keep telling people, is wherever I’m comfortable at that is where I’m going to go.”

Sam Webb:  Distance won’t be a factor for you, but what about your family?  What are they going to say if you decide to go far away from home?

Billy Price:  “I’ve already talked to them about that.  I was opening mail over the weekend and I had some stuff from Miami and some stuff from Florida, some stuff from USC and Oregon and they were like, ‘if you go all the way out there we won’t be able to see you.’  That’s kind of the price you got to pay.  If you are going to go far away, you’re obviously not going to have any family sitting in the stands every Saturday evening or afternoon.  It is kind of huge, but still it is like the one shot that I actually have to go somewhere to be independent, be strong, and show what my parents have done to raise me so far and be successful in life.”

Sam Webb:  Have you given any thought to a timeline for when you would you like to have your decision made?

Billy Price:  “It is probably going to be late after my (senior) season.  I want to have everybody on the table, go through each thing… figure out what is good about this school and what is bad about this school.  It is going to be a huge process.  I want to have all my research.  I want to enjoy my senior year.  I don’t want to have to worry about the first three months, oh where am I going to college, what if somebody pulls an offer from me, what happens if this happens.  I just want to go through and be happy and then when it comes time to take care of business, take care of business.”

Sam Webb:  You got any more plans of visiting any schools and games this fall?

Billy Price:  “As far as visiting and stuff that’s going to be rough because I’m focused right now on my team.  I have to find out a way to turn two losses in a row into something productive and get a win under our belts and stuff like that.  I’d like to go see Notre Dame sometime soon or Michigan-Michigan State, I’m know for sure Wisconsin that’s on my list.  When it comes time for official visits and stuff, branch out west if I can, go down south and see how that environment is and stuff like that.”

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