Demens Talks D

Veteran linebacker Kenny Demens on being hungry, on the seniors, on taking ownership of the D, on Mattison's schemes … on Craig Roh.

Kenny Demens: "We're doing a better job every day -- we come out for practice and never feel like we've accomplished something."

Question: Is there a different feeling about this year that just fundamentally you're better and you are going to be a better defense throughout the course of the season?

Kenny Demens: "Yeah. We're just really hungry. It is something that is contagious. Ryan Van Bergen, Mike Martin, Troy Woolfolk, all those seniors in a row. They just really instill in us, it's contagious. They bring energy every day, practice after short game day is really contagious and it is most definitely helping us become a great defense."

Question: Greg Mattison has talked about how you guys have taken ownership of this defense; do you know what that means?

Kenny Demens: "We're just taking pride. Coach Hoke told us that it's our defense. They give us a scheme and they coach us, but it is our job to go out there and perform. We just feel like it is up to us to perform. We have to be strong for the team ourselves. We just take pride in that. It's our job."

Question: Do you feel like the schemes, the plays that they are calling best utilizing your guys skill, is that another definition of taking ownership of the defense?

Kenny Demens: "Yeah I do. Coach Mattison always puts in the best position as possible. If he feels like were real strong in an area or a blitz, he is going to run it. You know third and short, he is going to call the best call possible. He does a real good job of helping us make plays."

Question: Do you guys take pride in the fact that you're the #2 scoring defense in the country?

Kenny Demens: "I didn't know that actually."

Question: Ten points a game, you haven't heard that?

Kenny Demens: "No I haven't. That's crazy. I'm in shock."

Question: Craig Roh talked a couple of weeks ago about almost getting to the breaking point that you were just not doing anything right, not doing anything right, have you seen him kind of grow this tough process that he's been through?

Kenny Demens: "It was just going through fall camp. He just had a tough job. He had to become a tougher player. He had to become more hands on physical, which is something week-by-week he has gotten better at. He's real coachable. That's the thing about Craig, he's real coachable. He's starting to pick up and playing really well for us."

Question: Have you felt a little bit of that, where the coaches are on you, on you, on you because they want you to be better and you're not hearing a lot of, you're doing great?

Kenny Demens: "I feel like it is necessary. They most definitely let us know when you make a good play or when you're playing well, but I feel more times than not, they go the other route just to make us feel like we're not there yet. We have to keep improving that job or that technique I did were good but can he do better so he can be great. I feel like it is the way to coach and I like it overall."

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