Dave Molk: Borges a "Football Genius"

Molk on his own play, Taylor Lewan's, Mark Huyge's; why Al Borges is a "football genius;" Denard-n-Devin out there at once; on picking U-M over NW, on the ranking ... on his Caddy.

Question: Has your play taken a leap this year?

Dave Molk: "I've been playing well. I feel like I gradually…you always want to improve, improve, improve and I've gradually improved."

Question: Why do you think you're at the peak now, is there something you did in the offseason?

Dave Molk: "I don't think there was anything specific. It is just kind of more and more snaps and learning it and it is an experience. It is seeing things that other guys can't."

Question: Coach talked about Taylor Lewan's greater discipline this year and how he is playing, can you talk about his process from last year to this year?

Dave Molk: "He grew up a little bit, much needed growth (laugh), but he grew up a little bit. He's not running around trying to get into fights on the field all the time yelling at the referees. I've taught him to be nice to people, especially the black-and-whites. Not you guys, that's his own idea (laugh)."

Question: He told you to be nice.

Dave Molk: "He loves the attention."

Question: He can still play with an edge but not over the edge?

Dave Molk: "Yeah. Using myself as an example, I play hard and I come really close to playing on the edge, but I try to show him where that limit is. Control himself and stay within the rules."

Question: Can you talk about what Mark Huyge brings to you guys up front?

Dave Molk: "Just another guy with a lot of experience. He's seen a lot and heard a lot and it is good to have him on the edge."

Question: Another intelligent player, you can see similarities between the two of you?

Dave Molk: "Sure, yeah."

Question: Would you say the toughest defensive line you guys have faced so far is the Notre Dame defensive line?

Dave Molk: "I don't know. They are all good defensive lines, some are better than the rest. Some had their own certain attributes that made them tough but they are all very good."

Question: It just seemed like the Notre Dame defensive line gave you guys the most trouble and that may have been because it was early in the season and the offense was still finding your feet?

Dave Molk: "I couldn't really pinpoint on their good. Obviously, they're good players. They're at Notre Dame. They had a good scheme for us. There is no doubt about that. That's why it was a tough game. We found our way through."

Question: Not to look ahead to Michigan State, but have you guys looked at that at all?

Dave Molk: "That's next week my friend. Northwestern right now."

Question: Why did you end up picking Michigan over Northwestern?

Dave Molk: "I picked Michigan because I wanted to be part of the greatest football tradition of all time. I wanted to go where the greats went. So I came to Michigan."

Question: Does it excite you at all when Al Borges comes in and says we're going to empty the drawer during the Big Ten season?

Dave Molk: "It's good to see. We were a pretty toned down offense in the past (this season). It is good to see him put his neck out there and do some fun stuff."

Question: When he puts it in practice or shows one of those things, do you guys kind of step back or are you kind of used to it because he has spent a couple of months with him now?

Dave Molk: "We're used to it. I love Coach Borges. He's a crazy guy."

Question: What is crazy about him?

Dave Molk: "You can tell that he is a football genius. He just lives and breathes this stuff. He is always thinking about plays and I love it."

Question: When you saw what you all ran on Saturday with Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson, where you the first time like what is going on behind me?

Dave Molk: "I was excited. It's two really good athletes on the field. When you add Devin in that just adds to the whole thing, a lot more options you can pull out of the hat. It was good."

Question: Denard threw the ball a lot better last week what did you see different out of him if anything?

Dave Molk: "I don't know. I couldn't tell you. He played well. Denard did what Denard does and he stepped up when he needed to."

Question: Is this different for you at all this week going back home for the last time to play?

Dave Molk: "It is just another game."

Question: Did you have a ticket situation; do you have to get a lot of tickets, bumming?

Dave Molk: "I've asked a couple of guys. I sent a text mail and asked him who was going. He might be the slowest person to get back to me on anything. Well Dave, I don't know who's going, aunt Marie, your uncle, I don't know."

Question: Is it ten or 50?

Dave Molk: "No not 50. I was talking to Christian Pace and he said I could use his tickets so that's eight. That's enough. I don't need any more family there."

Question: Everybody has been consistently saying overrated when someone throws out the AP poll at #12. Is that something coach told you or do you all believe that?

Dave Molk: "No. That's why I like us as a team. It's just hardcore. Coach isn't saying, this is crap, you shouldn't be where you are, you shouldn't be rated this high. It's us. It's just within us. It is going back a couple of years, we've had this early success, seen a ranking and then lost it. We don't believe it any more."

Question: Before you did sort-of?

Dave Molk: "Oh yeah, guys would get caught up but not any more."

Question: Did you get caught in it?

Dave Molk: "I don't change."

Question: You never know you were younger than.

Dave Molk: "Naw."


And on the car front:

Dave Molk: "My dad said if either of us (he or his brother) get a full scholarship to college we get any American made car we wanted."

Question: Once you graduated or going in?

Dave Molk: "I got it coming out of high school. I got a Cadillac."

Question: And you still drive it?

Dave Molk: "Yeah. It's outside in the parking lot."

Question: What year?

Dave Molk: "It's a 2006 XTS."

Question: Where there restrictions?

Dave Molk: "Yeah. He was not going to get the new one. There is a new sports car that is like 150,000 dollars. That wasn't going to happen."

Question: Why any American made?

Dave Molk: "If you stretch it out that includes BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari all that stuff."

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