UM wins 42-24, 28-0 in half 2: Drives, Stats.

After 3 Denard ints in the first half, U-M didn't panic and got its act together in the 2nd stanza, outscoring Northwestern 28-0 and winning 42-24. Here are 2nd half drives, stats.

Michigan Possession 1

U-M took the touchback at the U-M 20.

Two runs gained -1, then Denard hit Roy Roundtree for 16 to the U-M 36.

On 2nd down Denard hit Roundtree for 57 at the NW 3.

On 3rd down Denard coasted in at the 10:52 mark.

Northwestern 24, Michigan 21


Northwestern Possession 1

The kickoff went out of bounds - NW ball at the NW 40.

Persa was sacked on 2nd down, and NW went 3 and out at the 9:30 mark.

Michigan Possession 2

The punt bounced out of bounds at the U-M 26.

On the 1st play Denard ran it 25 to the U-M 45.

On 3rd and 2, Denard ran it to the NW 43.

On 2nd down Denard hit Koger over the middle to the NW 20.

On 3rd and 3, Denard ran it to the 1 (and hurt his left hand).

On 1st down, Devin Gardner in, Fitzgerald Toussaint ran it to the goal line. On 2nd down Stephen Hopkins didn't get it in. On 3rd down Devin ran it in at the 2:58 mark.

Michigan 28, Northwestern 24


Northwestern Possession 2

ND took the kickoff, but a hold took it back to the NW 18.

On 2nd down NW hit a pass to the NW 35.

Two plays later Brandin Hawthorne intercepted a deflected pass at the NW 47 at the1:51 mark.

Michigan Possession 3

(Denard back in) On 2nd down Denard ran 22 to the NW 22.

On 2nd down Devin Gardner hit Jeremy Jackson for 17 to the U-M 3.

Denard ran it to the 2, then the quarter ended.



(U-M possession 3 cont.). On 2nd down at the 2, Michael Shaw ran it in at the 14:55 mark. Michigan 35, Northwestern 24


Northwestern Possession 3

ND took the kickoff to the NW 19.

U-M had a run and a pass to the NW 30.

Two plays later NW had a 1st down at the NW 43.

A pass interference on the next play took it to the U-M 42.

On the next play NW fumbled at the U-M 42 at the 12:56 mark.


Michigan Possession 4

On 3rd and 7, Denard his Jeremy Gallon for 19 to the NW 36.

On 4th and 4 at the U-M 31, U-M had a field goal blocked at the 9:13 mark.


Northwestern Possession 4

Taking over at the NW 31, NW hit 2 passes to the NW 45.

NW hit 2 more passes to the U-M 42.

On 4th and 5, Persa almost got sacked by Jordan Kovacs, lost his helmet, then threw an incomplete pass at the 7:02 mark.


Michigan Possession 5

Persa lost his helmet on the last play, and a flag on Pat Fitzgerald for over-protesting the play took it to the NW 39.

Three runs took it to the NW 26.

On 3rd and 10, Denard hit Junior at the NW 6.

On 4rd down Brendan Gibbons kicked a 23 yard field goal at the 1:xx mark.

Three plays later Denard ran it in for the TD at the 2:19 mark.

Michigan 42, Northwestern 24


Northwestern Possession 5

NW took the touchback at the NW 20.

Basically ... game over.


Final Stats

Michigan gained 529 yards, 350 passing, 179 rushing ... and had 3 ints.
In the 2nd half, U-M scored 28 with no TOs ... and gained 273 yards.
Denard had 442 total yards, 25 carries for 117 yards rushing, and 17-26 for 325 yards passing ... 3 1st half ints.
Junior Hemingway had 5 catches for 123 yards.

Northwestern gained 297 yards, 191 passing, 106 rushing.

Northwestern was shutout in the 2nd half, with 2 TO's.

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