MSU Postgame: Brady Hoke 

Coach Hoke answers questions on MSU's physical play, on the 4th down call, on whether the offense was over-creative ... on the personal fouls ... on the MSU D.

Brady Hoke opening statement:  “First give Mark (Dantonio) and his staff credit and their team.  They outcoached us and outplayed us.  We’ve got to do a much better job with coaching this football team in a lot of different ways.  Our kids, they fought when they were down.  I thought they responded well and to be honest I don’t think they ever thought they were going to lose the game until the game was over.”

Question:  Was Denard Robinson taking because he was hurt?

Brady Hoke:  “He got beat up a little bit.”

Question:  What happened on that fourth and one call?

Brady Hoke:  “We have gotten many first downs with that play, same play.  The guy jumps, send one man in motion.  I don’t know a bunch of touchdowns too.  It was just an extension on the play.”

Question:  It looked like you were trying to call timeout there…

Brady Hoke:  “Yeah, I saw the 45 second of the clock going to zero.  I think we got away with one to be honest with you.”

Question:  What did you think of how Robinson played?

Brady Hoke:  “He made some things happen in there a couple of times.  He always plays excited and with a lot of energy.  I think on the interception, I don’t know what he saw, but I thought he held in there.”

Question:  On the play where Denard got injured was that a cheap shot in your opinion?

Brady Hoke:  “I have no clue.  I didn’t see it.  I had my eyes down the field.”

Question:  Was Denard too excited?

Brady Hoke:  “I don’t think so.  I thought the kids prepared well all week and I think we had the two penalties in the first half for the delays and those are some communication things that we’ve got to do a better job with.”

Question:  How much more do you need out of your running back group?

Brady Hoke:  “Well to get out of our running back group, we’ve got to get it out of our front a little better first.  From an offensive standpoint, I think there were some opportunities maybe we missed a little bit but at the same time I don’t know how much movement we got consistently at the line of scrimmage.”

Question:  You talked about how physical it was going to be, but they had a lot of personal foul penalties, did that seem over the line to you?

Brady Hoke:  “SI’m worried about Michigan.”

Question:  Jordan Kovacs said that he thought Michigan State was more physical and beat your team up.

Brady Hoke:  “I don’t know if we got beat up.  I think they were physical and I think this game always is physical.”

Question:  Is Denard’s injury serious?

Brady Hoke:  “I really don’t know what it is yet.”

Question:  Can you talk about the philosophy of Gardner and Denard and when you wanted to use one or the other.  Going in did you have that mindset?

Brady Hoke:  “Yeah.  We thought we may do some of that and part of that would push it over a little more.  I think it was a windy day and I think Devin at times can throw the ball a little more accurately.”

Question:  How do you expect the team to respond to this?

Brady Hoke:  “I expect them to act like a Michigan football team.  That means they’re going to come to work.”

Question:  Can you talk about what happened on the first series of the second half, the kickoff and their series down the field.

Brady Hoke:  “I don’t think we tackled well.  I don’t think we tackled well at all and then we still had a chance…number the kickoff, where they got the ball, didn’t help us.  We didn’t tackle very well.  They executed the drive.  I think two third down conversions in there, maybe three.  You’ve got to be in a position to stop it.  The play at the end when they scored…  I don’t know if you can be in a better defensive call.”

Question:  Do you feel like you guys offensively were getting a little too creative?

Brady Hoke:  “I don’t know about that.   I think there is some elements in there.  When Denard carries the jet sweep around there, he’s pretty dangerous and he’s about two steps from breaking both of them for home runs.  I don’t think so.”

Question:  They brought a lot of pressure all night, what were they doing that was so difficult?

Brady Hoke:  “They were overloading you a little bit and Mark does a good job.  Mark is a good coach, a good defensive coach.  Believe me, his fingerprints are all over that defense.  They overloaded us a little bit.  Their timing was well.  They do a nice job of jumping snap counts.  They did things the way you’re supposed to.”

Question:  Taylor Lewan was in and out a couple of times, is he healthy?

Brady Hoke:  “There is not a healthy guy in that room.  Everybody is beat up.  That’s just part of football.  I think this off week or bye week, you’re never off…it is probably a good time.”

Question:  Were they beat up because of today?

Brady Hoke:  “No they’ve been beat up…it’s just part of football.”

Question:  In hindsight on the fourth and inches play, conventional wisdom says just sneak it...

Brady Hoke:  “You sneak it, you run the power play, multiple things you could do.  We’ve been very successful really in the last two years of that same play.”

Question:  Is that your call or Al Borges’ call?

Brady Hoke:  “Al makes the call.  I’m the one who said go for it.”

Question:  With Denard’s incompletions was there any kind of trend?

Brady Hoke:  “I think there was more competition at the line of scrimmage when you look at receivers getting off and running routes and I don’t think we ran bad routes.  I won’t know that until I watch tape.   Obviously, he was pressured a little bit.”

Question:  When we asked your players if Michigan State was playing dirty because of all of the personal fouls, they said they were prepared for that.  Is that something you talked to them about during the week?  Was it something you saw?

Brady Hoke:  “I don’t know how they played dirty.  They had some personal fouls on late hits on the quarterback, but you can get those all the time.”

Question:  Starting the second half was that maybe a thought at doing an onside kick? 

Brady Hoke:  “No we were trying to squib it because kicking that way, we didn’t think we would get exactly what we wanted depth wise and he just hit, probably not as well as he would like to have hit it.”

Question:  Who’s decision was it to break out the uniforms?

Brady Hoke:  “It was me.  I think what was it, ’74 or ’75, we were white-on-white and there was a lot of decision makers.”

Question:  You said before the game that you didn’t think your team was as good as it was ranked, is there something that came out today that showed you?

Brady Hoke:  “Besides losing, I mean that’s part of it.  I think they were close to…they had 200 yards rushing the football and we had 82.”

Question:  This a good time to have a weekend off even though you’re sitting on a loss?

Brady Hoke:  “Yeah I think from a health stand point it is.”

Question:  How resilient do you think this team is?

Brady Hoke:  “They need to feel this one.  We all need to feel this one for a while, but we’ll turn the page.”

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