Craig Roh on "beasting" the opposition

Tue Post-Practice: Craig Roh (Full Transcript): Roh talks about what he worked on last week, on the Purdue O-line, on Will Heininger, and on "beast" as a verb – oh yeah, and of course on Denard.

Q: What do you think was the biggest issue with Michigan State being able to run the ball so well against you?

A: I'm really not even focused on that game now, I'm just focused on Purdue.

Q: What are the things you are trying to improve?

A: Just working on our technique, getting back to fundamentals and doing the stuff we know how to do.

Q: How have you seen Will Heininger develop as a player this year?

A: He's really grown by leaps and bounds. He's really becoming a great player for us.

Q: Has it been his (Heininger) technique, he talked about getting lower?

A: His technique is getting a lot better, taking shorter steps and being lower, when you have your pad level low you can use that weight that he's put on.

Q: He's (Heininger) a big guy, what kind of plays do you see him make in practice?

A: I mean, just as many as everyone else. Everyone is trying to make plays in practice and going really hard. Going against the scouts (in practice) you're going to make more plays.

Q: When did you notice that he could be someone that could be a starter for you guys?

A: I saw it during camp when we were working on technique so much and everyone was working on technique so much. I think during the season he (Heininger) has matured and grown and it's great to see.

Q: What do you see from Purdue?

A: Purdue, they've got three returning starters on the offensive line that is a solid offensive line. They have good skill position guys and a good team, they just beat a ranked Illinois team, they're a good team.

Q: The last couple of opponents have taken the ball to the outside on you guys, how much did you work on that during the bye week?

A: We worked on fundamentals a lot, just our steps and everything. If we have our fundamentals we can beat anyone.

Q: Seven games into the season has Mattison laid off of you a little bit?

A: No (laughing). I think he trusts me more because I'm getting more familiar with everything and he see's that happen out there. He still demands the world and I don't expect anything less and I don't want anything less.

Q: Have you seen the book that came out on you guys today?

A: No I'm just concentrating on Purdue.

Q: Being Mattison's rush end in this defense, being the same position Terrell Suggs (Baltimore Ravens) played, do you think maybe there were high expectations for you coming into the season and do you think maybe that's why he's so hard on you?

A: There's high expectations for everyone but for the rush position in particular he says that there has to be a special guy there. I feel like I'm growing into that position and the expectations for the position are based on the guys who played before me in that position like Terrell Suggs.

Q: What are the expectations for you?

A: Just to beast everything (laughter).

Q: Is that his word?

A: No that's my word (laughter).

Q: David Molk talked about not letting the young guys go to "the dark side" after a loss, that this team will rebound unlike the last couple of years, is that something that's been discussed among the team or players?

A: Coach Hoke has brought it out because it's in the back of everyone's mind but we're a different team, that's the past, this is team #132 and we're moving forward and this is not last year, this is this year.

Q: In the back of who's mind?

A: Everyone knows what happened but we're moving on, we're moving forward, not concentrating on that we're concentrating on Purdue and then the rest of the Big Ten Schedule.

Q: You talked about knowing what Mattison wanted you to do, how have you grown more comfortable over the past few weeks understanding that?

A: Just kind of the beast everything concept. Growing more and maturing, running to the ball but not just running to the ball, running to the ball wanting to make the hit and just going out there playing free, like a maniac and just having fun.

Q: You talked about a few weeks ago always thinking you were doing everything perfect, do you look back at old film and see a different Craig Roh now?

A: Yeah, actually I did look back at film and it's funny to see how much I've grown in everything. I was just popping up and thought I was doing what I needed to do, it's just been so much better now and I still need to improve even more.

Q: Does he work with you on pass rush moves?

A: They work on everything, he's told me some pass rush stuff to work on just like run stuff too.

Q: Is it using your hands, can you talk to us about what he wants you to do?

A: Being aggressive, if you can be aggressive and set a tone then there is moves you can work on off of that.

Q: Do you laugh, obviously Denard is the quarterback, when people or outside fans say he didn't have a good game, put in Devin, do you find that ludicrous?

A: Denard is really really, really fast and he's a great quarterback. He just had, you know, whatever that's in the past but in the future he's learning the offense, grasping it and he's a great player.

Q: Is Denard a different player in practice?

A: I think you see the same Denard all the time. He's always high energy, coming in laughing and running everywhere and making plays.

Q: Does he "beast" the defense?

A: I wouldn't like to say he beasts our defense but he beasts other defenses.

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