Billy Price talks Michigan offer

The 2013 Ohio DL Defensive Lineman talks to Sam Webb about his Michigan offer, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  I heard that Michigan offer came through for you last night?

  Billy Price:  "Yeah it finally came through."

  Sam Webb:  How did you get the news of the offer?

  Billy Price:  "I actually talked to Coach Montgomery last night.  He hit me up on Facebook and to give him a call, so I gave him a call last night and that is when he told me that they were extending a scholarship offer for me."

  Sam Webb:  I had heard that a Michigan coach was at your game last week?

  Billy Price:  "Yeah.  Coach Montgomery was at the game last week."

Sam Webb:  Were you kind of expecting it to come at that point after they came out to see you or were you surprised?

  Billy Price:  "He hit me up on Facebook after the game, he was really, really impressed.  He can't wait to coach me one day, would love to see me on campus.  I kind of knew it was coming and stuff.  He was so impressed. When we talked (later via phone) he said you played awesome tonight, etc, etc.  So I kind of did know it was coming eventually."

  Sam Webb:  Have you had a chance to talk to the defensive coordinator Greg Mattison yet?

  Billy Price:  "Actually when I was talking to Coach Montgomery last night, Coach Mattison was in the office, so he swung by and let me talk to Coach Mattison for about ten minutes."

  Sam Webb:  What was that like; what did he have to say?  Billy Price:  "He just told me about the history of Michigan D-line and how important the D-line is to Michigan and stuff.  The head coach was an old D-line coach.  Coach Montgomery was a D-line coach and Coach Mattison, all D-line coach.  D-line is definitely a strong hold for Michigan no matter what the offense is doing, the wide receivers, running back or etc, the D-line will always be steady.  Just how they are recruiting guys that can do the job. That's the key thing.  So they are going to get the best players to do that kind of job and expect them to do it."

  Sam Webb:  Does that make a difference to you that they have three defensive line coaches, how does that register with you on your scale for what is important? 

Billy Price:  "It obviously shows that that is a there huge care in the program.  So with three D-line coaches, you're getting the best possible coaching to be the best possible player for your position.  So three D-line coaches is awesome to have, compared to one D-line coach, maybe a guy who has a little experience. Maybe a guy who has a little experience and is doing it."

  Sam Webb:  Obviously Michigan has been recruiting well in Ohio this year. do you know any of those defensive lineman, Tom Strobel or Chris Wormley?

  Billy Price:  "Actually at a state meet, I met Chris Wormley for track.  He was a discus thrower.  Tom Strobel, I scrimmaged again Mentor, but he didn't play.  I've watched Strobel play on TV before.  Wormley, I have seen his highlight tape or what not.  So that is good competition, because those are great calibers of player and the other player they just signed, Ondre Pipkins is from Missouri.  He was at the Ohio State camp, for the Nike football training camp at Ohio State and the kid is just absolutely massive.  He's explosive.  He is mean.  He's aggressive.  He's everything that you're supposed to be on the D-line that kid is."

  Sam Webb:  Honestly, in your heart of hearts, you see Michigan has done well as far as recruiting on the D-line, is that a plus that you can play next to guys like that or do you look at the other way and say 'wow, you know what that's a lot of competition there?'"

Billy Price:  "Being an athlete that's more competition for me, I want to do it.  I want to beat that guy out of his position.  The better competition, the better you become.  If you're going to go to another college because you know instantly you're going to play, it is not as good. If i go in as a freshman and beat out the guy that as a sophomore at his position started last year, then now I know I'm legit.  I'm getting the best coaching.  I'm competing at the top level that I can.  That kind of competition kind of sparks me to want to do it and get nasty and get after it."

  Sam Webb:  Did they talk to you at all with how that picture looks.   They line up certain guys, they tell you where they want you to be in that rotation, are you next to Ondre Pipkins, are you playing defensive end, where do they kind of envision you playing? 

Billy Price:  "They actually are going to move me down to a three technique.  Playing next to Ondre Pipkins, let us do it.  Kick out Chris Wormley and Tom Strobel at the end and just tell them to go get the guys or whatever.  I would love to play next Ondre and whatever happens, happens.  Whatever my school I choose, obviously there is going to be a spectacular defensive line and if it is Michigan competing against Ondre Pipkins, so be it.  It is a positive for sure because he's on my team and he is not on somebody's else team."

  Sam Webb:  What does the offer from Michigan do to your list?  Doe sit move them up, what does it do?

  Billy Price:  "It definitely moves them up.  I've kind of filtered my list a little bit more.  They've definitely moved up."

  Sam Webb:  What about visits, do you anticipate taking any visits to colleges in the near future? 

Billy Price:  "I'm going to be up at the Ohio State-Michigan game and I'm going to be at the Michigan State-Indiana game."

  Sam Webb:  Has Michigan State offered you yet?

  Billy Price:  "Yes."

  Sam Webb:  When did that offer come through?

  Billy Price:  "About two weeks ago."  

Sam Webb:  So give me your thoughts on Michigan State.

  Billy Price:  "It is a good program and everything.  Mark Dantonio is a great guy. Pat Narduzzi, they're recruiting me pretty good.  I met Mark Dantonio at my school, I want to say it was week seven. He came down to my game and met him and he said obviously you know why I'm here.  We'd love to have you at Michigan State and get you on campus.  The same old stuff they tell everybody else, but there was a different sense with them."

  Sam Webb:  You're going to make it up there to Michigan and Michigan State. Do you think it will be after the season with other schools?

  Billy Price:  "I'm doing indoor track and I'll have look at that schedule, because I want to focus on the sport at hand and not everything else and traveling all over the place and missing indoor meets."

  Sam Webb:  You talked about getting out west, getting out to Oregon, getting away from Youngstown as much as possible.  Is that still kind of what your leaning towards doing is getting out west, down south or are you maybe more open to being a midwest kid to play your college football? 

Billy Price:  "I do want to check out Oregon.  Oregon's facilities are absolutely insane.  They've got top notch stuff.  Academics, I don't know a lot about to be honest, so I've got to check a little more research with that.  As far as down south, it all depends.  I've got another year.  I don't want to go to a place where you walk outside and you start sweating like crazy.  I'll tell you right now in Ohio, we get some humid days and I die. It'll be like 83 degrees and the humidity is ridiculous and I'm sweating as soon as I step three steps outside.  I've got to figure it all out.  I know for sure I'm getting away from my area.  Ohio State is three hours away that's plenty good for me.  I do know I want to go to a big place, a big college where there are lots of people and there is a community around it.  There is a big city around it.  Like Ohio State is in Columbus and the city of Columbus is huge.  There are so many people there.  There is so much to do.  I want to have a good college experience where I'm active in the community doing things.  I'm having fun, the best four years of my life like that.  I want to be in an area where I'm going to be most comfortable and have fun, things to do and never be bored."

  Sam Webb:  Do you plan on taking your time with this? Do you think you are going to wait until your senior season or the end of your senior season to make a decision?  Billy Price:  "Most likely…well to be honest I don't know exactly for sure.  This is getting really stressful and kind of annoying right now.As soon I put that Michigan offer on Scouting Ohio, I had two people text, three people call me.  I was like, I've got school work to do, I don't want to be bothered with this stuff all the time. Every time there is an offer, it is another phone conversation, it is another article.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind talking to people.  I like talking to you but other guys, they're not really personable."

  Sam Webb:  Do you think that is something that might compel you to end this thing a little bit quicker than you initially planned?  

Billy Price:  "Maybe.  Maybe after next football season, we'll all see.  Everything changes at times.  Because this is football season everything is stressful right now.  Everybody wants to get the recruits, they want to see how recruits are going to commit, so they're really hamming people.  Once it becomes track season it just starts chilling out and it becomes nice and peaceful and there is not a lot of people bothering me."

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