Hoke says "Still A Lot of Games Left"

Brady Hoke reflects on his team's 24-16 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Michigan's headman discusses the calls that went against his team, the Wolverines' costly mistakes, Denard Robinson's performance, and more.

Opening Statement: Well, that’s why you play 60 minutes of football, and I didn’t think we as a team played as well as we could and should throughout the game, but especially the first half, and we’ve got to do a better job of coaching, preparation, and those things. I’m proud of the kids though because they kept swinging away, kept coming and fighting, and we had some opportunities, you know, to get the ball back, a couple other times where we didn’t get it done defensively, and then obviously, you get in the red zone, you have to score touchdowns.

Question: Your last two possessions in the first half really seemed to kind of swing things a little bit. Can you comment on those?

Brady Hoke:Well you know, we tried to make a play and put the ball on the ground, and that led to a field goal, and then the interception down there going in. You know, it does swing it, you don’t have a ball, and you don’t score.”

Question: Any explanation on when they picked up the flag on the pass interference?

Brady Hoke:Yeah, one guy said it was, one guy said it wasn’t.”

Question: And then one with Denard when he tries to force it in there for the interception, is that something that, you know, you want to take chances, but at the same time…?

Brady Hoke:I don’t know if it was forced, Mark, to be honest with you. I mean, you talking about the one at the end of the first half?”

Question: Yeah

Brady Hoke:he had the receiver, you know.”

Question: You said there was some missed opportunities for you guys beyond just the two turnovers.

Brady Hoke:Well I think you get, we have to…at times we rose up and played pretty good third and fourth down defense, you know, the third down stop there late was huge, you know, but, you know, we need to do a better job on that, you know, I think they were four and 12 on fourth down conversions, which, you know, defensively is ok, but there’s always six to eight plays in a game that really are going to define when you’re playing a good football team, and you’re playing a team on the road, and you can think back, and there’s six to eight of those plays that really determined kind of who executed and who didn’t.”

Question: It seemed like one of those plays was Coker’s last touchdown run, nobody really touched him on that 13 yard run…what went wrong on that play?

Brady Hoke:Well they got to the edge, and they’re really trying to stack up that middle’s bear defense, and you know, I, without seeing the, I got a feeling that the six probably got scooped out of his gap, and then he got downhill pretty fast.”

Question: How do you think you did against Coker as a whole?

Brady Hoke:He’s a good back, and I thought we put bodies on him, you know. I think our guys did a pretty good job, you know, I felt Mike Martin a ton, you know, you know. I, until I look at it I’ll know a lot better.”

Question: The missed extra point, Dileo, did he just…

Brady Hoke:Yeah. I mean, he’s got probably a thousand of them, and it’s like anything else, probability, it’s going to happen, you know? “

Question: Whose decision was it to keep Denard on the sideline?

Brady Hoke:it was really his hand’s decision.”

Question: And what did you think of his play today?

Brady Hoke:I thought he played well. I think keeps growing as a quarterback.”

Question: Toussaint at the end, did he get hurt or…?

Brady Hoke:Yeah, he got bruised up a little bit, but that’s the kind of game it is.”

Question: On that last drive, Denard was playing a lot of jump balls…is that the strategy of what you guys wanted, or was that…?

Brady Hoke:What jump balls?”

Question: The longer routes, it seemed like he was throwing just a lot of deep routes to try to…

Brady Hoke:Well on a long we tried to run a rebel, and the rebel wasn’t open, but the one-on-one coverage on the outside was."

Question: What did you think of your linebacker play today?

Brady Hoke:I could feel them. I felt them more in the second half than the first. I think Kinney made some plays in there, I think, you know, Brennen Beyer played a lot of football. This is a good environment for a freshman to play, you know.”

Question: How did he respond, Brennen?

Brady Hoke:Good, I think, you know, until you look at the tape, you know, I’m not real sharp, so it’s hard for me to see at all.”

Question: Did it look to you like Junior came down in bounds there?

Brady Hoke:I don’t have a great seat, but one guy in the back thought he did, and the other guy thought he didn’t.”

Question: Can you talk about the bounce back by Junior? A couple drops early and ended up having a pretty good game.

Brady Hoke:Yeah, you know, Junior’s a prideful kid. These are all prideful kids, I mean, he didn’t try  to drop any balls, I can tell you that, and , it’s good to see a guy who’s played a lot of football come back from adversity, you know, so…”

Question: What did you think of Jordan Kovacs today?

Brady Hoke:I like him. I mean, I think he did ok.”

Question: Brady, you’ve geared up so much for November, what’d you tell your team afterwards, and what will you tell them…?

Brady Hoke:It’s still November. We’ve got a lot of games left. There’s a lot of football to be played. There are a lot of things at stake, and number one, we’ve got 24 seniors who are going to play their last three guaranteed football games at Michigan, and we’re always going to coach for them, and we’re always going to play for them.”

Question: That was Iowa’s best defensive performance in a while. Can you explain why you think they played better?

Brady Hoke:No. I mean, I think, I think everybody plays well when they play Michigan to be honest with you.”

Question: Your offensive line took a step forward last week, how would assess how they played today?

Brady Hoke:Again, until I see tape, but I thought they did ok, I mean, I think Fitz had close to 70, you know, we like to have 170, but that didn’t happen. But I think they did some good things, and I’m sure as we look at it, there will be some things they did real well, and there will be some things we have to go back and, you know, fix.”

Question: Do you think they played with more urgency in the 4th quarter, or just better execution?

Brady Hoke:Ah, you know, we won the Nascar, what we call Nascar, you know, and I think that was pretty good for us, you know, and we practice a lot.

Question: Is it essentially just cardio?

Brady Hoke:Yeah, it’s different in a two minute though, there’s a different dynamic to it.”

Question: Surprised no pass interference call on the very last play?

Brady Hoke:Were you?”

Question: Yes.

Question: Turnovers, considering how much you guys emphasize it, I mean, can you talk about how much you emphasize not turning the ball over.  How much does that hurt in a close game like this?

Brady Hoke: “Well it always hurts, turnovers always hurt I mean, that’s one thing, you know, we’ve done. I’d say, a good job, you know, taking care of it and the ball security, you know, the thing that we missed tonight though, we didn’t get any back, and that’s, that’s where we have to, you know, revisit why, you know, and those kind of things.”

Question: You talked about your defensive improved, and you talked about your linebackers a little bit, but as a whole, what did they not do to stop Vandeberg, to stop Koger? What did you see? Flaws?

Brady Hoke:Flaws?  We missed some tackles, especially in that first drive, you know they hit the under route, the corner should tackle him, maybe a 20 yard gain. Instead, it goes down the sideline, and then we miss a tackle in the hole on a touchdown, you know. You know I think the timing and, and, in their passing game, you know, they did a nice job with the first down throws and the max protection kind of things, you know.”

Question: Can you attribute any of this to being on the road, road environment?

Brady Hoke:No, I thought our guys loved it. I really do.”

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