Cornelio Guibunda Update Part 2

GBW gets another update on one of the summer's rising basketball sleepers, Cornelio Guibunda, from his AAU head coach Ervin Braun, including Cornelio's offers and Michigan's interest.

For those who missed Part 1 of GBW's update on Cornelio Guibunda, click here.

Can you list his current offers for me?

"Boston College, Miami, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Providence, Rutgers, Southern Illinois, Ohio State, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgetown, Connecticut, Michigan, and Syracuse are all courting him."

"All I can tell you is the coach from UCONN said, "what do I have to do to have him sign right now." But coach Calhoun hasn't come in to see him yet. The rest of the guys have said, "yeah, Cornelio is our guy" or "we want him really bad", but most of them haven't said here's a piece a paper."

"The guys who have actually offered on the table, off of the top of my head those would be BC, Vanderbilt, Miami, Villanova, and Rutgers."

Has he heard from Michigan lately?

"Actually, he gets a letter from Michigan just about every day. But Billy Schmidt was the guy recruiting and he left. Now he's recruiting him for Dayton. He has heard from Michigan since then though. I think it was Coach Ramsey. However, Coach Amaker has not been in to talk to him yet."

Who would you say is recruiting him the hardest at this point?

"Villanova's coach, Jay Wright, has come to see him twice. Virginia, Boston College, Rutgers, and Miami are recruiting him the most right now."

"I will tell you that he took a trip down to the Charlie Weber Tournament and he really liked BC. REALLY liked them."

What do you think will be the most significant factors in his decision?

"Cornelio is an interesting guy. He's a very eclectic young man. He's very very concerned about academics. Very much so. He comes from a good family in Mozambique and they think basketball is a vehicle for an education. So, he has great respect for the educational process."

"I would say that the five schools that I am looking at most seriously with him, which have both great athletic AND academic programs, are Virginia, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Villanova, and North Carolina."

"We're going to be down in North Carolina for the Bob Gibbons tournament this weekend and UNC will be having him in for a visit while we're there."

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