Zeigler Wowed by Michigan

The Michigan coaching staff has been on a recruiting roll of late, but the Wolverines aren't resting on their laurels. The Maize & Blue recently hosted Detroit Community wing Bo Zeigler on a visit and the c/o 2013 standout came away extremely impressed.

Michigan had long been considered an afterthought in recruitment Detroit Community standout, Bo Zeigler.  The explosive youngster had turned his attention elsewhere when Michigan assistant Bacari Alexander showed up at one of his open gym sessions earlier this fall.  That show of interest was enough to get the talented youngster thinking about the Wolverines again.  After making his way to Ann Arbor for the Purdue football game a few weeks ago, the Maize & Blue has been on his mind even more.

“As soon I walked into the tunnel I heard a loud roar walking down to the field,” said Zeigler.  “Then as soon as I got in, Michigan scored.  It was crazy!  (The coaches) just sat me down there in front of the other recruits and alumni.  They just treated me like a superstar.  It was real crazy and fun.”

The game day experience proved to be only the beginning.  From there he was given a glimpse of the future of the program.
“They broke it down,” he stated.  “They showed me all of the new facilities they had, the players, the new practice gym… they just showed me all the up and coming stuff.  They showed me how they have a lot of money invested in Michigan basketball.  It was a lot.  I can’t even explain it.  I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“Coach Bacari (Alexander)and Coach Beilein… I just built a good relationship with them when I was up there that day,” Zeigler continued.  “(Alexander) is so down to earth and I feel comfortable being around him.  It’s like I’ve known him forever. He just lets me know all the stuff I need to do.  He is constantly communicating with me about my grades.  That day our relationship got better.”

While it’s clear those positive impressions improved Michigan’s standing greatly, it’s not currently clear how much of a difference that will make in his recruitment.

“I like Michigan a lot, but I think they don’t really have any scholarships left so I don’t want to get too attached to them,” Zeigler admitted.  “They just wanted to let me know that if anything opens up that I’ll be the first man on their list.

That’s enough to at least keep Michigan in the hunt while the talented youngster continues to weigh his options.  Zeigler claims offers from Michigan State, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Xavier, Providence, Detroit and Central Michigan and plans to get out to see a few of those schools in the not too distant future.

“(Recruiting) is still pretty wide open right now.  Indiana is still coming on hard,” he said.  “My coach has set up visits to Indiana providence and Iowa State, but I don’t know (exactly) when.  “But those are three schools that I plan to visit next.”

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