New Name On The Offer-Radar!

I visited Pomona, Calif. High School Tuesday afternoon during one of their spring practices. Pomona Assistant Coach John Brown told me, "I have someone I want you to talk to, nobody else knows this, you're the first to hear it."

Of course he had my attention. "Coach English has been talking to Keston Cheathem. He plays DB and WR for us and is a stud. English said last week that there would be a Michigan offer, and we will be confirming this with Coach Carr soon."

Cheathem (6-3, 190 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 3.0 GPA, June 7th SAT) evidently has been on the Michigan radar for some time, thanks in part to a close friendship between Brown and English, "I've known Ron (Coach English) since we were kids."

I was able to chat with Cheathem before he headed out to the field.

When did Coach English visit?

"He was at my school last week. That's when he said they'd offer. We need to get it on paper from Coach Carr but we haven't done that yet."

What did Coach English tell you?

"He told me they'd play me at CB, then maybe move me to safety if they needed me there. I'll play anywhere. Heck, if they need me to play quarterback in college I will."

How long have you known Coach English?

"Oh, he was recruiting me when he was at Arizona State. Then he went to Michigan. I was always interested in Michigan but I wasn't sure if they were interested in me. I guess they are."

What other schools have offered?

"Colorado, Oregon State, and Utah have offered as well as Michigan."

Do you have a list of favorite schools, in order of preference?

"Michigan, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah."

Do you have any visits set up?

"Other than Michigan I am going to visit Oregon State. Also, Utah wants me to take a visit in August."

What do you like about Michigan?

"I like their record, how they are always on TV. They always have great teams, and they always play in front of a lot of people."

Have you ever been to Michigan?

"No, I've never been but I do have family there. I'm not sure where but it's not Detroit.

Have you ever been in snow?

"Yeah, it doesn't bother me, as a matter of fact I like to play in different conditions. Leaving California is no problem at all either."

What are you looking for in a school?

"I like a family atmosphere where everyone is loyal to each other. I love unity. I am going to major in something like Child Psychology or Business. Coach English told about the great business program at Michigan, so I'm excited about that."

When do you think you'll make a decision?

I'm going to wait until Signing Day, that's what I've been advised to do by my coaches."

Since you didn't attend any of the Nike Camps, how have you been getting exposure?

"My coaches have been real good about getting the word out. They send film and talk to a lot of colleges."

I'll have some pictures of Cheathem posted later this week. Also, Pomona has an August scrimmage date with LA powerhouse Dominguez. You can be sure GBW will be in attendence.

In case you're wondering, I was originally at the Pomona practice to talk with and get a look at Eugene Germany. I'll have something on him tomorrow.

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