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Regarding running back Max Martin (6-2, 210 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 305-lb. bench press, 2.5 GPA/24 ACT) from Madison, Ala., Bob Jones (in the Huntsville area in N. Ala.). We may not be able to talk to Max himself until later today, but we are DEFNINTELY adding him to the commitments list in the right sidebar!

Here are a couple tidbits from our talk with him on May 14th.

"I lived in Chicago until I was 10 years old. It's my favorite spot. Actually I was born in Orlando, then we moved to Chicago when I was three. Then when I was ten my dad got a job down here."

"As far as summer camps ... I'm going to Michigan for a day, yes sir -- that's the main one!"

When we talked to him he listed a top five of: "Michigan ... then LSU, South Carolina, Alabama and Auburn make up my top five." And he also had offers from Vanderbilt, Iowa State, Arkansas and Georgia. However, the only perceived serious competition for him was, potentially, Notre Dame.

In eight games as a junior, Martin rushed for 1,069 yards (7.7 yards per carry); he also caught five passes for 133 yards and four more touchdowns; on defense was an outside linebacker in five games, making 53 tackles and two sacks.

He greatly prefers running back (as, we believe, does U-M for him!). He is's #8 tailback, but we have heard him frequently referred to as "The Top High School Big Back in America."


We will have a report for you soon on the summer travels of a certain Super Quarterback. We believe you'll find it very interesting.


Take note of our 'offer coming soon' report last night on defensive back Keston Cheathem from Pomona, Calif. There will be another such report on another top recruit coming today. We will be updating out Best Guess lists today to reflect these reports -- plus one on another East Dixie RB who was not, despite recent reports, given an offer or an 'offer coming soon'.

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